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to think that DD needs to stop crapping her pants?

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brdgrl Mon 19-May-14 21:52:54

Every night. EVERY night.
She's almost 4. She has been toilet trained for a year.
Every night.
I sit her on toilet. She insists she doesn't need to and can't go.
I give up eventually and put her to bed. She promises, again, to call me if she needs the toilet. Time passes. Sometimes I check in every so often, but it is always the same - nope, can't go, I'll tell you when I am ready.

Then....she calls. I go. She has not only had a poo, but has undressed herself and tried to clean it up. I spend next twenty minutes cleaning up poo. Tonight I cleaned poo off the wall, off her, her pjs, her sheets, a dish towel that she'd used to try and wipe herself (ok, that one I just threw in the bin).

She gets rash. That makes her try to hold it.

She is not asleep when this happens; in fact, she can't fall asleep until afterwards.

I try not to be too cross, so as to make her more anxious about it and maybe make things worse - she gets anxious about me being cross - but I want her to know it has to stop.

Have tried a reward chart - this has worked with her for everything else so far - no luck.

Every. single. night.

She completely understands. But she doesn't seem able to stop this habit.

Imnotbeingyourbestfriendanymor Mon 26-May-14 23:12:08

Not sure if you have ruled it out but the rash sounds to me like it could be thrush. My niece had similar and despite having had babies and previous cases of thrush neither my sister nor I recognised it in that instance! Might be worth ruling out? Best wishes to your little girl.

brdgrl Tue 27-May-14 00:40:49

Thanks, all!
I really do think thrush is a possibility, and will be quizzing dr about that too.
Another good night tonight! Hooray for the box. Blowing bubbles sounds like a fantastic idea - thanks.

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