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healthy eating drive and ice-cream vans in park

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embeddedclaws Sun 11-May-14 11:19:50

In London they must spend millions on healthy eating classes, leaflets, dieticians in playgroup etc. Quite sensible for our borough looking at statistics for all age groups.

The council then let ice-cream vans have pitches in parks. No other vehicles are allowed to drive in. I don't mind vans on a different gate, I'm aware they can park freely on the street, I can quickly walk past. However I'm fucked off that in all our major parks whichever part youre in you can see the a van. Over and over one of the kids notice it again after being distracted and it hangs over th e whole visit.

It seems crap that in the only place in walking distance where young children exercise easily (mainly flats, no gardens) they make such pressure to indulge in sugar. Obviously I say no, in fact I've stopped indulging them at all otherwise my toddler doesn't understand sometimes she can or can't. However everyone hates it because it so hard to avoid, it puts you off the park altogether. I presume they pay for the right to sell in the park.

Aibu to complain more officially, or a misery? It's ever present April to September about 10ft from the play area and all the parks have little pitches next to play areas for vans. Surely they could off set lost revenue against healthy diet info provision for families, only targeting high nee families?

edamsavestheday Sun 11-May-14 11:20:58

You are a misery. Healthy eating doesn't mean treats are banned.

eurochick Sun 11-May-14 11:21:29

Really? Surely you just say no.

Joules68 Sun 11-May-14 11:22:17

Well ours also sells bottled water so is actually quite useful

They are a bit of a tradition, so good luck with complaining about them.

CogitoErgoSometimes Sun 11-May-14 11:22:42

YABU. What do you want in a park, Falafel Vans?

edamsavestheday Sun 11-May-14 11:23:33

mmmm falafel vans...

<spots gap in market, hands in notice>

Celticlassie Sun 11-May-14 11:23:54

If you keep saying no, they'll stop asking, and probably stop noticing them at all. Should every business stop selling everything you don't want your children to have?

Tinkerball Sun 11-May-14 11:24:10

A bit of a hysterical over reaction really, it's all about moderation.

MidniteScribbler Sun 11-May-14 11:24:24

Some people are determined to suck all of the fun out of life.

embeddedclaws Sun 11-May-14 11:25:33

Of course I say no, but everyone hates him. Kids get no, but daily we go to the park and it's just there within touching distance the whole time. On the street or outside school you pass quickly. I have two, three and six yr old and I'm not the only one who's Kids struggle with being so close for extended periods. In shops for example you pass sweets quickly, it's the only time you try to get them to play for ages next to treats on a daily basis. We have no garden, as don't the majority so it's hard to avoid.

Joules68 Sun 11-May-14 11:26:55

No... Not everyone hates them!

embeddedclaws Sun 11-May-14 11:26:57

I'd say the compromise is going back to the van being parked on the gate to the park, they used to be until last year, rather than on the grass running an exhaust next to the slides.

Raskova Sun 11-May-14 11:28:36

Wow! I'm almost speechless. Your poor kids. Do they never have treats???

You'd certainly give the council a right laugh.

embeddedclaws Sun 11-May-14 11:28:59

No, most businesses sell things my children don't want. Many though have chosen to be reasonable and do things like move sweets from next to the checkout. I don't see why parks are different, why build special pitches next to the swings in a park when vans can stop at the park gate an be used easily?

embeddedclaws Sun 11-May-14 11:30:28

They have treats, just no longer from this van as the youngest can't cope. Probably average about two ice-creams a week in summer. I presume that's standard-ish for non birthday weeks

Raskova Sun 11-May-14 11:31:33


So you just hate this one van? I'm confused. Why?

embeddedclaws Sun 11-May-14 11:32:13

I'm feeling less hysterical than some of the reactions on this thread! It's like watching eurovision, hearing someone voted for Sweden and surprising they hate women with facial hair...

embeddedclaws Sun 11-May-14 11:34:55

Because it's the only one actually parking 10ft from the play area, inside a park, running an exhaust that stinks, distracting kids in the middle of play in a confined area. I otherwise quite like them. I'm just annoyed that 11-6 every day of the week I get no time away from saying no I've and over.

LaurieFairyCake Sun 11-May-14 11:35:12

Every single child has grown up knowing that they can't have sweets or ice cream every day and that parents say no.

Unless they're actually dealing crack cocaine from the van and the ice cream is just a cover you're being unreasonable.

Sandthorn Sun 11-May-14 11:37:10

Misery. There is nothing inconsistent about a council taking money for an ice cream van pitch and promoting healthy eating. Children can have ice cream as part of a healthy diet... It's called moderation. You are allowed to go into the park without buying one, you know.

embeddedclaws Sun 11-May-14 11:37:52

Yep, I to had vans pull up outside the house, wait outside school, be at the park gate etc. However no vehicles were every allowed to drive into parks without exception until last year when they widen on gate in each park and put concrete parking pitches down. I thought it was a fair compromise.

Andrewofgg Sun 11-May-14 11:38:46

See the point about the exhaust and there may be an issue about the exact placing of the van - otherwise YABU. Other adults may want to buy from the van for themselves or their children. Their business.

flipchart Sun 11-May-14 11:39:59

Flipping heck! How did my kids get to being well adjusted, not particularly demanding teenagers when, as toddlers, someday si said yes to the ice cream man in the park and other days I said no!

For what it's worth I loved going tithe park in summer and getting us all an ice would be really sad if the vans where to go, they are part of happy memories.

The boys used to spend ages and ages being torn which lolly to choose!

embeddedclaws Sun 11-May-14 11:40:51

I know ibu about any other issue than the exact location, it's the exact location that bothers me. Fine if it's even elsewhere in the same park.

Raskova Sun 11-May-14 11:43:03

If it makes you feel any better, he probably pays through the roof for that location

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