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To ask this woman if something's wrong?

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MissHoolies Sat 10-May-14 20:47:55

DD moved school last year at the end of Y4, mainly because of on/off bullying. It all happened quite quickly (just before summer hols, found out about place at last minute) and I didn't have time to tell all the other parents personally.

I've kept in touch with quite a few of the mums and DD went to a whole class party for a child from the old school at the end of last year.

One of the mum's completely blanked me when I said hi. We were friendly and DD was fairly friendly with her DD, they'd had play dates and a sleepover. I was a bit confused but guessed she'd had a bad day.

I then saw her again last week and smiled at her, she completely blanked me again. I haven't been in a situation like this since I was at school myself and I feel really confused... DH says to just forget it but I want to know what I've done wrong. WIBU to call her and ask?

3littlefrogs Sat 10-May-14 20:53:53

She is annoyed because you took your DD (her DD's friend) out of school with no warning. Maybe she feels you should have given some warning, said goodbye? Perhaps her DD was upset?

skinnyamericano Sat 10-May-14 20:56:09

My guess would be that she feels that you think the old school was not good enough for your daughter, therefore setting yourself apart and above her.

I have been in a similar situation to you and had some strange reactions. Ignore!!

MissHoolies Sat 10-May-14 20:57:07

I'm not sure her DD would have been that upset, they hadn't played together for quite a while according to DD and had their own sets of friends.

She did have another couple of girls she was close to who were upset and I tried to make it as easy as possible for them all.

MrsGoslingWannabe Sat 10-May-14 21:05:12

Her problem not yours. She needs to grow up. Why are you bothered? Do you particularly want to be friends with her?

MissHoolies Sat 10-May-14 22:03:24

No, I don't want to be friends with her particularly. I just don't like the hostility, I'm not used to this kind of thing. It's bothered me.

RedRoom Sat 10-May-14 22:27:07

Ask her outright if you have done something to upset her. Otherwise, you will keep on wondering.

Nevertriedapickledegg Sun 11-May-14 16:43:23

Forget it. She doesn't mean that much to you and asking her may or may not resolve anything (she may say everything's fine and continue to blank you anyway or she may shower you with criticism - neither of which would be welcome).

You've clearly not done anything to warrant that reaction so she seems to be a hostile person that you're better off without!

Life is too short!

fubbsy Sun 11-May-14 17:00:46

You haven't done anything wrong. She is being rude to you. I agree with your dh, just ignore her.

Calling and asking her is unlikely to get a satisfactory response. Either she will pretend nothing happened or you will get an earful. Why open yourself up to her criticism?

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