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To ask about Sindy dolls?

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Charlieandlotta Tue 13-May-14 09:41:21

Dd is asking working on me to get her a barbie doll. I'm afraid I really can't stand barbie and the way barbie dolls look.

Has anyone got an Sindy dolls? Are they nice and would you recommend them? Where could I buy some and which ones should I get?


gordyslovesheep Tue 13-May-14 09:46:07

don't think they make them any more but Ebay have vintage ones

what about Lottie dolls?

diddl Tue 13-May-14 09:49:32

just found

It's a Dmail article, quite ols but says that Sindy not sold in UK since 2009!!

Charlieandlotta Tue 13-May-14 09:49:51

Oh great I hadn't heard of Lottie dolls, they look quite nice, interesting concept too!

gordyslovesheep Tue 13-May-14 09:50:47

happy memories

Charlieandlotta Tue 13-May-14 09:52:01

That's a real shame Diddle, I like the look of the Sindy dolls, dare I say, they look a little more interesting than Californian Barbie.

gordyslovesheep Tue 13-May-14 09:52:40

Lottie dolls are made to look like little girls rather than impossibly shaped women - sadly DD3 wont be swayed from her Disney Princesses hmm

all 3 girls play with my vintage Sindy stuff though - I have a caravan, horse box, assorted horses and 4 dolls - I am never tempted to play with them myself though blush

diddl Tue 13-May-14 09:53:03

I always loved my Sindy.

Daughter always wanted Barbie though.

I cavedblush

We used to talk about how ridiculous her figure was.

She just wanted a doll to dress & play with tbh.

Charlieandlotta Tue 13-May-14 09:54:08

Is it worth getting the vintage ones? If yes, which dolls would you recommend?

Charlieandlotta Tue 13-May-14 09:56:00

"All 3 girls play with my vintage Sindy stuff though - I have a caravan, horse box, assorted horses and 4 dolls - I am never tempted to play with them myself though."

smile I might actually be tempted! blush

diddl Tue 13-May-14 09:56:51

OMG! there's a Sindy on ther in stripey top & grey jeans for £100!

I've got it somewhere!!!

Charlieandlotta Tue 13-May-14 09:59:54

I know the prices on email are nuts.

HelpMeGetOutOfHere Tue 13-May-14 09:59:54

just ordered dd1 a Lottie doll to see what she thinks of it. currently we are besieged by Monster High, Ever After High and Equestria Girls. She's 8 so might be a bit past it.

the dd's have sindy dolls and house at my mums to play with, they used to be my mums, then mine and now dd's. they are nicer than Barbie. I would encourage almost any doll over Barbie though.

Charlieandlotta Tue 13-May-14 10:00:39

Email? Ebay even.

gordyslovesheep Tue 13-May-14 10:02:46

Help I googled 'equestria girls' - what fresh hell is that! I thought Brats were bad enough

RiverTam Tue 13-May-14 10:04:05

I had a ballet Sindy (same as the one in the Museum of Childhood) which I got after doing my grade 2 ballet exam. I loved her. No idea what happened to her, I daresay she was swept out the door when my mum cleared my room virtually the moment I left for uni.

Sindy was a Brit, not something I knew growing up but now I do I'm glad I had Sindy not Barbie. Sindy was cool. Barbie was an airhead <xenophobically judgemental>.

TheTerribleBaroness Tue 13-May-14 10:05:49

I collected Sindy as a child. I had mainly 60s and 70s clothes and furniture, but some 80s things too. I had just about everything. All the room sets, two beds, the regular and the four poster, the gig, the BBQ. I couldn't bear to sell it. I've lent it to a friend and it's now on display in Hamburg. I'm still waiting for photos and wondering if any of DM's hand knitted clothes will be getting a look in. smile

TequilaMockingbirdy Tue 13-May-14 10:06:35

I'm afraid I really can't stand barbie and the way barbie dolls look

It's not really about you though is it?

diddl Tue 13-May-14 10:06:40

I think that the later dolls did become more Barbiefied.

Off the see if I can find my original 60s ones!!

HelpMeGetOutOfHere Tue 13-May-14 10:07:19

gordy they are awful aren't they. I think my little pony have brought them in to compete with the likes of Barbie, monster high etc. I quite like the Ever After High dolls, but dd prefers the other two.

Charlieandlotta Tue 13-May-14 10:07:34

What are the chances for Sindy having a glorious comeback?

diddl Tue 13-May-14 10:08:20

On display where in Hamburg Baroness?

RoxyRobin Tue 13-May-14 12:16:13

Sindy lovers should look in at the [ Sindy Museum]] and revisit the lost days of innocence!

RoxyRobin Tue 13-May-14 12:17:51

Try again -

Sindy Museum

Summerbreezing Tue 13-May-14 12:24:02

Sindy was so much nicer than Barbie. And it was much nicer just having one Sindy and making different outfits (or getting creative with tissue paper) than a selection of Disco Barbies, Bridal Barbies, Skater Barbies etc all with complete outfits.

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