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Was at One Direction concert in Dublin last night and can't help feeling that...

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NeverTalksToStrangers Sat 24-May-14 21:38:41

... they are short-changing everyone a bit?

I enjoyed it but it just wasn't that spectacular.
They are good looking lads,they have some good songs and they can sing but it was all a bit 'meh' for me. It didn't help that it was cold and rained a bit, but still.

I wouldn't say I was a westlife fan but i've been to a good few of their concerts and really enjoyed them (I used to accompany my little cousin so her mum didn't have to go). Any other pop band would have dancers etc. Little mix for example - would LOVE to see them live. They had nothing, and only 'changed their outfits' by putting on more layers because it was fecking baltic in croke park. I get that the dancing and different/unusual costumes thing isn't their M-O but why the feck not? It's not like their fan base is incredibly mature and too old for a bit of cheese? Plus, so many album tracks. Ok for the die hard twitter teens, but not so good for all the mummies (or aunties in my case (I have 2 DSs (5 and 2) so not with me) and younger fans (of which their were thousands. Not one cover either. I love an alternative, unexpected cover, but no.

Even the staging and special effects were just ok. No massive surprises. There a bit in the middle which was a bit unexpected but the rest was just par for the course. The techies behind the bits that appeared on the big screens behind them put in much more effort than all the boys combined.

They did all seem to be genuinely chuffed for Niall, who did seem to be v emotional at playing in Croke park (v much considered sacred ground in ireland) and they mentioned a few times that it was the biggest crowd they had ever played to.

Maybe I have the wrong idea about it all. I'm sure plenty of you are going in the coming weeks. You might love it.

AmysTiara Sat 24-May-14 22:03:50

Sparkling a friend took his son to see McBusted and said the special effects were incredible.

NeverTalksToStrangers Sat 24-May-14 22:04:01

Sarcastic 5SOS are supporting 1D.

They were ok, but very grungey sounding live and bit lost on the 7 and 9 to DNs. Had two other DNs with us (14 and 12) who were more into them (or pretending to be).

They played their single afterwards on the screens (before 1d came on) and it sounded nothing like anything they had played.

Captainbarnacles1101 Sat 24-May-14 22:04:03

Im going to see One Direction in Croke tomo night with my Dd. its their third night so they will probably be knackered! she would have a ball even if they came out on stage and did nothing, my OH and i went to see Katy Perry in Belfast on the opening night of her tour and it was spectacular! it really really was. methinks im gonna be disapointed tomo.

Sparklingbrook Sat 24-May-14 22:07:43

I can imagine Amys, I wish i was going. envy

NeverTalksToStrangers Sat 24-May-14 22:08:01

Captainb Wrap up warm. I have no idea how I had a breeze at my feet (we were lower cusack stand) but I did. If I had balls, they would have been icy ones. Bring a rain coat too. We bought ponchos from oxfam who must have made a killing.

Walking out I seen 2 tubes in short shorts and bare legs. LMAO.

grocklebox Sat 24-May-14 22:09:46

Yabu to go to thebloody thing in the first place, the sodding traffic jams last nigh, and tonight, were horrendous.
And never mind there not their, how about oops aibu, not chat?

NeverTalksToStrangers Sat 24-May-14 22:10:25

If they are planning on splitting up soon it will be worse than when take that did. Take that didn't have twitter psychos..

NeverTalksToStrangers Sat 24-May-14 22:11:21

Sorry grockle... wanted to see if anyone disagreed?

threepiecesuite Sat 24-May-14 22:16:55

Take That's Circus show was an absolute visual spectacular. I was astounded by the elephant.

TheSarcasticFringehead Sat 24-May-14 22:18:28

Yes, we saw them last year too, she wants to go to their proper own concert. She's obsessive. I can't remember being like this? Musical ability, I think they're quite average. I remember liking Gary Barlow ( blush ) and I wasn't like this at all.

Cocolepew Sat 24-May-14 22:23:30

KP on her GG

NeverTalksToStrangers Sat 24-May-14 22:40:44

OMG. Amazing.

Not one gold horse last night!! Not one!!

Sparklingbrook Sat 24-May-14 22:45:44

No UFOs Never?

NeverTalksToStrangers Sat 24-May-14 22:47:55

Nope. They have something but nothing near that.

Open air venues are trickier though, I know that. But still...

Cocolepew Sat 24-May-14 22:59:15

KP had her horse, neon glow in the dark costumes and skipping ropes, popped up from under the stage all over the place, moving paths on stage, giant cat toys, floaty material swooshing over the crowd, giant flower canopy, fireworks, confetti, flying over the crowd on ballons, giant birthday cake, etc etc.

I was exhausted just watching her grin

GiniCooper Sat 24-May-14 23:04:17

I had 9 people in my (sorry, yes) FB news feed last night at the concert with their daughters.
Only 2 tonight so far!

All, have had an absolutely amazing time. From the 7 year olds to the 37 year olds.

Not my cup of tea but they have all been pleased so far.

NeverTalksToStrangers Sat 24-May-14 23:06:38

I enjoyed it, just wasn't blown away (or even blown over).

Redcoats Sat 24-May-14 23:17:31

They looked like they were going through the motions on The Big Weekend in Glasgow this afternoon. Just shuffling around, not really getting into it. If they had to fly straight back to Dublin after no wonder they were knackered.

They've probably got a couple of years left, they're still huge in US.

Sparklingbrook Sat 24-May-14 23:23:25

I think a couple of years is generous. One of them will do a Robbie Williams and that will be that very soon.

NeverTalksToStrangers Sat 24-May-14 23:28:08

Sparkling My money is on Harry.

scarlettsmummy2 Sat 24-May-14 23:29:42

My money is on Harry too, closely followed by Niall.

NeverTalksToStrangers Sat 24-May-14 23:34:11

Niall seems to be more comfortable playing guitar and writing than singing.

bruffin Sat 24-May-14 23:34:44

Dd is pretty disgusted that Harry Styles is being mentioned for the film of Wicked as Firero grin

NeverTalksToStrangers Sat 24-May-14 23:40:16

bruffin Is he?? Didn't know that.

Should i go onto twitter and say that I thought the concert was a bit shit, just to see what happens??

AnnabelleDarling Sat 24-May-14 23:41:22

I am taking dd tomorrow, she is so excited. I am dreading the cold, have taken my winter coat out of attic. It is freezing here.

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