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to think it proves lots of people want change

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adsy Fri 23-May-14 07:41:13

That ukip are making such huge gains in the elections.
If mnetters could temper their hysteria of screaming racism, I think it is a clear indication that the fundamental principals of the party of no toEurope and no to continued mass immigration are very important to a lot of people

FreeSpirit89 Fri 23-May-14 07:54:41

I totally agree. It does seem a lot of people want change, which I have to say good on them.

GoblinLittleOwl Fri 23-May-14 08:12:34

Many people are openly voting UKIP this time as a deliberate protest vote; they have lost faith in the three major parties and their leading politicians because they don't appear to listen to major concerns, which seem to be the increasing influence of Europe, rising immigration, house prices and over development of rural areas,(views heard while canvassing for local councillor). Unfortunately many UKIP candidates have little local knowledge or experience of local politics; many prospective UKIP voters do not even know the name of their local candidate, let alone their track record. This is definitely a wake-up call.

WooWooOwl Fri 23-May-14 08:54:39

YANBU. I suspect that some UKIP voters don't actually want us to leave Europe, but as they know that's not going to happen any time soon anyway, it's still a safe way to vote against so much immigration and money spent on foreign aid.

OxfordBags Fri 23-May-14 08:57:29

YABU. It just proves that there are a lot of people so pig-thick and/or amoral that they'd vote for a party of hate and blame. They need a combination of either a decent education, an assessment for sociopathy or some sort of psychiatric treatment, not the vote.

sonlypuppyfat Fri 23-May-14 09:01:13

Oxford what should people do if they are unhappy with how things are then.

hazeyjane Fri 23-May-14 09:01:38

I think lots of people want someone to blame.

BMW6 Fri 23-May-14 09:02:43

Rather a hysterical vitriolic over-reaction oxfordbags........(and no, I don't support UKIP)

OxfordBags Fri 23-May-14 09:06:47

NOT vote UKIP, puppyfat! It's not like the only choice is Conservative, Labour OR a party that would do stuff like make rape legal within marriage.

BMW, can you explain how anyone intelligent with a normal level of basic empathy could vote for a party like UKIP? I mean, apart from them having something deeply inadequate about their personality. There's nothing more hysterical than voting for UKIP.

OxfordBags Fri 23-May-14 09:09:05

Anyone who thinks what I wrote was OTT should really look into what UKIP believes in, and what they would do if they got into power, and into the background of Nogel Farage and his crew, and THEN come back and opine on how 'hysterical' my comment was. Because you'd then be telling me I wasn't harsh enough, believe me.

sonlypuppyfat Fri 23-May-14 09:10:05

I'm not a UKIP supporter at all but I can understand why some people would need to make a protest vote.

fanjoforthemammaries7850 Fri 23-May-14 09:10:32

Hear hear

ch1a Fri 23-May-14 09:10:32

I don't question people's right to an opinion, however, I do think that in so many cases it is ill informed and based on a lack of knowledge and led by scaremongering. Just because a lot of people have the same opinion really doesn't mean that it isn't xenophobic or misognistic in nature.

fanjoforthemammaries7850 Fri 23-May-14 09:10:54

Oops my hear hear was to Oxfordbags comment.

OxfordBags Fri 23-May-14 09:15:55

They should vote for the Green Party or someone else then, puppyfat. Not vote for a bunch of racists, homophobes, misogynists, bigots and all-round thick, kneejerk tinfoil-hatters. 'Protest vote' is no excuse for demeaning yourself to vote for scum.

gordyslovesheep Fri 23-May-14 09:15:59

I think it shows how little voters understand what parties actually stand for OR the benefits of the EU and aid

it's for other parties to explain this better

protest votes are common in EU and local elections - it rarely transfers to the big one! I remember when the BNP had big gains ...

worldgonecrazy Fri 23-May-14 09:16:58

I wonder how many of the people voting UKIP as a "protest" vote have actually contacted their MPs in the past and shared their views and thoughts on upcoming policy decisions. My guess is that most of them have only ever ranted over the breakfast table and not engaged with anyone other than family/friends. Given that it only takes a couple of minutes to fire off an email using one of the several websites available, there is very little excuse for not engaging with politicians or making your voice heard. When you've done that, and there is no change, that is the time for protesting. A "protest" vote for a party with no policies and no vision other than a dislike of foreigners, Europe, women and poor people, is not really a protest at all.

