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AIBU or is this normal? Scaffolders at 0710 on a Saturday morning.

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Inselaffe Sat 07-Jun-14 07:51:14

Last week we found out we can successfully claim on the NHBC for shoddy building which has resulted in damage to a ceiling (damp). The letter said that we must allow the contractors access during their "normal working hours" in the midweek.

Woken up at 0710 by the scaffolding going up. DP admits he had a voicemail a couple of days ago to 'discuss when to start' but he's been exceptionally busy at work and forgot to call them back.

We went out and asked them (nicely!) who they were and said we didn't realise they were coming but they just shrugged.

It's very, very noisy and obviously isn't over in the space of 5 mins so I am in no doubt that most of our neighbours have woken up as well. I now have to apologise, including to a very close friend who is 8 months pregnant and was telling me yesterday how she keeps getting woken up by outside noises blush A minor point is that I'm completely exhausted, this was meant to be my lie-in and now I'm up for the day and probably won't enjoy it... I'm so tired everything hurts (bad week at work) sad

So... is this normal for scaffolders? They've come all the way from Leeds and we live in the very NE so they must have got up at an insane hour. If it was 0710 in the week I'd think it was normal but I've never heard/experienced (apart from complaints in AIBU!) about builders starting this early at the weekend in a residential area?

wonkylegs Sat 07-Jun-14 14:05:41

Crispy - it is not illegal, it is only a civil offence if development restrictions have been put on during planning.

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