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To have spent 52p on bottled water?

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Thisvehicleisreversing Sat 10-May-14 18:00:05

At work today with a colleague who is supposedly also a close friend. (DH's are friends/I'm her DD's godmother etc.)

I've had a croaky throat today so decided to buy a bottle of ice cold water. It cost 52p.

As I paid my colleague at the till she says "what a waste of money. No wonder you're always so skint, there's free water in the tap"

Now a bit of back story. Me and DH were invited out with colleague and her DH last night for a curry. We had to decline as it was less than a weeks notice and we are saving money for our holiday next week. She also asked me along with a friend of hers to town tonight, again with really short notice so again I said no telling her about our holiday. I have said how much I'd have loved to come but that any spare cash is being put towards our holiday spends.

I assume this is why I got the snotty comment about buying a 52p bottle of water. So was IBU to spend 52p of my money on the water or should I have saved it ready for our next night out? Or should I start distancing myself from my 'friend'?

Pipbin Sat 10-May-14 18:03:50

1) It's none of her business.
2) It's your money, and only 53p of it. The cost of a dinner or night out is much larger than 52p
3) Water is 'free' in the taps, but only if you have a cups and access to a tap. If you are out shopping for example then buying a bottle of water makes more sense unless you had the foresight to fill up a bottle from the tap at home

wheretoyougonow Sat 10-May-14 18:07:16

I think she was being petty. However, perhaps she is missing going out with you. Can you suggest a night in with a bottle and some nibbles to catch upp?

WireCat Sat 10-May-14 18:08:29

Your friend is petty. You cNt go out on 52p. I'm a bit mouthy & may have told her to do one!

WireCat Sat 10-May-14 18:08:45


ICanSeeTheSun Sat 10-May-14 18:10:35

52p is a cheep drink. But it's your money and it's nobody else's business apart from you and DH

YoureBeingASillyBilly Sat 10-May-14 18:11:02

She's taken the hump because you wouldnt go out with her and is making immature digs. I'd distance myself personally. Life's too short to waste headspace on school girl games.

justkeeponsmiling Sat 10-May-14 18:12:44

How very rude! This would really piss me off. I'm also on a really tight budget and no way could I afford a night out at the moment, but if I went out and had forgotten to bring a drink I would occasionally "splash out" on some bottled water. Grudgingly, but I would.
I would have to distance myself for a while.

ilovesooty Sat 10-May-14 18:59:38

Did you tell her you thought she was rude?

Thisvehicleisreversing Sat 10-May-14 19:02:00

I just laughed and said 52p wasn't going to break the bank. She said "no, but it all adds up"

I just kept out of her way for the rest of the shift. She'd pissed me off but I didn't want to cause a row at work.

redskyatnight Sat 10-May-14 19:23:53

I think she was rude to comment.

But tbh she was right about the "it's all adds up" comment. I have friends who claim to never have any money and don't understand why, but they but odd things right left and centre. It is very easy to think "it's only 52p" and before you know it you've spent a fortune. If I was cancelling social events with friends because I was trying to save every penny, I wouldn't be spending unncessarily on water.

elastamum Sat 10-May-14 19:30:16

She was rather rude. BUT tap water is a much better choice than bottled. It is cheaper, it is much greener, it is in some cases better quality! (my DP is a hydrologist)

So hang on to that plastic bottle, refill it from the tap and keep it in the office ...and have a good holiday smile

ThursdayLast Sat 10-May-14 19:33:00

What a twat.
Also what does she think water rates are all about?

Thisvehicleisreversing Sat 10-May-14 19:39:15

elastamum I would have tap water usually but the water at work is minging and always luke warm.

I only work short shifts so don't normally need a drink but as my throat felt scratchy I wanted cold water that I knew I wouldn't be able to get from the work tap. And the bottle is in my bag. grin

redskyatnight I'm not trying to save every penny, I just can't justify spending on 2 nights out on a weekend when we're going on holiday next week. I want as much money as possible to spoil the kids with. 52p really isn't a big deal when it's a one off.

Hissy Sat 10-May-14 20:43:32

if you have a sore throat, drinking anything iced is a bad idea.

so on that, YABU.

I spent 70p on one today, when I had a bottle of tap in my handbag... I was in a cafe, so it'd be a bit rude if the staff were actually bothered to serve me as opposed to skulking in the kitchen I left the 70p on the counter.

Your money, your choice love, the only right she'd have to comment was if you were asking her to pay for it for you...


whatever5 Sat 10-May-14 21:59:34

I can't see the problem with spending 52p on a bottle of water if it tastes nicer than the tap water. Anyway, she was really rude to comment.

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