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To cancel Fathers Day plans because Dh got so pissed last night?

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Itchyandscratchy Sun 15-Jun-14 10:17:24

Dh went out with his mates last night at the working men's club: quiz, barbeque then England match. One of his mates was stopping over with us and it's been arranged for ages. Dd's & I were having a girly night.

Plan was to walk up to pub a few miles away for Sunday lunch (pub that has special family connections: my parents' wedding reception, our christening dos, my Mum's & more recently my Dad's wake). Thought it would be nice for dh & reminder of my dad too, who died 3 years ago this week.

Dh came to bed at around 5 this morning then woke me up at 5.30 pissing - yes, frickin PISSING- into my wardrobe onto my shoes, a load of my scarves & into his own shoe drawer. He was absolutely insensible.

I am beyond livid. He's lying here completely stinking. He woke up earlier to apologise & to clean the wardrobe out and asked if I would consider not being quite so judgmental as he hasn't got this pissed for many years. I told him to dream on. He obviously won't be able to drive today so I'll have to take his friend to the train station (god knows what state he's in too).

I really am not in the mood for a cosy Sunday lunch with him. The kids gave him his card & present and he managed to stay awake long enough to thank them. They didn't know we'd planned on Sunday lunch so they'd be no worse off.

I'm frickin FUMING.

CrayolaCocaColaRocknRolla Tue 17-Jun-14 10:00:58

At least they apologised though.

CrayolaCocaColaRocknRolla Tue 17-Jun-14 09:59:35

I was fcking livid with my dp, too. I thought he went up to his mates house but he didn't, he wasn't there till the 2nd half, from 6 till the end of the 1st half he was at one friends house accross the road, which I would have gone to as it was a bbq, I didn't know. then He went up to his friends house, but she hates me and caused shit with us. As I got concerned as to where he was, I rang up asking where he was, and when I found out he was there I went fucking angry, angrier than I've ever been with him because of the shit she caused and playing me off against him is not "friend" in my books. I was upset. He then went back out for the 2nd half but came in at 3 even though I said don't be later than half 2. I got dressed up in a dress I bought from an adult shop one time, did my hair, makeup, and waited for him to come in. He went to the toilet, laid down and I know when he's had too much as he wouldn't move - he felt sick. 45 minutes later, he throws up all over the bed, and himself which I had to clean up. I sat and fucking cried while he was sleeping. I was gutted. The day after, we didn joke about it, and he apologised. We went out and got a new duvet and I did the bedroom for him. I only see him on weekends as we both work during the week and he lives with his parents, I live with mine. I hardly saw him at all due to him working evenings, then the match (went out at 6, came in at 3 ish) then sleeping till 11 when i was up all night, then i was off work and he went to work, came in, thenw ent to the shop with his mate. If he was 30, I'd expect more from him but he isn't, he's 20. It pissed me off so much. YANBU OP.

5madthings Mon 16-Jun-14 22:30:03

Fucking hell I am glad I don't live in a world where getting so drunk you piss in a wardrobe is normal behaviour!

I know no one who has got that drunk. Even if I or Dp have got drunk enough to puke (me once when I had post natal psychosis and was not coping) and Dp maybe twice when he drank on a hot day without having eaten; we have managed to puke in the toilet or in a bowl and have cleaned up ourselves.

I can't believe people want to minimise this kind if behaviour! And the poster that said her dh pissed in the babies cot and they joke about it?!! Wtf?!!

AskBasil Mon 16-Jun-14 22:22:36

LOL SerenitySutton, I don't mind being a lone voice.

I really laughed at the idea that not being expected to piss on someone's clothes, is walking on eggshells and being subjected to abuse. Um, expecting your partner to behave normally, is not really abusive, is it? Come on now.

Needasilverlining Mon 16-Jun-14 20:59:50

OP, did he clean up? Have you lots of nice new shoes and scarves?

Needasilverlining Mon 16-Jun-14 20:43:23


Needasilverlining Mon 16-Jun-14 20:43:12

OP, did he clean up? Have you lots of nice new shoes and scarves?