JohnFarleysRuskin Fri 23-May-14 09:17:50

Its a party for thickies.

There are a lot of thickies about.

gordyslovesheep Fri 23-May-14 09:21:21

I think it's dangerous to dismiss them as thickies ...they appeal to people who want simple answers and quick solutions

this includes people too lazy or not interested in finding out facts and thinking about things more deeply

Unemployed? - well we'll send back all the Polish and you can do their jobs - because you all want low waged cleaning and fruit picking jobs. Overseas Aid ...we'll absorb that back into the general spending budget where it will have cock all impact but it looks good on paper ....EU - fuck em - we'll leave and all the British working in the EU will lose the right to work there come home and take all the jobs you thought you where going to get ....

TensionWheelsCoolHeels Fri 23-May-14 09:21:35

My view here is that the self serving career politicians who are more concerned with screwing as much out of the system for personal gain are to blame for this shift. The SNP swept into power in Scotland for the same reasons - the voting system here was specifically set up to avoid a majority party like the SNP has now, and it's mainly down to people looking for/needing an alternative to the main parties. The SNP, for all it's flaws, at least is working for the Scottish people and are pretty tuned into general views/opinions/issues.

Unfortunately for the rest of the UK, UKIP appears to be the only alternative (I cannot stand what they stand for, Farage is a twat IMO and could be very dangerous if he got a sniff of actual power). The current/recent batch of Westminster MPs have turned a lot of people off main stream politics because there is no real effort to see things from the point of view of ordinary people. Big business seems to get their ear easy enough. The number of politicians who look after their own vested interests before the country is sickening IMO.

The rot set in with the expenses stuff. Maria Miller's more recent issues highlight just how little has changed and how it's not even about what's right or wrong, but how far you can spin things to try and get away with what your average voter could not. That's a big part of what is pushing people to make this protest vote. And every single one of those mainstream parties/politicians should take this seriously and start to actually listen to people.

Arsebadger Fri 23-May-14 09:24:21

Totally with oxfordbags
UKIP are racist, sexist, vile
I don't know how any woman could vote for them. Let alone anyone who has a mother, wife, daughter, sister, aunt, niece, grandmother, female friend etc
Reading on another friend how apparently Farage is for 'us' because he smokes fags and likes a pint.
Even if I still smoked or liked a pint, he wouldn't be for me, because I'm not an utter cunt.
It is not a protest or an alternative vote, to vote for a 'party' who want to privatise the NHS, ban maternity leave, and think rape within marriage isn't rape. It's a sick vote.
The real criminals are the British media who have given this vile man and this monstrous party more coverage than any of the other parties - this is party with no MP!!! Craziness.

BumpNGrind Fri 23-May-14 09:27:35

I live in South Wales where the count hasn't taken place so bear in mind I don't know the results yet. However I do expect UKIP to make significant gains and I think its awful. I live in an area which the last census said was over 99% white, yet the xenophobia and racism is hideous. Also, living in a very poor area we have greatly benefitted from huge European funded projects which provide vital infrastructure. My community benefits massively from its relationship with Europe as we have a disproportionate reliance on public sector jobs-many of which created using European convergence funding.

I will never understand those from my area who vote UKIP, in my situation its like the Turkey who votes for Christmas.

MooncupGoddess Fri 23-May-14 09:30:21

UKIP are ghastly, but I do agree the other parties should make more effort to stand up for what they believe in rather than running scared. It wouldn't be hard to stand up and say 'these are the advantages of being in the EU, it's not perfect by any means but leaving would be a disaster for us'. Or 'this is why immigration (up to a certain limit) is a really good thing for the UK'. But no one will do that, apart from Nick Clegg who no one listens to any more.

JohnFarleysRuskin Fri 23-May-14 09:34:28

It seems I live in UKIP heartlands now. blush

I stand by my thickie comment but yes gordie I agree with you on the people looking for simplistic answers etc.

daftgeranium Fri 23-May-14 09:34:29

YABU. This is a really sad day for England, if a quarter of its population think that a motley bunch of charlatans and bigots are the best to represent our people and champion their interests. If you don't like the current political system, it is plain stupid to vote for something much worse as a protest. Shame, shame on everyone who voted UKIP.

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