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to want an apology?

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TaliZorahVasNormandy Tue 17-Jun-14 17:25:01

I had a go at her, told her some things that probably shocked her and she said sorry that she didnt trust me and she knows I didnt do it.

Eatriskier Tue 17-Jun-14 17:10:33

Well that was a complete non apology. And her follow up is not the actions of remorse. Maybe an mn 'oh do fuck off dear' would go down well wink

TaliZorahVasNormandy Tue 17-Jun-14 16:52:27

I have, she said she didnt say what other friend has said, and then she gave me some attitude, "Do u know what I said sorry, what more can I say"

SanityClause Tue 17-Jun-14 16:50:05

So I would say, "I wasn't upset that you asked if it was me, I was upset that you didn't believe me when I told you it wasn't. I was upset that you told Other Friend that you thought I had done it, when I had told you I hadn't."

TaliZorahVasNormandy Tue 17-Jun-14 16:42:33

Small update, friend has apologised, but I remain convinced its not genuine

"just thought id apologise for the whole netflix mix up sorry if i upset u by asking if it ws u x"

TaliZorahVasNormandy Sat 14-Jun-14 01:53:08

After 13 years of friendship, I do wonder why I have let slip so much, if it was reversed, I'd have never though she would do that. I know her pin for her debit card and I've withdrawn cash for her, so she trusted me then, but not now obviously. I got my own netflix to avoid this happening again.

We havent spoken properly in 2 months, truthfully, I dont miss her that much.

bloodyteenagers Sat 14-Jun-14 00:57:31

Erm so there is several people using one netflix account? Could be no one has messed with the account, just the company have realised for themselves that there is multiple users and so charged more. All it needed was the 3 of you all watching something, and not being in the same place.

But anyway. Why are you friends with this woman? Sounds like you should have ditched her a long time ago.

AgentZigzag Sat 14-Jun-14 00:35:19

Why have you stuck with her so long when you know she doesn't trust you?

And why has she stuck with you if she doesn't trust you??

I know there are some things you have to ignore when you're friends just to gel, but she's bad mouthing you to other people saying you're a thief, who else has she said it to?

You definitely need to get well away from her, she sounds a fucking nightmare.

TaliZorahVasNormandy Sat 14-Jun-14 00:19:26

Netflix friend has the hide of a Rhino, theres many things, shes done that I've let slip, knowing she doesnt trust me, does sting. She doesnt apologise for anything.

He brother is known pisstaker when it comes to her, I know I didnt do it, her brother or his girlfriend, I could believe they would.

AgentZigzag Sat 14-Jun-14 00:12:29

Ah, that makes her sound a bit better grin

Good for her giving her a mouthful, and even more kudos for apologising for telling you.

Is your netflix friend the kind of person to give you an apology? Does she back down over stuff?

I wouldn't go all out for her to say sorry (even though she should) if you still want to be friends with her/not create waves with other friends. You really just need for her to acknowledge she was out of order and her brother was the culprit (which I can't imagine could ever be said without an apology really).

What's her brother like? Would he try to palm it off onto you or is this something she's dreamt up all by herself? (if it's the latter then defo get rid).

TaliZorahVasNormandy Fri 13-Jun-14 23:51:26

I know other friend sounds a bit bitchy, but I've known her for 26 years, she wouldnt do it lightly, she did give netflix friend a mouthful for even saying that, she did apologise to netflix friend for telling me, but she didnt like the fact that netflix friend was still accusing me.

AgentZigzag Fri 13-Jun-14 23:37:49

Agree with the other posters that ditching the account/account friend would solve a few problems.

But the other friend must have told you what she'd said, and that's a bit shit too. She might have been able to justify it as being nice telling you what she's saying behind your back, but she's shitting on the account friend by doing it, what does that say about her?

Although I feel a bit sorry for her being stuck in the middle, all the more reason not to get involved?

TaliZorahVasNormandy Fri 13-Jun-14 23:17:20

Oh Gamer, someone upgraded her account from 2 users to 4, so it would cost more, btw I never had the password either, on PS3 you dont need it.

TaliZorahVasNormandy Fri 13-Jun-14 23:16:21

I know, it just goes on a list of other crappy and thoughtless things, shes done and I've let it go, you do get a point where to struggle too.

gamerchick Fri 13-Jun-14 23:15:22

how can you mess with netflix?

Famzilla Fri 13-Jun-14 23:13:56

Problem solved then smile

Just forget about it, don't mean to sound like a cliche but life is way too short to drag little things like this out.

BerylStreep Fri 13-Jun-14 23:10:18

Forget it and move on.

TaliZorahVasNormandy Fri 13-Jun-14 23:08:26

I have already and plan to get better friends.

Famzilla Fri 13-Jun-14 23:07:08

Get your own account & better friends.

TaliZorahVasNormandy Fri 13-Jun-14 23:05:38

I havent mention on here a few times about my friend accusing me of technically being a thief, basically the story is:

me and a friend shared a netflix account, her brother shared it too. Someone messed with it (not me), so she asked me if I had done it, meaning she'd be charged more, i said I hadnt, what about asking her brother. About 4 weeks later, her and another friend were staying over my house. Before they got there, netflix friend told other friend, she still thinks I did it, so basically called me a thief, but still came around my house for the night, also she was slagging off my writing too

Im starting to feel really unreasonable in wanting her to apologise for pretty much calling me a thief.

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