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To be almost catatonic with boredom after just one day of the half term?

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extremepie Mon 26-May-14 18:14:41

Got virtually no money this week as waiting for tax credits to come through.

Looks like we're in for a week of rain and I'm sooooo bored already!

Can't face the idea of sitting in the house for a week watching TV, don't drive so I'm limited where I can get to for free.

Help me!!

pinkthechaffinch Mon 26-May-14 18:17:16

Geocaching? if your kids are over about 8 its a cheap, accessible and fun hobby.

extremepie Mon 26-May-14 18:18:47

Both kids under 8 and one has ASD sad What is it anyways, never heard of it!

Daisymasie Mon 26-May-14 18:18:59

Count yourself lucky. There's no half term here in Ireland because..... the secondary schools close next Fri for three months and the primary schools at the end of June for 8-9 weeks. Aasaagh!

extremepie Mon 26-May-14 18:19:46

Eek! That must be expensive on childcare Daisy!

Daisymasie Mon 26-May-14 18:21:10

Tis torture extremepie. At this time of year, I always wish I'd trained as a teacher (but not at any other time as I realise they have a very difficult job).

TheEmpress Mon 26-May-14 18:21:10

Ignore the rain. Get outdoors and get on with your life.

extremepie Mon 26-May-14 18:24:25

And do what? Go to the park and watch the kids play while I stand in the rain? Go to the beach and get soaked then have to travel back dripping wet on the train? That'll be a fun trip :/

TheOnlyPink Mon 26-May-14 18:29:24

Was hoping this thread would be full of great advice. Like Daisy, I'm in Ireland and summer holidays are fast approaching. 8 weeks. 8 whole weeks.

hotdog74 Mon 26-May-14 18:29:52

Check on line for your local area and there will probably be some free activities on. Look especially at things like the library or any free museums there might be to keep out of the rain.
Pack up a picnic - get on a bus - eat picnic - get bus back on a day when rain isn't too bad.
swimming isn't usually that expensive if you have a council run pool near you?

Frorg Mon 26-May-14 18:31:09

I always think if we get out for part of the day then just being at home the rest of the time is easier.

When we are just at home I try to do stuff together for some of it rather than just coexisting. For eg watching a film all together with popcorn rather than just slumping in front of telly iyswim (I've nicked this off my constantly cheerful fb friends!). Also playing a board or card game or playing on the wii together.

I also have a list of things I want to get done in the house this week so I can get on with those while the dc are doing their own thing.

And I've downloaded lots of kindle books so I can make the most of being off work and just relax a bit.

WhiteWriting Mon 26-May-14 18:31:55

Pull yourself together woman, you are making memories for your kids and money will never be the overriding factor when they look back...get planning and unleash your/their creativity!

extremepie Mon 26-May-14 18:35:47

Unfortunately I can't take DC's swimming or to any soft play type places as I can't manage both boys on my own so anywhere like that is out!

Wouldn't be so bad if I had some money and/or transport sad

TheEmpress Mon 26-May-14 18:36:57

We do the same activities in the wet as in the dry. As long as you have waterproof clothing (skin stays dry) and are warm, children don't notice the rain (unless you have conditioned them to do so).

Standing watching is always boring. Get stuck in with them. It's much more fun.

extremepie Mon 26-May-14 18:37:15

But how white, hoooowwww!! I need help, I have no imagination sad

extremepie Mon 26-May-14 18:39:02

There's only so much fun you can have standing in the rain pushing ds2 on the swings over and over and over.. or watching him so on the slide over and over

What if you don't have waterproofs?

DinoSnores Mon 26-May-14 18:39:23

"Go to the park and watch the kids play while I stand in the rain?"

Yes! they'll have great fun and then come back and have hot chocolate and cheese on toast for lunch. One of my best memories as a child!

Depending on where you are, museums might have children's activities on.

We sometimes go to the local garden centre just to look at the fish.

Go to the library.

Play games.

Cut up magazines and make a collage.

NorbertDentressangle Mon 26-May-14 18:39:25

Museums, libraries, art galleries - check for child-friendly free events.

Baking at home

Walks in woodland (partially sheltered from the rain by the trees)

Check cinema listings - they often have cheap morning sessions

CoffeeTea103 Mon 26-May-14 18:40:22

Some really good ideas here.

ICanSeeTheSun Mon 26-May-14 18:40:27

The rain don't stop me.

I love the park in the winter, it's always empty and the DC have run of the park.

I struggle in the sunny weather as every one seems to be out, those are the days where I stay at home.

TheEmpress Mon 26-May-14 18:40:41


Cook/ bake


We just take bikes out, go to the park or walk/ splash in puddles etc.Even just an hour outdoors can make you feel better. If you can't go out for the day, go out for an hour every couple of hours.

What about doing something like this?

MarianneM Mon 26-May-14 18:40:43

Oh, I'm SO with you OP!

If only it was just boredom, I've been so tired that my overenergetic girls are either driving me up the wall or reducing me to hysterical giggles!

Who invented the half-term holiday?! I'm actually turning over the idea of boarding-school for them smile

Thank God my mother is coming over tomorrow for the rest of the hols...!

capsium Mon 26-May-14 18:43:13

What do your boys like?

Make a list of things they are happy doing for ages and let them do them.

As far as yourself, get some books from the charity shop/ watch stuff online, sort clothes out - whatever you like doing in the house.

Take a walk out daily, to get fresh air / shopping in etc.

Great holiday, they will love it. Job done. smile

TheEmpress Mon 26-May-14 18:43:27

Museums are free, art galleries, even a trip to the library. Swimming?

Have towels ready for getting back, maybe even hot water bottles. It's fun stripping of wet clothes and getting cosy again.

Look on free cycle for waterproofs. Sorry I can't be more help. I see waterproofs as essential as shoes.

Innocentbystander01 Mon 26-May-14 18:45:17

I gave the dc an old roll of wallpaper and they've spent the day drawing on the back of it. I thought they would be bored after an hour.
Can you stretch to a couple of pound for some loom bands? My girls got them over the weekend and again quiet and entertained children.
Get a free trial of amazon tv or netflix if you haven't got them they have loads of kids films.

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