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Not to bring a buggy?

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Anonynony Sun 25-May-14 17:52:05

DD is 3 in a few weeks and we're heading on holidays on Tuesday and I really really want not to bring a buggy!

It hasn't been used in about a year, she's a great little walker but mostly uses her scooter now. I sold my car so we literally walk/scoot everywhere but still and all she's only nearly 3.

Eeeverybody is saying to bring it but it's such a big extra hassle, I'd so much rather the one big case and both our hand luggage. Would only barely manage both.
AIBU to leave it behind or am I being foolish?

Inglori0us Sun 25-May-14 17:53:36

I say leave it. If you don't use it here why would you need it on holiday?

MegMogandOwlToo Sun 25-May-14 17:53:43

You know your daughters limits better than anyone really, if you're happy not to take it, then don't.

Does she still have a daytime nap? If so it might be handy for that if you're out for the day.

CailinDana Sun 25-May-14 17:54:04

Where are you going and what are you planning to do while you're there?

OutragedFromLeeds Sun 25-May-14 17:55:50

It depends in what sort of holiday it is. Is there likely to be loads of walking involved? Do you want to go out in the evening and not rush back for bedtime?

You know your DD and what you plan to do on holiday best.

Lagoonablue Sun 25-May-14 17:58:38

Some places, especially on Spain, you can hire them. Might be worth thinking about. My DS still used a buggy when he got tired on a long day out or later in the night if we were out late.

Anonynony Sun 25-May-14 18:00:15

We're going to Alcudia in Majorca. I've never been there but everything seems to be within a ten minute walk. If we were out and about for the day and her legs got tired we could have a sit down, go for coffee/juice etc. She does fairly long walks up and back from the swimming pool and has always been perfectly fine.

She doesn't have a day time nap but I'm hoping we can both have a little siesta in the afternoons while we're away, just so she can enjoy the kids evening entertainment etc.

Our only real plan is to arse around, nothing major.

CailinDana Sun 25-May-14 18:26:58

Hmm, it is hassle to bring it, but given the hot weather it might be handy to have as you'll probably find your DD will get tired a lot quicker and might need a kip when you're out and about. Walking in the hot sun can be hard on toddler - a shady buggy might be welcome.

shakemysilliesout Sun 25-May-14 19:16:37

My daughter sprained her ankle on our holiday last week- so pleased I packed the buggy!

KeepingUpAnon Sun 25-May-14 19:20:02

Really depends on what type of holiday you have. We went to Disneyland Paris last year when ds1 was 5 and ds2 a month off 3.

Ds2 hadn't used the buggy for nearly a year but we took it just in case. We were out so much that not only did ds2 use it but ds1 too, and they had to take turns. I never would have thought a 5 year old would use it but we were out for 12 solid hours, walking miles, every day.

sandgrown Sun 25-May-14 19:21:06

DGS used his buggy on holiday until he was almost 5 (he is petite) . If we stayed out late he fell asleep and we could just lift him into bed. If he was not in it we used it to carry stuff to the beach. I think it is worth the effort.

Tvseemstobemyhobby Sun 25-May-14 19:33:48

Yeah have just had 10 days in Majorca, took a buggy for DD2 who is 18 months and hired a pushchair from baby equipment hire Major a for our 3 year old who had a couple of naps in it. They met us at our hotel when we arrived and sorted out a convenient pick up time.

It cost €28 for 10 days, much easier than carting a buggy through the airport.

Canthisonebeused Sun 25-May-14 19:50:28

Is it just you and dd? If so I wouldn't bother as she isn't needing to keep up with lots of other people you can pace the holiday around the both of you.

TheTertiumSquid Sun 25-May-14 19:55:36

Do you have a sling like an ergo or a patapum you could take instead? They let a big toddler go on your back fairly comfortably. We took 4yo dd and 22 mo ds to Berlin recently and even dd needed help walking. I really wished we had taken the old double buggy or the patapum so we didn't have to just carry ds in our arms (while dd used the buggy)

Oriunda Sun 25-May-14 19:57:20

Will you be eating out in the evening after your DD has gone to sleep or having your evening meal all together early? We always put DS to bed in the buggy so we can go out to dinner, then transfer him to the cot when we get back. Given that in Italy (where we spend a lot of time) and Spain are late night cultures, where some restaurants don't get going until 9pm or later, I don't like keeping DS up that late. In Tenerife last year the hotel restaurant didn't open for dinner until 7pm, which was too late for DS to have dinner, so we always fed him earlier then went out around 830pm once he was asleep in the buggy.

Anonynony Sun 25-May-14 20:09:35

No it's just the two of us, that's why I'm so nervous about lugging the extra thing and why it's not really essential for evenings etc because we'll be getting quite early nights.

Still not sure what to do confused

OutragedFromLeeds Sun 25-May-14 20:24:00

In your circumstances it sounds like it would be more hassle to transport the buggy than to not have a buggy. I'd leave it.

fluffyfanjo Sun 25-May-14 20:30:48

personally I'd take it. We went to alcudia last year,DS was 3.9 and although we hadn't used a buggy for months we still used it.

Beach was only about 20mins walk away and although that might not sound far, when its hot and DS had been running about in the fresh air,building sandcastles,and playing in the sea all day it would have been a long walk back with a tired wingeing child and all the stuff you need to carry for a trip to the beach.

It'll be dead useful to cart the buckets and spades,towels,drinks snacks etc - a bottle of water or 2 can be bloody heavy when you have to carry it in the Mediterranean sunshine.

Enjoy your Holiday - the beach is beautiful in Alcudia.

ICanSeeTheSun Sun 25-May-14 20:50:09

I would just get a very cheep stroller.

Use it to put all your cases on in the airport and to carry crap around.

tallulah Sun 25-May-14 21:02:27

DH refused to take the buggy on hols when DS was 3. He ended up having to carry him all week. How I laughed.

dingalong Sun 25-May-14 21:07:44

Just back from canaries. Dd 5 used ds 2's buggy when she got hot and bothered (easier to carry ds on shoulders).

If we were out and about (zoo etc in the afternoons it was very handy). She'd never use a buggy or nap at home so discounted bringing my double buggy sad

The heat can be tiring

dingalong Sun 25-May-14 21:11:14

I've a cheap mother care travel buggy (umbrella kind). Very handy although forget how to collapse it every year (usually at the X-ray security section). Dd 4 (not 5 duh) loved swimming in morning and afternoon doing stuff (waterparks, zoos etc) so wrecked by night time.

Nocomet Sun 25-May-14 22:03:00

We ended up hiring one in Majorca, DD2 spotted it herself in the bike place.

She was pissed off at the length Of the sea front.

It was far easier for drinks in an evening than DH putting her on his shoulders walking home. She talked about it fondly for years after.

trappedinsuburbia Sun 25-May-14 22:04:02

I would take one, just pull it along behind you like the suitcase and put reins on your dd in case she wanders, its really not much hassle you only need to drag it through the airport then into hotel, the rest of the time its packed away with the rest of the luggage on plane/coach.

thewavesofthesea Sun 25-May-14 22:08:35

Second a sling idea. I didn't take a buggy on holiday when I want on holiday with my 17month old. Although carrying a 3 year old in a sling may be hard work.....

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