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AIBU to join Hunt Saboteurs?

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DogCalledRudis Sun 18-May-14 14:19:21

I already support them.
They put links on my facebook and i really really want to be one of them.

KaFayOLay Sun 18-May-14 14:23:49

If you are able to hit dogs and horses, stub cigarettes out on them if you can get close enough, then yes join them.

If you are a more peaceful soul, they might not be the organisation for you.

FoxyHarlow123 Sun 18-May-14 14:25:41

Why do you really want to be one of them? Have you thought the whole thing through in a reasoned, logical manner, using facts as your basis? My first guess is no but it remains a valid question.

DogCalledRudis Sun 18-May-14 14:30:41

I wouldnt hit dogs and horses, i'd just get in their way. BTW hunters abuse their dogs and horses

WaywardOn3 Sun 18-May-14 14:33:25

I don't understand hunt sabs - we'll hurt/seriously injure/ cause the death of your dogs/horses and injure people to 'save' a fox :-/ that fox may go on to kill my chickens and be killed anyway.

The dogs aren't allowed to kill foxes any more so the fox is shot

WaywardOn3 Sun 18-May-14 14:34:17

Getting in the way of a horse could cause injury to you/the horse or it's rider

KaFayOLay Sun 18-May-14 14:34:18

I have never seen a hunter abused and the dogs always loom in tip top condition.

What I have seen is a sab stub a cigarette out on a horse and divert dogs onto the road where one of them suffered a rather painful death by sab driven motor car.

Icimoi Sun 18-May-14 14:35:12

These days hunt saboteurs tend to operate more by doing inconvenient things like insisting that hunts keep to the law. It's very much a case of poacher turned gamekeeper. If that's what you intend to do, OP, I say go for it.

ChelsyHandy Sun 18-May-14 14:36:19

BTW hunters abuse their dogs and horses

Really? I've hunted my much loved horse a few times and all I've seen is much loved horses and dogs doing something they enjoy and that comes naturally to them.

However, if you'd like to know what it takes to keep a horse, do feel welcome to come along and do my mucking out!

DogCalledRudis Sun 18-May-14 14:38:21

Hunters kill dogs when they are no longer hunting. It is a fact.
And i think hunting foxes is plain evil.
Why would anybody want that?

DogCalledRudis Sun 18-May-14 14:39:16

So you keep a horse for pleasure of hunting?

ElephantGoesToot Sun 18-May-14 14:41:45

Could you tell me the source of your fact, please?

Ploppy16 Sun 18-May-14 14:43:13

You've never kept chickens obviously.. And are generalising somewhat. Saying that all hunt dogs are destroyed is a bit like saying all hunt sabs are a little bit dim... Like the idiots who disrupted a drag hunt a couple of years ago near us and caused an accident.

sunbathe Sun 18-May-14 14:43:46

I hope you're a vegetarian, Dog.

Mrsmorton Sun 18-May-14 14:46:25

YABU for being so uninformed. Make sure you don't wear a balaclava when you go law breaking though won't you?

catgirl1976 Sun 18-May-14 14:49:43

I dislike fox hunting, but I wouldn't join the sabs.

Whilst I support their cause, I do not support their methods.

Endangering the safety of horses is not supporting "animal rights" IMO.

I own a horse. My DSis hunts him. I don't because I think it's cruel. I have however, never seen a horse abused by a hunter. (Not saying it never happens, obviously people abuse animals or the RSPCA wouldn't exist but I don't think "hunters" are more prone to abusing horses than anyone else).

I hate hunting but the sabs put horses welfare at risk and for that reason YWBU

Fight it, but in a different way that doesn't risk harming more animals in the process

DogCalledRudis Sun 18-May-14 14:50:08

I am vegetarian and informed enough. If kaws are wrong, they are meant to be broken.

DogCalledRudis Sun 18-May-14 14:51:06


Icimoi Sun 18-May-14 14:53:53

I don't think the "foxes kill chickens" point justifies hunting in itself. I am in no way sentimental about foxes and I think the fox population needs to be kept under control. However, hunting is one of the most inefficient possible means of achieving that, even when it was legal. And I do object to a process which involves killing an animal after chasing it for miles till it is exhausted and terrified, and then having a pack of dogs tear it apart for the delectation of a bunch of supposedly civilised human beings.

muffinino82 Sun 18-May-14 14:54:07

YABU to call them dogs, they're hounds. They have much better life than a lot of dogs around the world or even in this country. They are fed a fairly natural diet, live in a big pack together and get plenty of fun exercise. If they get a quick, painless bullet in the head to end their lives when they are no longer able to live and work in the pack, I see nothing wrong with that - they are not pets and are not used to living in houses or not working regularly. It's potentially very distressing for a working hunt hound to be cut off from the pack, which they will be if they are unable to work, and they cannot really be rehomed as pets. The kennels man will know whether it is possible to rehome but more than likely it will not be. What would you suggest as an alternative?

I keep one of my horses for hunting in the winter and dressage in the summer. He is treated like a king (as is my other horse) and loves hunting more than anything. When the time comes, if he needs to be put down, it will more than likely be the hunt that comes to shoot him for me. It will be quick and painless. Can't treat an animal any more fairly than that.

Please don't get in the way of horses, you could cause yourself, the horse or rider serious injury. Good luck trying to get in the way of hounds, they're pretty adept at getting around obstacles grin

ChelsyHandy Sun 18-May-14 14:54:33

DogCalledRudis So you keep a horse for pleasure of hunting?

Was that to me?

No, I keep a horse for the pleasure of keeping a horse and for riding. The horse enjoys the hunting more than me. Its a way of educating a horse to go forwards over varied terrain.

Me - I have no interest in hunting at all. That part of it - very boring.

I take it you don't know much about horses and the equine world, Dog?

ChelsyHandy Sun 18-May-14 14:56:37

Dog If kaws are wrong, they are meant to be broken

I think many criminals try that line of reasoning, but society rarely agrees with it.

However if you have witnessed animal cruelty, have you reported it? Which organisations have you tried and what success/failure did you have?

Eve Sun 18-May-14 14:58:04

Laws are wrong they are meant to be broken?

Like the pesky 30mph speed sign outside my house? Doesn't need to be 30....can I do whatever speed I like?

If you want to influence laws can I suggest you get yourself elected & do it properly.

DogCalledRudis Sun 18-May-14 14:59:01

Ok, i don't know about horses, i admit. But i know dogs. Dogs like pooping in front of somebodys door... But normal people pick it up.

Ploppy16 Sun 18-May-14 14:59:35

It's not a justification for it no, I agree with you but having married into a farming family and seen first hand the destruction caused it gives me very little sympathy for the fox in all honesty.
Hunt saboteurs can be absolute thugs and usually uninformed ones, if you're ok with being associated with that then go ahead, don't expect much respect for it though.

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