Needasilverlining Mon 16-Jun-14 20:42:40


Needasilverlining Mon 16-Jun-14 20:42:27


ApocalypseThen Mon 16-Jun-14 16:05:50

I don't know, maybe I'm particularly odd, but I don't think that's really good enough from an adult either. If you make a mistake and act like a child, at least take responsibility after the fact.

GrannyOnTheSchoolRun Mon 16-Jun-14 15:51:11

Perhaps he was mortified and tried to shrug it off because of the shame he felt.

ApocalypseThen Mon 16-Jun-14 15:23:30

The bit that annoyed me the most was the OP saying that her DH asked her to consider being not too judgemental because he hasn't got that pissed in 14 years. That suggests he isn't really that apologetic because he thinks as long as it doesn't happen very often it's not that big a deal.

That's what I'm really struggling with, too. It sounds like he's aggreived by this notion that that drunk and incoherent, causing damage to someone else's belongings is ok for a parent, and you'd have to be judgemental to object. So it's not a problem unless you're some kind of like, total square, man.

Also, not getting up with the kids, you'll just have to cope. Where are my #1 Dad presents?

fatlazymummy Mon 16-Jun-14 14:58:16

Was it this forum where someone's husband pissed over their baby's cot while pissed? I don't think I could let that go, TBH.
Regarding pissing in the wardrobe, I've heard of it before, though fortunately it never happened to me. I could probably forgive it once, but no more than that. But I hate being round drunken people (including myself when I used to drink) so I realise I'm probably more judgemental than other people.Even I wouldn't call it abusive though.

fluffyraggies Mon 16-Jun-14 14:33:20

My DH has form for getting very confused after being asleep for a while after a few drinks. Not necessarily very drunk either.

He has, in the past, got out of bed and wandered into the wrong room looking for the toilet. Once I woke up and caught him 'lining up' to the top drawer of a chest of drawers in the dark. I was horrified and yelled out. He was totally glazed over, like a sleepwalker. I led him to the bathroom. He didn't remember in the morning.

I believe there is a difference between the drunken shamblings of blokes still out in the pub or club, perhaps throwing up everywhere but not peeing everywhere, as described above, and the confusion that happens once the drunk person has been asleep in bed for a while and then gets up in the dark, half asleep and drunk.

I think the key is how they behave the morning after, and what steps they take to ensure it doesn't happen again. And weather they stick to that. Therefore, for me, true forgiveness and trust it wasn't going to happen again would take a loooooong time.

whois Mon 16-Jun-14 14:02:18

Yeah, but even sober, you can't control if you vomit or not

Yes you can. I've been sick loads and have only ever been sick in a toilet or if I've been outside somewhere discreet and appropriate. You don't just stand there talking to someone and then chuck up all over their face do you?!

Appreciate there might be the infrequent occasion that you can't control either your bladder or being sick. Disgusting but no way a LTB thing unless it's a habit. People make mistakes.

All this 'a grown man should know when he's getting too drunk and stop' well unfortunately the more drunk you get the poorer your decision making becomes and that becomes harder!

Ledkr Mon 16-Jun-14 13:50:51

That's just the point though, I think when pissed some people cannot control their bladders, nobody surely would deliberately pee anywhere but the toilet if they knew what they were doing!!

MrsKoala Mon 16-Jun-14 13:45:59

I've never puked anywhere but the toilet or in a bucket, but i've pissed in the street/someones garden a fair few times!

PrincessBabyCat Mon 16-Jun-14 13:34:21

Personally vomming is worse to me. I'd rather smell and see a puddle of yellow urine than a puddle of lumpy half digested food with various colours and textures, and oh god the smell. I think piss is way easier to clean up too.

Yeah, but even sober, you can't control if you vomit or not. It's not like you can hold down your puke. It's worse, but more understandable and forgivable.

