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Can we have a love-in?

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WeirdCatLady Tue 03-Jun-14 08:00:40

I'd like to announce a love-in.

Only fabulous posts are allowed please, let the sunshine begin.

My dd is fabulous, amazing and wonderful. She has to put up with a lot (health wise), far more than a child should have to, and yet she does so with a calmness and cheerfulness that constantly surprises me. I think she is a star.

Tell me about your brilliant little people......

chocolateWaffles Tue 03-Jun-14 09:12:44

DD hasn't had a single tantrum this morning grin

chocolateWaffles Tue 03-Jun-14 09:13:57

(Our mornings are usually more screaming than calmness, ASD being looked in to)

Writerwannabe83 Tue 03-Jun-14 09:18:40

My little DS is the most brilliant baby in the world. He's 10 weeks old and I absolutely love him to pieces. Every time he smiles so me I could just burst with love!!

LuisSuarezTeeth Tue 03-Jun-14 09:20:05

DS is 16 today. It's been a horrible year, but he's come through it and I'm so very proud of him.

Despite his father being a complete arse, he has taken the attitude that he will succeed despite him and become the man his father never could be.

I love him to the moon and back. (Having a little tear remembering the day he was born)

I'll be back tomorrow moaning about him grin

HeyBungalowBill Tue 03-Jun-14 09:23:07

My 9 month old DS is a wonderful happy little boy smile

Always smiling, chatting away and playing happily. I love him so bloody much!! grin

ElleMcFearsome Tue 03-Jun-14 09:23:10

Despite their DF dying just over a year ago, both my DDs are coping amazingly well with their exams and generally being wonderful, delightful astonishingly mature young women. I went to bed in tears (of happiness) the other night as I was/am just so proud of how they've coped it makes my heart feel too big for my chest sometimes blush

HeyBungalowBill Tue 03-Jun-14 10:01:26

ElleMcFearsome - that is lovely smile
Very pleased to hear they are doing well after losing their DF.

PoirotsMoustache Tue 03-Jun-14 14:20:42

My DS has a brilliant sense of humour, and is extremely loving and kind. He behaves excellently where and when it really matters.

WolfMoon Tue 03-Jun-14 16:12:53

My DTDs are nearly nine months and are really starting to develop their little personalities. I luffs them grin

DS 1 is working on a building site for a week to get money for his summer abroad, its really tough and he comes home knackered but I am proud of him, Ds2 has just finished his first A level exam and is revising lots for the rest of his exams, I have fingers crossed that he gets the grades he wants to get into the uni he has chosen. Its a weird time as both of them are likely to move out this year and I will miss them sooo much. sob. despite all the issues we had bringing them up they are both developing into really nice humans smile

SallyMcgally Tue 03-Jun-14 16:20:02

thanks elle That's lovely - your daughters sound amazing!

Wrcgirl Tue 03-Jun-14 16:26:02

My wee girly is the most beautiful ever, her laughs and loving hugs, and her delight at thrilling us with her new words and crawling ability more than make up for any grumps or sleepless nights.
She is happy to play with her toys and watch me clean for a long while for a wee one and I don't appreciate how good she is often enough.
I love her with all my heart. smile

youmakemydreams Tue 03-Jun-14 16:31:07

10 year old dd's quirks that come with her ADHD and problems with dyspraxia have become more pronounced as she's grown up. But she has bags of self esteem and treats any kids at school that have mocked her as the ones with the problem. She can't help it so laugh away. She laughs at herself often enough. She is ambitious and couldn't work any harder than she does despite finding every day a srtruggle.
She is amazing and I love her so much. She is off to see 1D with my mum tonight and she deserves a fabulous time.

SallyMcgally Wed 04-Jun-14 02:06:33

My 12 yr old boy has been bullied quite a lot at school, but he's never let it change his sweet, generous, funny personality. I'm so proud of him.
My 10 yr old boy is so merry and funny and kind. So proud of him too.

AcrossthePond55 Wed 04-Jun-14 02:16:54

well, mine aren't exactly little but….DS1 just got married to a lovely, lovely girl. DS2 is on his own but always calls me for homekeeping advice because 'you know everything' & likes to bring me treats. Both sons have taken the time to learn to cook and bake gluten free for me (Coeliac).

MrsTerryPratchett Wed 04-Jun-14 04:07:27

DD has had her hair plaited, with no complaints, by DH tonight.

LiberalLibertine Wed 04-Jun-14 04:15:35

Awwww this is nice...... dd is sprawled on bed next to me having driven dp to the sofa in the night.

She's so adorable when asleep

LividofLondon Wed 04-Jun-14 14:14:03

I sold my house after a long wait grin Tears of happiness here!

MardyBra Wed 04-Jun-14 14:45:54


PoirotsMoustache Wed 04-Jun-14 15:01:26

youmakemydreams Did your DD enjoy the concert?

Koothrapanties Wed 04-Jun-14 15:05:45

Dd tried to give me her dummy today. She is 8mo and decided that mummies need a dummy too, so tried to put it in my mouth. She sort of looked at it first as if deciding who needed it the most. She had such a cute look on her face, it was adorable.

She makes me laugh every day and is the reason my world keeps spinning really.

youmakemydreams Wed 04-Jun-14 20:50:36

poirot she had a ball. Thanks for asking smile he and my mum and another mum and dd were sitting together in a place that wasn't the best view and they got asked if they would like to move so were moves to three rows behind the standing area. They ended up with the best view and she sung her wee socks off according to my mum and she is very chuffed she got to "stay up all night" ie really late.

katese11 Wed 04-Jun-14 21:12:32

ds (5 next week) read "Harry and the dinosaurs" to his whole class! I'm so stupidly proud of him. .. He moved schools halfway through reception and I thought he'd struggle but he's finding his way smile He also had a language delay when he was younger so it still amazes me that he can talk at all!

KeepOnPloddingOn Wed 04-Jun-14 21:30:58

Dd is one and is such a little comedian. Makes me laugh everyday. She also has taken to kissing me lots lately. I cry! So cute...

Your dd sounds wonderful OP smile

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