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To have told ds that babies come from a vagina.

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ICanSeeTheSun Tue 13-May-14 21:50:26

It looks like the wacky stories about babies have hit the playground.

Ds asked me how do babies come out of the mummy's tummy.

I didn't want to lie to him, so I told him.

I am now worried that he will tell his classmates and his teacher will pull me aside.

The stories he was told was quite funny, that babies come out of the belly button and they come up like vomit. Most sensible one which I explained was also correct was they cut open the belly.

SlimJiminy Wed 14-May-14 18:49:14

YANBU. Magic lights and fairies indeed.

ThisFenceIsComfy Wed 14-May-14 18:00:55

When my DSC asked where their brother was going to come out from, I said he grew in me and then he'd come out of my hooha. Why lie? For what end? In the end I had a caesarean so I told them that the doctor cut him out. Neither are emotionally scarred at all.

ShelaghTurner Wed 14-May-14 17:56:35

Hey, where did the bike come from?

ShelaghTurner Wed 14-May-14 17:54:07

My 6 year old knows there's a stretchy tunnel where babies come out. Despite being a nosey little beggar she's only ever asked how they get out, never how they get in even when I was expecting dd2. I'd steered away a bit from programmes like OBEM because they're a bit screamy and she's a worrier but she sat through an ep of Call the Midwife the other week which had a fair bit of screaming and she just asked if it hurt so I said it mostly does but you don't really mind because it's worth it and she was happy with that.

I'm still waiting for any other questions.

DangoDays Wed 14-May-14 17:00:56

Ds (3) asked me how his baby brother got out.
Me - out of my vagina
Ds - isn't that a bit yucky.
Me - Yeah...

JustAboutAdeqeuate Wed 14-May-14 16:59:54

Bloody hell, couldn't they have fished the poo out? The bath tub in the second video doesn't look anywhere near deep enough to be comfortable.

33 weeks here and wishing fairies and magic lights would do the trick confused

PosyFossilsShoes Wed 14-May-14 16:57:00

Starlight that first video was so lovely it made me well up (the bit at about 2 minutes where the little boy comes over and says "You're nearly there" and gives his mum a kiss… awwwwww!) and then the second one, with the squawky birth partner and the poo floating around in the pool… back to reality. grin

I've always known that babies came out of a vagina. I'd be a lot more upset if someone (i.e. an adult, not another child) told my child that they didn't!

m0therofdragons Wed 14-May-14 16:56:04

A mum had a slight go at me fort telling dd1 the truth as she'd told her dd some random nonsense that involved magic lights and fairies!

Dd was 4 when she was talking about it, her twin sisters were born cs so she was talking about how babies get cut out of a mum's tummy and I explained that her sisters did but she came out the normal way and explained a little. She also knows mummy has periods but not much detail. I don't see the point of lying when she asks but at this age I let her prompt things rather than deciding when to explain things. My mum was going to talk to me at 10 about periods which would have been fine if I hadn't started them at 9! Won't let my dd be as scared as I was!

KittyandTeal Wed 14-May-14 16:54:36

In a teacher and I would never 'have a word' about you telling yourDS the real way babies come into the world!

BloominNora Wed 14-May-14 16:52:43

I made the mistake of letting DD1 watch a birth on OBEM when she was 5 - she very quickly declared (and has stuck to it ever since - about 18 months) that she will not have children because it hurts.

She is very stubborn (this is the child that spent seven hours in bed with no toys or other forms of entertainment rather than take medicine) and can quite easily imagine her sticking with it the rest of her life now that she has made her mind up.

PrincessBabyCat Wed 14-May-14 16:49:15

I still laugh at my friend's dad for how he told her. It went something like this.

"Where do babies come from?"

End conversation.

Catflap1 Wed 14-May-14 16:48:51

My kids have always known, when I was pregnant with my 3rd they were 3 and 2 and had lots of intrest they loved watching the baby stories and delivery programe on home and health channel with me!

They have always loved hospital programs and still do now aged 7,9,11.

Now I'm pregnant with my 4th they show lots of intrest and ask lots of questions about labour etc

Celestria Wed 14-May-14 16:42:07

I tell my kids they came out where I wee and laugh hysterically at their disgusted faces, always cheers me up! grin

silveroldie2 Wed 14-May-14 16:33:38

"I can imagine the kids nodding along when the other kids tell them that babies are sicked up, or come out of the belly button"

Don't mock the afflicted. I fervently believed as a child that babies were born via the belly button which somehow magically opened up at the right time to enable the baby to be removed and then magically closed again. My parents were far too embarrassed to give me any sex info and in the olden days at school we taken to a nissen hut and shown an old black and white film so grainy you could barely see anything. I laughed heartily at school friends who told me babies came through the vagina - what a ludicrous idea grin.

Morgause Wed 14-May-14 16:32:00

Both DSs knew by around the age of 6. I answered every question as it was asked, rather than sat them down.

x2boys Wed 14-May-14 16:28:59

My seven year old knows its like having a big poo but he has never asked specific questions yet !

selsigfach Wed 14-May-14 16:28:16

Ha, rabbit hole! Love it.

SuperSophie Wed 14-May-14 16:12:48

Baby hole? Is that really a sensible name for the vagina? The average woman during her lifetime uses her vagina about TWICE to deliver a baby and many never use it all for that purpose.

Wouldn't 'rabbit hole' make more sense?

RedHatNoDrawers Wed 14-May-14 13:45:01

DS1 is 3 and he asked me the other day how babies come out, so I told him, I think it's important to tell them the (age appropriate) truth when they ask questions.

Whyamihere Wed 14-May-14 13:37:09

I had a discussion with dd the other day (she's 9), she's known where babies come from for a while and knows all about puberty in both boys and girls but didn't know the details of sex - it's never come up in discussion, but she asked me the other day how babies get in a mummy's tummy and she wanted the proper version so we discussed it with proper names - all about where the penis goes etc, at the end the conversation went -

dd - soooooo, does that mean you and daddy did that?
me - yes
dd - ehhhhh, that's disgusting.

It was a classic moment of disgust that I'm sure every child has when they realise their parents have had to have had sex for them to be there.

I did tell her that what we'd discussed was not for giggling about in the playground as other parents might not have told their children.

emms1981 Wed 14-May-14 13:03:54

Mine are 5 and 7 and I've told them, I said its like doing a big poo just from a different place, I will save telling them how they get there for another time. I think its much better than them thinking up all kind of strange things, one of my sons friends said the other day about cows peeing out milk hmmm

slithytove Wed 14-May-14 00:37:27

Those water birth videos are amazing

<must have dust in my eye>

selsigfach Tue 13-May-14 23:02:25

How annoying is the "oh my god" woman in video #2? I'd have had to had to punch her or at least yelled "shut the fuck up" if she were my birth partner!

NinjaLeprechaun Tue 13-May-14 23:02:24

I don't know how you all do it
By the time you get to that point, you really have very little choice. grin

Thenapoleonofcrime Tue 13-May-14 22:51:57

If he's 7 or above, he may well have been taught the 'right' words at school, mine had a letter stating they would be taught them and my dd2 came home and proudly shared her new knowledge. No reason not to be honest.

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