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to think that if you drop a child off at their home you wait to see if they've got in the front door?

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ChaosTrulyReigns Wed 30-Apr-14 20:20:00

It's only coutreoud isn't it?

Someone was due to drop off DD3 at 7.30pm, bit decided to come apporx 30 mins earlier.

And just dropped and drive off.

We were all in the back garden so couldn't hear the door bring knocked.

Ever the resourceful one, after knocking for a while, she climbed over the dude gate and joined us. To our looks of wtaf have you just come from?


Should I say anything or leave it? Im inclined to leave it btw as am quite non confrontational. But am saddened that she could've been hanging around on the drive fir 30mins.

ChaosTrulyReigns Wed 30-Apr-14 20:20:18


Euphemia Wed 30-Apr-14 20:21:17

I want a dude gate. smile

Oh, and YANBU.

Icantstopeatinglol Wed 30-Apr-14 20:21:36

By saying 'Dd3' do you mean she is 3yrs old or your 3rd dd? Sorry just wanted to be sure.

Andrewofgg Wed 30-Apr-14 20:21:54

Never rely on this person again for your DD's safety - and well done your DD!

ExitPursuedByABear Wed 30-Apr-14 20:22:32

How old is she dude?

ChaosTrulyReigns Wed 30-Apr-14 20:22:40

Ach, missed that one Euphy. SIDE.

littlewhitebag Wed 30-Apr-14 20:22:57

How old is your DD?

ChaosTrulyReigns Wed 30-Apr-14 20:22:57

She's ten, man.

ChaosTrulyReigns Wed 30-Apr-14 20:23:36

Ooh, she's 11 now.

Yus, 3rd DD.

ChaosTrulyReigns Wed 30-Apr-14 20:24:57

I watch adult friends that I drop off, making aure they're in the door safely. But I am a perfect friend. Obvis. wink

wheresthelight Wed 30-Apr-14 20:25:09

Because she is only 10 yanbu had she been in her teens I would have a different opinion

CurlsLDN Wed 30-Apr-14 20:25:19

I'm 28 and taxi drivers still wait to make sure I get in the front door of my own building safely!

I remember my dad would always wait when we were dropping friends off. Perhaps if you don't want to speak to the other parent, you could encourage your dd3 to ask them to wait when dropping off?

BitterAndOnlySlightlyTwisted Wed 30-Apr-14 20:25:35

Some people make assumptions or Just Don't Think. These are the types of people you should keep away from your children

littlewhitebag Wed 30-Apr-14 20:26:40

At 11 i think i would probably drop and go. I would obviously be a very bad friend and be talked about on MN. grin

AgentProvocateur Wed 30-Apr-14 20:27:20

Ha ha - I was going to say YABU because she's 10! Just shows how opinions differ. It's still light, so I wouldn't expect to see a ten year old in if her parents were expecting her.

AgentProvocateur Wed 30-Apr-14 20:28:17

You and me both, littlewhitebag.

minniem Wed 30-Apr-14 20:28:44

I wait till my adult friends are in the door / waving before driving off!

SleepNBooties Wed 30-Apr-14 20:29:00

Half an hour early though... OP could have been out.

13loki Wed 30-Apr-14 20:30:36

I drove my 27 yo friend home from a works do. I watched her go in the building, then waited until she put the light on in her flat before I drove off. I would certainly expect someone to wait and see my child got in.

Sparklingbrook Wed 30-Apr-14 20:31:06

I always wait for anyone to go through the door before I drive off, adult or child. I would never forgive myself if I left them there stranded.

RedHatNoDrawers Wed 30-Apr-14 20:31:45

I wait for anyone I drop off to get in the front door, that's just polite surely?

FunkyBoldRibena Wed 30-Apr-14 20:32:15

I'd call and ask where my daughter was. Just to put the frightners up them a bit. 'Did you actually SEE her go into the house?'...that sort of thing.

IorekByrnisonsArmour Wed 30-Apr-14 20:33:15

This happened to DD, also 10!

We were also in the garden, didn't hear the knock. She came to the side gate and shouted.

I was shock i still walk her friends to the door! <old fashioned>

mathanxiety Wed 30-Apr-14 20:33:41

I would wait. It gets very cold here in winter. Wouldn't want anyone coming home to find their child frozen on the doorstep.
People the DDs babysit for, if they bring them home they ask DDs to flash the sitting room lights to indicate they're all inside and safe. DDs have their own keys and there is a spare hidden outside too. They have had keys since age 10ish.

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