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Job interview asked me for card details?!

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DuckyMoDuckyMoMo Sat 03-May-14 21:35:02

Is this normal? I have a interview with Thomson as a Sales Rep on Tuesday and she told me to bring my PP/Driving Licence, my NI Number and my bank card?

Any reason why I've never had this before (card bit I have been to interviews lol)

LumionaMoonsplash Sat 03-May-14 21:35:52

Its probably any easy form of ID?

DuckyMoDuckyMoMo Sat 03-May-14 21:37:05

But im bringing my Full driving licence and NI Number, she said to bring my bank details that's what through me lol

Andrewofgg Sat 03-May-14 21:37:08

I suppose to prove you are who you say you are but the card is OTT.

Picturesinthefirelight Sat 03-May-14 21:37:16

I really don't know

I've asked people to bring a bill/bank statement as proof of address or bank details to have ready to pay into.

sooperdooper Sat 03-May-14 21:37:30

I guess for ID too, I had to take my passport and something with my address on when I started my job

bdbfan Sat 03-May-14 21:37:52

possibly so you have your bank details so they can pay you.

bdbfan Sat 03-May-14 21:38:28

Sorry just seen it's an interview... looks promising then!

Picturesinthefirelight Sat 03-May-14 21:38:39

Ah - did she say bank details or bank card

Bank details is standard as it means you have all the I do needed for both ID checking (a home office requirement) & RTI payroll.

Littleturkish Sat 03-May-14 21:38:59

Credit check? I had to have one when I had a job in sales?

Or if you're successful, they set up your pay with HR?

DuckyMoDuckyMoMo Sat 03-May-14 21:40:04

But I haven't got the job yet :S and by the phone call a lot of people are being interviewed. My DS said she only asks for PP/DL and bank details if she's giving someone the job but she works for Costa haha.

I've never been asked for it before at a first interview so will be interesting to see. I guessed it wasn't for a credit check lol

DuckyMoDuckyMoMo Sat 03-May-14 21:41:02

pictures she said bank details

Picturesinthefirelight Sat 03-May-14 21:42:26

It's good practice to ask at interview as if you don't people tend to forget to bring it in & under new rules you both have to prove someone has the right to work in the UK & you can't set up payroll these days (you used to be able to enter a temporary NI number for example.

BuzzardBird Sat 03-May-14 21:42:34

Watch out, friend's DS was interviewed and asked for details this week by phone and it was a scam. Did she ask for details over phone or in person in branch?

PortofinoRevisited Sat 03-May-14 21:42:52

It's so they can PAY you.

DuckyMoDuckyMoMo Sat 03-May-14 21:43:52

well hopefully it's all on the up! I hear Thomson are rather good to work for

DuckyMoDuckyMoMo Sat 03-May-14 21:44:42

Buzzard She told me to bring them in when I had my interview.

Porto I know that but like I said I haven't been given the job yet!

WanderingAway Sat 03-May-14 21:54:13

Pay OP for what though it is only an interview?

I find this very strange. I have only been asked to bring in proof of ID such as passport or driving licence.

DuckyMoDuckyMoMo Sat 03-May-14 21:56:14

I can't find anything online about it either [hmmm]

CaffeinatedKitten Sat 03-May-14 22:36:04

Bank card could just be to verify signature?

DuckyMoDuckyMoMo Sat 03-May-14 22:59:33

She didn't ask for my card just the details have yet to sign my bank card to

If its Thomson travel agents I work for them and had to supply my bank details when I was offered the job not at interview iirc. Maybe the interviewer just getting ahead of themselves?

DuckyMoDuckyMoMo Sat 03-May-14 23:27:48

Yeah it's Thomson Travel Agents. Maybe she was! Couldn't think of any reason why she'd need them at the interview..

What was the interview like?

trixymalixy Sat 03-May-14 23:57:48

Credit check probably.

WTFlike Sun 04-May-14 00:07:29

So they didn't ask for your bank card?

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