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to be annoyed with my clients?

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MalibuStacy Sat 07-Jun-14 07:06:52

I am fully prepared to be told IABU, but here goes…

I fun a very small business where I go to people's houses to carry out a service. I love my business and am in the process of going full-time. I have recently quit my job to just focus on this.

I have quite a few long-standing clients but not enough to sustain me doing this full-time, so I am desperately trying to push the business as much as I can. I have set up a Facebook page advertising my business and make regular posts with offers, etc. I have asked all my clients - very nicely and politely - if they wouldn't mind 'Liking' my page on FB and 'Sharing' my latest offer so that all their friends will see it. All have said they will, but not one actually has.

People really like the service I offer, I am frequently told I am a 'lifesaver' (I'm not) and they ask what they would do if my service did not exist. So why not support me in growing the business? Is it too much to ask? Fair enough if you are not on FB, but all my clients are.

At this rate I am going to have to give it up. I am really annoyed with them for not supporting me.


Darksideofthemoon88 Sat 07-Jun-14 07:09:31

Yes and no. I can see why you feel like this, but you cannot rely on or expect other people to help you out like this - as you're finding out, often they won't. It's not their job to advertise your business (irritating as that is - and I do understand how frustrating it must be that they won't even taken 30 seconds of their time to help you). Could you not do a leaflet drop/advertisement in local paper/advertise in shops/libraries/etc?

Tangerinefairy Sat 07-Jun-14 07:10:30

Ask again? Is it something people would rather keep private? I don't mean that in any strange way, just thinking that for example I have health issues that I see an amazing therapist for. I don't want all my fbook friends to know about my health problems so I would never share such info.

LoveBeingInTheSun Sat 07-Jun-14 07:11:07

Well it's not tgeir job to support you, is it something they would want their friends knowing?

There are lots of other ways to grow your fb business and fb is not they only way.

MalibuStacy Sat 07-Jun-14 07:11:22

Thanks Darksideofthemoon88, I have tried other methods of advertising, but they are very expensive with little return. I just don't have the marketing budget right now. I had a FB ad, but it attracted the wrong kind of people, unfortunately.

LoveBeingInTheSun Sat 07-Jun-14 07:12:29

Can you say what your business is? Their are some small business pages to help support you in things like this.

AnonButRegular Sat 07-Jun-14 07:12:49

Why not just tag them in your fb posts? Then their friends will see your posts and your clients won't have to do anything.

Yanbu btw wink

MalibuStacy Sat 07-Jun-14 07:13:03

It's a mobile beauty business.

MalibuStacy Sat 07-Jun-14 07:15:06

Thanks Anon.

Tangerinefairy Sat 07-Jun-14 07:18:24

As in nails and things,like that? If so then no yanbu, theirs is a strange response.

MalibuStacy Sat 07-Jun-14 07:22:02

There is one client in particular who I am particularly pissed off with. I recently introduced a new service but did not want to start charging people until I was really good at it. So I asked if I could practice on this particular client. So she gets this service free, plus the service she usually has, also free.

Every time I see her I ask if she could please, please share & like my page. She knows lots of people in the demographic that would use my business. She always promises but never has. She is one of the people who really relies on my service.

I feel like telling her to feck off next time she calls.

MalibuStacy Sat 07-Jun-14 07:23:20

Hi Tangerinefairy, yes it is. So nothing that you would want to keep secret, because it is obvious you have had it done.

Tangerinefairy Sat 07-Jun-14 07:25:54

Ummm I think I might!! She is being really unfair in those circumstances!

Tangerinefairy Sat 07-Jun-14 07:26:33

Crikey, what are people like!

violetbunny Sat 07-Jun-14 07:27:03

People are busy, and when it comes to things like this they generally won't respond unless there's something in it for them.

Why not run it as a competition, i.e. anyone who likes or shares your page by a certain date will go into the draw to receive a free treatment? That way there's an incentive for them to do it.

If Facebook isn't really working for you, why not take down your clients' email addresses and start an email newsletter with special offers every month? E.g. one month you could offer a "refer a friend" discount.

magpiegin Sat 07-Jun-14 07:27:03

I think YABU. I wouldn't like your business, not for any reason against you, just that I wouldn't want a business page spamming my news feed.

I don't think it's ethical to tag people who use your business in a status. They may not want people to know they use you (or a beautician) for any reason. You'll need to find a better way.

MalibuStacy Sat 07-Jun-14 07:28:16

But I need to know what to say.. this is what I would like to say:

"No, I am not going to give you a service. You can just go out on your date looking like shit, I don't care, you freeloader."

MalibuStacy Sat 07-Jun-14 07:30:24

magpiegin, I wouldn't dream of tagging someone. Also, I don't post a lot, maybe once or twice a week.

turnaroundbrighteyes Sat 07-Jun-14 07:31:14

I wouldn't tag them as it could be seen as a breach of data protection if you only know them through your business, but I would invite them to like your page so they get a little reminder from Facebook. Then try a Facebook ad again, but more targetted. Think about what your current clients have in common and target for that with a "page likes" ad. Always remembering to drop the budget Facebook (UN)helpfully recommends. Hth

Tangerinefairy Sat 07-Jun-14 07:31:30

Looking at it another way do they make reccomendations to their friends in person? Yes, it is their right not to but it is hardly a big ask especially if you have done them favours.

Eastpoint Sat 07-Jun-14 07:32:01

You tell her you are already booked as you are getting more popular. In fact you're going to have to go back to charging her the normal rate for treating her as you wouldn't want to let a regular customer down but do need to run your business properly.

MalibuStacy Sat 07-Jun-14 07:32:41

violetbunny, I have tried competitions but they just seem to attract the wrong types of people. Also I've tried 'Refer a Friend' but my clients just don't. It's really odd.

Tangerinefairy Sat 07-Jun-14 07:33:41

I think Eastpoint says ot really well.

turnaroundbrighteyes Sat 07-Jun-14 07:36:44

Oh and also ask a friend or family member who hasn't liked your page to search for it. Sometimes new pages can be very hard to find. Often worth adding your geographic area to your page title to help people find it and instantly appeal to locals.

whattodoforthebest2 Sat 07-Jun-14 07:40:09

Tbh, I don't know where you're based, but here (Surrey), there are beauticians, mobile services, nail bars, brow bars, tanning booths etc popping up all over the place. It's a busy time of year, and however good you may be, there are probably others around who are equally good (sorry). So maybe they're just busy or there's a lot of choice.

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