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To expect my DC to share a room whilst on holiday?

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chocolatecheesecake Sat 10-May-14 18:42:27

They are 4.5 and 19 months. It's day 3 and they keep setting each other off and it's taking over an hour to get them both to sleep. We've tried settling dc2 first, putting both down together, and putting dc1 in our bed then moving her later (she woke up at midnight disoriented). Any tips? Or should we just resign ourselves to this for the rest of the hols? They're both getting incr grumpy during the day as a result...

LadyintheRadiator Sat 10-May-14 18:48:50

Sympathies. My only advice is to leave them to it and they'll go to sleep eventually. I have the same age gap and really thought this year would be more civilised (6 and 3). It wasn't. We put story CDs on in the end and let them chatter, swap beds etc until they fell asleep.

chocolatecheesecake Sat 10-May-14 18:53:00

Thanks Lady. I will keep plugging away!

Meant to post this in AIBU not style and beauty. Oops. Any ideas how to move it?

SpringItOn Sat 10-May-14 18:55:07

You are obviously very tired grin try posting in AIBU or you may get advice on what beauty regime you should have/holiday clothes you should be wearing smile

misssmapp Sat 10-May-14 18:55:34

We settle the youngest first , put the eldest in our bed and then move him when we go up. Ours are heavy sleepers though, so this is usually ok.

However, we also look for 3 bed cottages/caravans as much as possible to make holidays more enjoyable for all!!!

Sorry, thats not much help! You have my sympathies though!!

SpringItOn Sat 10-May-14 18:56:37

X-post with you!

Just click 'report' and ask MNHQ to move it. Might not do it until Monday though.

chocolatecheesecake Sat 10-May-14 19:07:53

Done! That will teach me to speed post in between sessions in the bedroom of doom smile

Both now asleep. We'll have a think about tactics for tomorrow. Hopefully tonight will be the night that they'll sleep through as well which will help us all too!

LadyintheRadiator Sat 10-May-14 19:11:09

That's not bad going, it's only just 7. When my DD was 18 months we took a travel cot and she just kept climbing out, and she was so resistant to any kind of settling e.g. back patting, cuddling, it was a hard week. She wanted to be left alone but then would bounce out of the cot straight away with this manic look in her eyes. At least now she will look at a book/chat to her toys without bothering us quite so much.

chocolatecheesecake Sat 10-May-14 19:21:40

We're in Italy so 8.20 here.

I can imagine how frustrating that must have been. DC2 hasn't tried to climb out yet, just bounces up to standing peering out like a meerkat the second DC1 makes the slightest noise. While DC1 will lie silently whilst I'm in the room settling dc2 but the second I tiptoe out she groans or whines and the cycle starts again...

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