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To expect painter to clean up a bit more

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uptheauntie Fri 02-May-14 14:58:34

Have been having lots of work done on our house and just recently moved back in. Painter was in last week taking care of some snagging bits, one of which was to resand and repaint some plaster.

I came in from work and the area was thick thick with dust. He has not bothered to put a sheet down or clean up after himself in any way shape or form. I wouldn't have expected the area to be pristine, but it was clearly just left untouched.

AIBU to have expected him to clean up a bit more? Should I mention it to the business owner?

CrohnicallyHungry Fri 02-May-14 15:07:37

When we had a plasterer in, he put a dust sheet down, wiped the skirting board with a damp cloth, and ran a handheld Hoover over the immediate area. I would expect any workman in the house to do the same, or at least offer to.

I'd mention it to the owner in a feedback rather than complaining way, something like 'he did a lovely job with the painting but left a bit of a mess behind' because it could affect his business, as people won't want to use them again it recommend to their friends.

CrohnicallyHungry Fri 02-May-14 15:08:20

or recommend

fascicle Fri 02-May-14 16:32:38

Entirely reasonable. Being tidy/respectful of clients' homes can make the difference between an unhappy/happy customer and might well influence whether or not the trades person is recommended to others.

Pobblewhohasnotoes Fri 02-May-14 16:34:05

YANBU. He should have used dust sheets and cleared up afterwards.

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