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To think there is no need to comment like this on Facebook?

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LogicalPreference Sat 07-Jun-14 17:50:11

I am good and close friends with two women - friend A and friend B. They are good friends too through me but they aren't close if that makes sense.

Me and friend A socialise a lot with our partners as we all get one really we'll with each other. Friend A asked us out for dinner last Friday and tagged us in the restaurant. Friend B commented saying where was her invite.. She tried to make it sound jokey but I think it was rather passive aggressive.

She has been a little off with me since. Aibu to think that when you go out you don't always have to include every single person (except if you are purposely excluding someone which is not the case here)

Also if she did have an issue aibu to think she could have spoken to me privately and fb is not the place?

IwinIwin Sun 08-Jun-14 20:27:51

TheLastThneed , it was hard, I let myself get screwed a lot first. That must have been an awful email to read, very accusing I'm sure. I'm sorry.

But Jonas, doesn't the idea that any fb post is rubbing someone's nose in it apply to a lot of posting on fb? I feel a bit of an ache when people post about being pregnant because I'm finding it hard to get that way, that doesn't mean their rubbing my face in it. My friend does a food blog a day on hers and links to food pictures she's eaten out, should my friend with an eating disorder feel her nose has been rubbed in? My cloest friend is recently single yet another has just got engaged, is the engaged on rubbing the nose in?

In all cases it may appear as 'yes' but that doesn't mean they are rubbing your nose in it, in all of those cases the receiver is being unreasonable- including myself.

And I don't get how it's rubbing her nose in it in a logistical way? Friend B is only really friends with the OP, not so much with friend A. As someone pointed out the reverse from friend A's POV would be: AIBU to be annoyed, I arranged a double date with my best friend and she invited along someone who I'm not that close to- this woman and I have only hung out a few times together and I wanted time with my best friend.

Why would it rub her nose in it? Equally then, did it rub every other friend the OP has and the ones friend A has then because they too should have been invited? I don't like facebook check-ins but there are a lot of ways in which someone could be seen to be rubbing someone's nose in something- in those cases 50% of fb activity would cease if people stopped being social on these networks and only the 'like-whoring' would be left/

ThingsThatShine Sun 08-Jun-14 20:49:35

How is it rubbing her nose in it? People should realise they are not the centre of everyone's lives and it's normal for people to be doing other things with other people. Don't see how mentioning (whether on FB or in person) going out for dinner is rubbing anyone's nose in anything.

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