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To think that despite being an outrageous narcissist

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Normalisavariantofcrazy Sun 11-May-14 12:19:51

Simon Cowell comes across as a lovely guy who It would be nice to have a pint in a pub with

DH gave me the hmm face at the mere suggestion of it

ChelsyHandy Sun 11-May-14 12:23:01

YANBU. He seems fun. Possibly one of those ones who likes to be bossed around in real life. Certainly seems to like women!

NearTheWindymill Sun 11-May-14 13:23:13

Is it fact that he suffers from narcissistic disorder - is this evidenced, diagnosed and acknowledged OP?

Alisvolatpropiis Sun 11-May-14 13:26:50

Narcissistic is a fairly common way of describing someone who is vain.

The use of the word in that context is probably more well known than the fact it is a diagnosable condition.

Yanbu op - he does appear to be quite hilariously vain but interesting too. I don't think it would be a struggle to have a conversation with him.

Theodorous Sun 11-May-14 13:29:56

Bloody hell is saying narcissistic offensive now? Surely it is not offensive but I am sure a google happy poster will correct me soon

Normalisavariantofcrazy Sun 11-May-14 13:31:38

Hold up let me just put myself through university and gain a psychiatric qualification. I'll be back in a decade...

As alis said I'm using narcissist it's it's used in common parlance and tbh I think most people, even Cowell himself, would say he's narcissistic!

Rhine Sun 11-May-14 13:48:48

He's the most obvious example of a narcissist in the public eye. I don't like him, and I don't believe the baby is his either.

Just my opinion though.

Forgettable Sun 11-May-14 14:11:29

Don't hold back now Rhine grin

I think he's alright, that blmin twinkle in his eye is v appealing prob just the botox

Alisvolatpropiis Sun 11-May-14 14:14:24

I had an outrageous crush on him about 10 years back.

Pretty weird given I would have been 15 at the time blush

I don't have a crush on him now, he's had just a little bit too much work done.

ThePriory Sun 11-May-14 14:33:41

Er... sorry YABU!

He is way too up himself, I assume most of the baby holding and good dad stuff you see in the mags is him playing up to the cameras for the sake of his reputation.... Not genuine !!

(you can still be a narcissist without suffering from narcissistic personality disorder, which is something else)

candycoatedwaterdrops Sun 11-May-14 14:36:50

I've met him in real life. He gives a lot of money to charity without making a song and dance about it.

Lorialet Sun 11-May-14 16:30:41

YANBU ~ he is a dog lover too, which is always a plus smile

Cuteypatootey Sun 11-May-14 17:56:29

Na, he would probably want to talk about himself the whole time. Also shagged his friend's wife so couldn't be trusted.

Hoppinggreen Sun 11-May-14 18:52:07

I don't actually think he " likes" women at all in a sexual way.

CountessVronsky Sun 11-May-14 21:00:21

He's contrived a schtick and it works for him. He's kind of like a wildly successful Jordan.

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