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to have 125 candles in the house?

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LemonPipLimePeel Mon 12-May-14 19:35:20

tea lights, sm 50
tea lights, lg 6
emergency cooking candles, 6
tapers, 6
citronella candles for on the deck, 12
hand made candles, from Finland (made in 1950's) 12
scented candles in jars, 3
birthday candles, 30
125 in total

This is pretty standard, I think.

EduardoBarcelona Mon 12-May-14 19:37:04

is it someone VERY OLD's birthday?

DaffodilsandTruffles Mon 12-May-14 19:37:38

Shudders at massive fire risk. At 125 some must be near the curtains surely?

I have about 4. 3 of them have never been lit.

JassyRadlett Mon 12-May-14 19:38:26

I was about to ask if you'd been to IKEA recently... grin

SaucyJack Mon 12-May-14 19:38:33

Thanks for sharing that.

Unexpected Mon 12-May-14 19:39:32

I am assuming that most of these are packed away and not all burning at the same time so the fire risk is no greater than someone who has 6/7 candles burning at once.

dawndonnaagain Mon 12-May-14 19:39:37

All round to yours next time there's a power cut!

heraldgerald Mon 12-May-14 20:02:43


ikeaismylocal Mon 12-May-14 20:05:30

YANBU I have an draw dedicated to candles, this is the norm in Sweden where we live. People are obsessed by candles, they light candles on the table when my one year old has lunch at nursery.

RedRoom Mon 12-May-14 20:54:44

What SaucyJack said. Why are you counting your candles for mumsnet? confused

ShakeYourTailFeathers Mon 12-May-14 20:59:31

What's an emergency cooking candle?

DefiniteMaybe Mon 12-May-14 21:01:02

It seems excessive, I have 3 and none of them have ever been lit.

Bonsoir Mon 12-May-14 21:02:17

I have a candle cupboard to store my candles.

EatShitDerek Mon 12-May-14 21:04:00

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Dumpylump Mon 12-May-14 21:06:31

I haven't counted mine, but there is probably a similar amount in my candle drawer. Mostly tea lights and scented candles, with a few of the fat pillar ones that go in the decorative storm lanterns in our hall. I love candles!

WitchWay Mon 12-May-14 21:07:03

Are they all lit? Right now? grin

I could probably rustle up a dozen or so white candles, half a dozen Christmassy ones & about 30 tea-lights. Most are in the cupboard that contains the torches in the utility room.

LemonPipLimePeel Mon 12-May-14 22:53:12

grinNot all lit at the same time!
Usually only one at a time, unless it is outside.
I was asking because someone has recently said that I am 'well stocked', I pointed out that they are all for different things, and get used. I was just curious if it was normal amount or not.

Emergency cooking candles are ones that fit into a small stove, so that if the power is out for a while (and for some reason I run out of propane for my camp stove) I can still boil water/cook.
Most of the candles are boxed up, out of sight.

LRDtheFeministDragon Mon 12-May-14 23:00:17

It's not unreasonable to stockpile things if you have the space. I have a 200 pack of tealights because that's how they're cheapest. I don't see why anyone needs to feel ashamed of saving money. If you're rich you'd just buy them on a whim, but if not, why not fill a cupboard? There no harm in it, is there?!

GreenShadow Mon 12-May-14 23:00:27

Definitely not normal here.

We have a few basic candles for emergency power cuts and that's it.

Dextersmummy14 Mon 12-May-14 23:04:30

What I came home to last month.

LaurieFairyCake Mon 12-May-14 23:07:09

I've hundreds (obviously)

Even make my own tealights now as I use soy wax

Fram Mon 12-May-14 23:09:17

I also have a candle cupboard bonsoir.
I probably have around 100 in there, but mostly taper-type, as I like them in sand.

I haven't actually lit a candle (other than birthday cake candles) since my first child was born! blush

They're almost at an age where I can start using them again. The problem is they pull the tablecloth too much...

Fram Mon 12-May-14 23:09:48

And dexters that is awesome to behold smile

PomBearWithAnOFRS Mon 12-May-14 23:45:59

I cannot resist candles when we go to Ikea or the range or the poundshop or poundstretcher or anywhere else that sells them not so much the actual candles, but all the pretty candle lanterns and holders, and I comfort myself with the facts that they are a)cheap, and b) useful at the End of the World grin
I don't light them, that would use them up gasps in horror but I have them all over the house "just in case" grin
(All that said, if the electric bill keeps on the way it is, we will need the buggers sooner rather than later!)

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