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about my neighbour and her washing?

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Romy75 Wed 30-Apr-14 14:28:27

Their fence aligns my road so I can view their garden from my front windows. When the woman hangs out her washing the line is pulled extremely high so every single garment is visible from us and passers by. Thankfully no underwear in sight!

I find it an eyesore but dh thinks I am moaning about nothing. I feel embarrassed when guests visit during the summer months. It just looks horrible.

Am I being petty?

derektheladyhamster Wed 30-Apr-14 14:30:32

Oh dear, my washing is also pulled high, so all my neighbors can see my smalls.

However it does the job of drying my washing. Maybe you can offer to dry hers so she doesn't have to hang it out? grin

Perfectlypurple Wed 30-Apr-14 14:31:40

Yabu. I don't get why it's embarrassing for you.

ILoveWooly Wed 30-Apr-14 14:32:03

You are being petty tbh. She needs to dry her washing and you chose a house with a view of someone's wall/garden.

LadySybilVimes Wed 30-Apr-14 14:32:16

Yes, you are being extremely petty. It's just someone's clothes. Get a grip!

AmysTiara Wed 30-Apr-14 14:32:26

You are being extremely petty, why on earth would you be embarrassed?

CheeseandPickledOnion Wed 30-Apr-14 14:32:35

YABVU and probably need to get out a bit more.

BitterAndOnlySlightlyTwisted Wed 30-Apr-14 14:32:50

Yes, you are. I can't think of a single thing wrong with clean laundry being dried within sight.

If you find it so offensive how abut buying her a tumble-drier and paying for the leccy?

puntasticusername Wed 30-Apr-14 14:32:55

I'm with your husband. YABU.

WooWooo Wed 30-Apr-14 14:33:43

YABU and a bit pathetic

Loopyster Wed 30-Apr-14 14:33:56


YoureBeingASillyBilly Wed 30-Apr-14 14:33:57

Turn around and look at something else? Search for a grip maybe?

weatherall Wed 30-Apr-14 14:34:04


You need to get out more.

Tinkerball Wed 30-Apr-14 14:34:08

Yabu, why would you be embarrassed for goodness sake.

HecatePropylaea Wed 30-Apr-14 14:34:20

I love seeing washing blowing in the wind. I find it nice and peaceful. I don't really know why. In my mind, it's all white sheets blowing nicely in a summer meadow.

hmm clearly I live in some sort of washing powder advert grin

expatinscotland Wed 30-Apr-14 14:35:20


Tinkerball Wed 30-Apr-14 14:35:21

And how can washing hung on a line that's not in your garden look "horrible" anyway, it's just clothes drying! that you?

ForeskinHyena Wed 30-Apr-14 14:35:35

Yes yabu and petty.

Patchouli Wed 30-Apr-14 14:35:45


Romy75 Wed 30-Apr-14 14:36:07

Their garden is facing a through road.

Perhaps I am being snobbish unreasonable. I do not know why it bothers me so much.

Gileswithachainsaw Wed 30-Apr-14 14:36:36


It's washing. Not a live sex show

OnlyLovers Wed 30-Apr-14 14:36:36

YABU. Get a life.

eurochick Wed 30-Apr-14 14:36:38

Erm... WTF?

Would you combust then if you saw a bra on there, or some lacy knickers?

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