You CAN control your bladder. It's not like the DH wet himself because he lost control, he had to purposely whip it out and pee away from the toilet. It's a much greater loss of control and drinking almost to the point of blacking out which can be dangerous. He should know his limit by now and never have had that much too drink in the first place. It's not anything divorce worthy and frankly I wouldn't hold it against him for too long if he's embarrassed about it. but I would be teasing him for a long time once I was no longer upset

Either way, you should be cleaning up your own fluids and replacing damaged items. The only bodily fluids I clean up is my own (Unless you have a fever or something).

YouTheCat Mon 16-Jun-14 13:16:51

MrsK grin

MrsKoala Mon 16-Jun-14 13:14:12

One of my favourite jokes by Clement Freud:

A DW was at the end of her tether with her DH coming home drunk and covered in vomit. So she said if he did it again she'd LTB. He went off to the pub, promising he'd not get in a state. As the evening progressed he got very drunk and threw up all down his shirt. He said to his mate 'oh god, DW is going to kick me out for sure now'. His mate produced a £20 note and popped it into his pocket, he said 'not to worry i've got a foolproof plan, go home and tell your wife that another man was so drunk, you were helping him and he yogged all down you. He was so apologetic he gave you this £20 note for the dry cleaning'. That's a good idea the DH said. So later when he got home his DW saw the vomit and was just about to fly into a rage when the DH produced the £20 note from his pocket and told her the story. Hmmm she said calming down a bit, then noticing another £20 note in his other pocket, she said 'well what's that £20 quid for' and he said 'ahhhh yes...he also shat in my pants'

Needasilverlining Mon 16-Jun-14 13:00:38

Hmm, this is odd. I agree completely that dealing with vomit is miles worse than dealing with piss - but I still feel that's it's worse in drunkenness/control terms to piss yourself. Not logical.

Jayne35 Mon 16-Jun-14 12:51:24

I have heard of this before and my DH has done it once. When I yelled 'what are you doing', he replied 'just having a wee' and was genuinely baffled and apologetic when I pointed out he wasn't in the bathroom.

Not a great state to get in but these things do sometimes happen and not always to drunken young men either. At least four other women I know have had this happen with their +40yrs DH's, not all had been drinking either. It's dreaming/sleepwalking at times.

As long as he is apologetic and cleans up properly there should be no harm done. I can actually laugh about when my DH did it now as one mistake did not cancel out that he is an amazing DH/DF usually.

GrannyOnTheSchoolRun Mon 16-Jun-14 12:36:12

I can tell you two like that but neither of us were drunk and we didn't pee, we just got lost in a room.

One was a few weeks ago in a hotel. We'd been there a few days and I asked for the room to be changed so it was changed. That night I got up to go to the loo in the dark and I couldn't find the door of the en-suuite. I was in and out the bedroom, even in the wardrobe and wardrobe come dressing room area, but I just couldn't find the loo. I panicked and shouted oh dear god Im trapped, it was an awful feeling, really. My daughter in law had to wake up and sort me out as to where the loo was.

Another time was on a canal boat holiday with my dad and step mum. I woke up in the night to my step mum yelling things in Welsh, it all sounded horrific and I thought she was being murdered, even my dad panicked and was out of bed like a shot. The neighbours even woke up. And what for - well it was to find my step mum standing starkers in a crisp box yelling like a banshee cos she couldn't find the light to the toilet which by the way was at the other end of the boat.

MrsKoala Mon 16-Jun-14 12:24:04

We were staying in a hotel once and my mum got up in the night and pissed thru the chair in the room. I just heard the trickling and woke up. It that she was pissed and wasn't she couldn't be arse to go to the toilet - the toilet was an en suite so really near - but she was half asleep and disorientated. It does happen. I've known a few people with similar stories.

I think the proble with this England match was that it started so late. I know of pubs/clubs that were 'closing their doors' early evening which meant that people were there for a good 4 plus hours before kick off.

I'm sure the OPs DH has learnt his lesson and won't do it again.

What I have never seen or even heard of in all my years is a man pissing themselves. Ever. So to me that makes it extremely rare and I do genuinely think if someone is pissing in a wardrobe they are half consciously doing it because they can't be bothered to go to the toilet

Not at all. I know people that have gone to do it (been caught in time due to DH/DW) due to being delirious with high tempertaures.

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