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To wonder what heroin makes you feel like...?

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Nancery Fri 02-May-14 14:11:57

As it's so risky (I presume so anyway), and physically addictive, and while some people seem to be able to use it regularly but hold it together while others unravel I wonder what it's a) appeal is and b) what you feel like on it....?
Anyone have first hand experience?

TequilaMockingbirdy Fri 02-May-14 14:14:53

If it's anything like morphine I imagine it would be lovely. But I wouldn't do it. Never.

SpringBreak Fri 02-May-14 14:16:39

you'll get better answers reading William Burroughs or even a recent Damon Albarn interview than a parenting website I think.

Nancery Fri 02-May-14 14:18:35

I've had diamorphine, now you mention it, but that made me feel spaced out and a bit nauseous more than anything.

I wouldn't try it either, and didn't think I know anyone who would, hence my question I suppose!

itiswhatitiswhatitis Fri 02-May-14 14:19:41

I believe heroine is basically street morphine. Having been given morphine I have to say I can understand why it is so very addictive. I can clearly remember the feelings of the morphine within in seconds of it starting to go in, it was a lovely, lovely feeling, no pain, just warmth and floaty sense of calm and relaxation.

RyvitaDolce Fri 02-May-14 14:20:02

I think it's a reasonable thing to wonder though. I have wondered it in the past. I'm nowhere near curious enough to try it just to find out though.

Somebody I met once years ago who had been addicted to heroin but was clean now and had been clean for years, told me that you had to work at an addiction and that it was a myth that you'd be addicted after the first hit. He said he got sick the first few times he took it. That astounded me, that people would go on taking it.

Nancery Fri 02-May-14 14:20:17

Good point SpringBreak! grin
Am holed up in the bedroom while DS naps so half Mumsnetting and half dipping in and out of other sites; hence me posting in here!

AreYouFeelingLucky Fri 02-May-14 14:20:53

I take morphine regularly. It does nothing for me - I'm always curious at the comparison!

I see where you are coming from, OP. It's hard to imagine how it could be so good that it's worth losing your family too.

EdithWeston Fri 02-May-14 14:22:08

Diamorphine is heroin.

But I suppose it might produce a different sensation when you were taking it when otherwise well than it does when prescribed it for pain.

I've had post-op strong opiates (or opioids, I don't actually know which drug it was) and remember feeling pleasantly woozy/sleepy, but I would also have still had anaesthetic drugs in my system.

BitterAndOnlySlightlyTwisted Fri 02-May-14 14:22:12

The point about taking heroin (so I understand) is that it magically takes away all feeling, both physical and emotional, and that's what makes it so attractive to those suffering pain.

Some can take it now and then but others find the effects so comforting they cannot exercise any control. The only thing stopping some is the cost of it.

notnowbernard Fri 02-May-14 14:22:14

It obliterates pain.

Which is how someone becomes addicted to it. People looking to 'fix' emotional pain will return to it again and again

But IME this is what underpins all addictions... Heroin just happens to be what some fall into

Anything that is used as a way of managing emotional pain can become addictive.

Nancery Fri 02-May-14 14:22:15

I've heard the same Ryvita about the sickness, and it surprised me but then cigarettes usually make people feel grim at first too (including myself, although I stopped 15 yrs ago!)

Amethyst24 Fri 02-May-14 14:22:28

This is interesting reading.

TequilaMockingbirdy Fri 02-May-14 14:22:39

Morphine tablets do nothing for me, intravenously it's amazing. Like floating

SpringBreak Fri 02-May-14 14:22:55

Morphine just made me puke and feel awful so perhaps heroin's "not for me". I suspect it's the same with ketamine and crystal meth.

itiswhatitiswhatitis Fri 02-May-14 14:24:02

Bitter describe it better, a complete absence of any physical or emotional feeling (morphine that is never tried heroin!)

SpringBreak Fri 02-May-14 14:24:04

that obliteration of feeling is interesting - I don't understand how it's stimulated such amazing creativity and art if that's what it does; I assumed it heightened feeling rather than obliterated.

beershuffle Fri 02-May-14 14:24:41

I had some large doses if morphine recently and it was bloody amazing. I can imagine getting addicted to that feeling rather easily.

YouTheCat Fri 02-May-14 14:24:46

I had diamorphine following a c section and it did bugger all. Didn't do much for the pain, though took the edge off, no floaty feeling - nowt.

I was on one of those stupid do-it-yourself drip things. I used it once and then asked for the drip to be taken out and for some paracetamol.

Nancery Fri 02-May-14 14:25:05

Thanks amethyst, will look now.

The idea of crystal meth seems grim to me, really dirty. Ugh.

i have taken ketamine

RyvitaDolce Fri 02-May-14 14:25:21

Nancery, I think that because PG was a mother and she presented herself as identifying as A Mother, I think it's hard to reconcile that use of heroin with being a mother, that's the bit that'll be hard for a lot of people to understand. (not in a judgemental way, just that, we all know that there are heroin users but I don't think of mothers in that group. So, it just makes you stop and wonder.) so no, yaNbu to wonder imo.

BitterAndOnlySlightlyTwisted Fri 02-May-14 14:27:11

Maybe obliteration is the wrong word and perhaps distance could be the right one. You know there's pain in the room but can't quite put your finger on precisely where. But I'm not going to try smoking any heroin to find out!

noddyholder Fri 02-May-14 14:29:35

I think the artistic thing is because it removes inhibition and self awareness and enables you to produce work without fear of what others think of it and now and again that produces a work of genius

leedsgirl231 Fri 02-May-14 14:29:47

I've always wondered this because I wonder what the addicts think when they want that hit. I heard the first hit is like a million orgasms (or just - an amazing feeling-) and they try to get those again, and they can never get that feeling back. I just want to know what it feels like to be that euphoric. but I would NEVER do it.

Nancery Fri 02-May-14 14:29:58

The link posted by Amethyst is excellent

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