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to apply for a full time job even though I only want part time?

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Attheendofmytether123 Mon 12-May-14 08:02:20

I already have a part time job that I am very happy with (3 days a week.) However I am currently going through a divorce and as a result need an extra day, maybe 2. I don't want to leave my current position but want to find another part time job to make up the hours. But there aren't many part time positions in my field of work in the local area. WIBU to apply for full time jobs with the hope that I will impress them enough at interview that they will be able to accomodate me in a job share role? Or is that just completely wasting the interviewer's time?

WooWooOwl Mon 12-May-14 08:05:09

It's wasting their time and unfair if you aren't honest from the start, but there's no reason you couldn't contact them and ask if they'd consider job share.

sixlive Mon 12-May-14 08:05:30

I think 2 days a week job would be really tricky. Wouldn't it best to find a full time job and ditch the 3 day a week job. I'm applying for full time jobs but want to work 30 hours not going well so far!

BerniesBurneze Mon 12-May-14 08:05:52

A waste. Phone up the recruiter in advance, impress over the phone when requesting a job share then email your cv over. They might have a similar application from another candidate.

No way would I be impressed at interviewing etc and then told you clearly never wanted to do it.

That said, no harm in interviewing if there is a chance you will be persuaded to leave your current job.

wheretoyougonow Mon 12-May-14 08:07:06

Always phone to ask this before you apply. Most people are happy to tell you whether your hours would be considered. Good luckthanks

TheDoctrineOfSnatch Mon 12-May-14 08:07:59

YANBU to apply but someone looking for a full time worker is more likely to accommodate 4 days per week than 1-2. It would probably depend on someone else in the process wanting 3 days per week.

slartybartfast Mon 12-May-14 08:10:45

go for it, what have you got to lose? unless you actually might want to work there full time?
can you some home work to make ends meet? ironing, dog walking?

barneychuckles Mon 12-May-14 08:24:38

No, if you want to work five days you need to find one full time job.

I've tried to find four days previously and it was an absolute headache. I stated upfront that I wanted four days and was invited to two interviews where they hadn't realised my intentions and were no longer interested. One of them I stated four days in my application and over the phone. confused

Normalisavariantofcrazy Mon 12-May-14 09:09:35

YABU apply if you intend on working full time or 4 days otherwise don't bother.

Tbh you'll be better off working full time and ditching the 3 day a week job

CoffeeTea103 Mon 12-May-14 09:22:04

No you're wasting everyone's time. If you get the job and then they don't want to cut the days then what will you do? Not fair, and selfish to go through with it if you know you don't want to commit.

CaulkheadUpNorth Mon 12-May-14 09:27:30

The current 3 day job - are those days flexible or not? It could be an added problem if they agree to consider a job share and you need mon, tues and the other job share person also needs mon.

BMW6 Mon 12-May-14 09:56:40


TeenageMutantNinjaTurtle Mon 12-May-14 10:00:24

I'd be seriously pissed off if someone went through the interview process and then said they weren't actually available full time.

It might also mean someone else missing out on the position if I'd chosen to interview you over someone else and then they got hired elsewhere.

You'd go on my blacklist forever...

MewlingQuim Mon 12-May-14 10:05:58

Well I have got jobs in the past where the advertised post was full time and I only wanted part time, but I was up front about it on the application and the interview.

Why not just do the full time job and quit the part time one?

Or explain your situation to your current employer and see if they can give you extra hours?

theidsalright Mon 12-May-14 10:08:47

I disagree with the others.

You are not allowed to be discriminated against yet you will be if you say you want to work part time. If you get the job on your own merit and then discuss the hours that suit you, you will be judged equally with everyone else. You may not be given the hours you wAnt but that would be the choice you make. The recruiters could then offer the job to the next most suitable person. This happens all the time in my female dominated profession.

This as I understand it, is the legally correct position but may not be the nicest thing to do.

mabelbabel Mon 12-May-14 10:20:44

I have heard of people being appointed to less than full time (eg 4 days) after interviewing well for a full time job. But I think it extremely unlikely that this would work if you asked to work only 1 or 2 days. I don't know what your circumstances are (why you are so committed to staying in your current job), but I agree with others that you would be far better off applying for jobs on the basis that you would quit your 3-day-a-week job if you find something you like. Is there any scope for taking on some extra tasks at the place where you currently work?

mabelbabel Mon 12-May-14 10:21:43

In other words, yes I think YABU, but you have other options open to you.

BrianTheMole Mon 12-May-14 10:26:12

Well yanbu to apply, I've done the same myself on several occasions and got the job. But I have always rung first and explained, and also written it on the application form.

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