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To ask about up and coming areas of London?

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Gryffindor Wed 11-Jun-14 19:31:35

Just that, really. Does anybody have tips for parts of London that are still relatively affordable but might regenerate over the next few years please?

My young cousin is looking to buy a flat somewhere close to central London, budget is under £200k.

Thank you!

ecuse Wed 11-Jun-14 19:35:35

Close to centre and <£200k could be a challenge...

East London? Stratford/Docklands? Or somewhere like Walworth?

Gryffindor Wed 11-Jun-14 19:36:51

By 'close to centre' - obviously not zone 1! More like zones 3/4.

Goot tips, cheers.

Babycino81 Wed 11-Jun-14 19:41:38

I've been looking and without wishing to sound negative, your cousin needs to look at zone 5 areas and work it from there. Currently, asking prices are meaningless as everything I've seen has gone for a ridiculous amount more than the asking price. Forget North London, way too pricey. Even less desirable areas are becoming few and far between but Edmonton May have something? East London is the up and coming trendy place to buy too so maybe focus on South or just outside ie Hertfordshire?

I know how frustrating it is so tell your cousin not to rely on right move but to get to know estate agents etc and be prepared to look at a lot of hovels but fingers crossed something will turn up

Apologies for punctuation am on phone

nutdust Wed 11-Jun-14 19:41:58

lee (se12) & kidbrooke (se3). both zone 3.
massive regeneration, huge investment. close to blackheath & greenwich so ripe for the development that is currently underway. lee & kidbrooke both have train stations that are 15mins from london bridge

MadameDefarge Wed 11-Jun-14 19:42:13

leyton is meant to be the hot ticket for up and coming atm.

sarine1 Wed 11-Jun-14 19:42:26

Try East London - Have a look at Loughton, North Chingford, Epping. All have transport (underground or railway and buses into central London). All have decent local shops and restaurants etc as well as being close to lovely countryside!
There's a wide range of properties available.

Babycino81 Wed 11-Jun-14 19:42:33

Should have said, south London isn't cheap either but there may be a diamond in the rough somewhere!

sarine1 Wed 11-Jun-14 19:43:47

Should have said that the London property madness hasn't hit there yet!

SybilRamkin Wed 11-Jun-14 19:52:23

South East London - try zone 3. Forest Hill is good, although you'd only be able to get a 1-2 bed with <£200k.

FruVikingessOla Wed 11-Jun-14 20:00:15

"tell your cousin not to rely on right move"

The majority of estate agents are on Rightmove these days. Rightmove is a property portal, not an actual estate agent. So it's a really good website to start looking.

Where is she/will she be working? She needs to factor in her commuting costs and times, which could help narrow down some areas.

Gryffindor Wed 11-Jun-14 20:36:17

Thank you very much everybody.

Cousin will be working near Bank so transport should be fine from most/all London locations.

Obviously £200k doesn't get you far in London these days, but it's heartening that there are still some options!

Pobblewhohasnotoes Wed 11-Jun-14 20:43:51

You can get a studio/1 bed in Mitcham or Camberwell and even streatham. Streatham is very much on the up though now Tooting is expensive. It's zone 3.

whois Wed 11-Jun-14 20:47:07

New cross. Great transport links.

Forest gate. Quick to the city, close to nice green. 4 bed terrace £450k (cheap) but not sure what flats are like.

frizzcat Wed 11-Jun-14 20:54:29

£200k won't get you anything in Lee/Lewisham or Forest Hill. I know theses areas well and a 1 bed is £275k+ but you never know you might be lucky

Catford may have some affordable property but wouldn't say it's up and coming. Eltham is another option.
East side/Essex borders might be an option Ilford, Barking way.

MadameDefarge Wed 11-Jun-14 20:55:48

also tell her to consider ex-LA flats. they can be very good value and good sizes.

Queenofthehill Wed 11-Jun-14 20:56:40

Deptford, New Cross: both hipsterfying by the day.

smokedgarlic Wed 11-Jun-14 20:57:04

Highams Park is gorgeous and the hottest ticket in town . Likewise Leytonstone or for something more affordable try Barking . The houses near Barking park are magnificent and there are some lovely new developments .

cerealqueen Wed 11-Jun-14 20:58:33

Penge is still reasonable, but not for long!

Cardinal Wed 11-Jun-14 21:00:01

DDs boyfriend has just bought a house by the Olympic park, it looks lovely. Is that Hackney?

MamaMumra Wed 11-Jun-14 21:01:33

Right move lists quite a few flats in the price range

Not sure whether flats in these areas go for asking price though.

MadameDefarge Wed 11-Jun-14 21:03:27

Olympic Park can be either Hackney or Newham or a couple of other boroughs!

bamboostalks Wed 11-Jun-14 21:03:36

Always more than you think.

Beside station.

ForalltheSaints Wed 11-Jun-14 21:08:08

£200k will only buy you a mobile home in most parts of North London. I suggest looking outside Greater London, assuming you want to live, not just exist.

GinnelsandWhippets Wed 11-Jun-14 21:11:37

Penge or Anerley. I live in Sydenham - we bought here because we couldn't afford Forest Hill. Since we've been here (5 yrs) prices have gone beyond mental. Penge is next on the line and still reasonable-ish. It's definitely on the up and transport links are good.

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