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To put the neighbour's parcel out with the bins?

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RachelWatts Thu 24-Apr-14 13:09:34

As I'm a SAHM, I usually end up taking in the neighbour's parcels for them as I'm the only person who answered the door to the delivery company.

Most of the neighbours will call round later that day or the next for their stuff.

One chap, who lives about 5 doors away, never does. It's always too big or awkward for me to take round while also carrying DS2 or pushing his pushchair, especially knowing that I might have to lug it back again.

His latest parcel is flat, about 1 foot wide and 5 feet long. He apparently paid extra for next day delivery, but obviously doesn't want it that urgently as it's been in my house over a week.

I probably won't put it out with the bins, unless it's here another week, but won't be taking in any more parcels for him.

DidoTheDodo Thu 24-Apr-14 13:16:52

Note through his door saying it's going out to the bins unless collected by x?

(I really appreciate my maternity leave NDN who takes parcels in. But then I am the owner of the joint "safe place" so it cuts both ways!)

redskyatnight Thu 24-Apr-14 13:18:02

Does he know it's at your house?

70isaLimitNotaTarget Thu 24-Apr-14 13:18:50

I'm assuming you signed for it , as he paid for the quick delivery?
And they'd have put a card through his door?

Put a note through his letterbox, "I've had your parcel since X date, can you fetch it tonight"

I think if you sign you assume some responsibility but yes, refuse any more for him.

70isaLimitNotaTarget Thu 24-Apr-14 13:20:19

Legally though it's not yours to dispose of (but unless he's in hospital or dead-in-a-ditch he should be collecting it)

MrsDe Thu 24-Apr-14 13:20:23

I would just put a note through his door asking him to collect. From then on if you're not happy about taking the parcels, then don't.

EBearhug Thu 24-Apr-14 13:20:32

Does he know it's at your house? My neighbours had a parcel of mine for a week. I hadn't had a note through the door, and they hadn't said anything. I had taken it up with the company I'd ordered it from before I found out and went to collect it.

Stinklebell Thu 24-Apr-14 13:20:39

I'd put a note through the door asking him to collect it.

He might not know it's with you.

I've had a few occasions where I've taken parcels in for neighbours or neighbours have taken parcels in for me and the delivery driver hasn't put a note through my/their door so we haven't known where the parcel is or that it's even been delivered

Sukebind Thu 24-Apr-14 13:20:40

I think just a polite but clipped note saying that the parcel is rather getting in the way and you are sure he must want it by now so please could he collect it ASAP should do it at this stage.

I once took in a parcel for a neighbour who worked away a lot. It was only small and was some business cards that he got printed for free in one of those deals you see advertised. I still don't know why as it was completely out of character but my dog actually chewed the box and damaged quite a few. I was mortified when he called to collect them... blush

pookamoo Thu 24-Apr-14 13:21:21

He might not know you've got it.

We've had three items - (lawnmower, bike, computer) left with neighbours, and NO NOTE to say where they were. It's only because our neighbours are lovely people that they have always come round to tell us they've got a parcel for us. They could easily have kept all the items or put them out with the bins without telling us.

YABU. Just knock on his door or put a note through telling him to come and get it.

Whatisaweekend Thu 24-Apr-14 13:22:05

You never know, the delivery man might have neglected to put a note through the door telling him about it.....I would put a note through his door saying "I have had your parcel in my house for x days. Please come and get it immediately." Then def refuse anymore deliveries for the piss taker!

MaxPepsi Thu 24-Apr-14 13:23:09

He may not know you have it?

I'd call round to his without the parcel, if he's in, great get him to come back and collect it. If he's not, leave a note telling him it's outside by the bins, please collect when you can.

Then, never take in anything for him again if he has form for it.

itiswhatitiswhatitis Thu 24-Apr-14 13:23:25

Our postman doesn't always leave cards to say he has left a parcel so maybe he doesn't realise. Either drop it round or stop taking in parcels, no biggie.

70isaLimitNotaTarget Thu 24-Apr-14 13:26:26

But if it's next day delivery that he's paid extra for and it's been over a week......

How could he not know. Even with no card, he's bound to have contacted the courier to check?
And find out where it is.

(He's scared of you watts ) wink

lurkerspeaks Thu 24-Apr-14 13:26:33

My kindle was delivered (yup, thanks yodel) to neighbours with no note to tell me where it was.

I had raised a dispute with amazon and actually received a second one.

On a different note another neighbour signed for my new iPhone and promptly left it outside my flat door. It was stolen. She was the subject of a police investigation as the signatory and no one could quite believe she had been so dumb as to leave so obviously valuable a parcel (it was in clear packaging) in an open stairwell when there was building work going on.

yegodsandlittlefishes Thu 24-Apr-14 13:27:33

Hm....A new neighbour I don't know took in a parcel a couple of weeks ago when we were away. I got a card saying it's at their house. Ive called roumd 5 or 6 times at various times of day/evening when there's been a car or two outside. No one has come to the door! I even left them a postcard as we were away again over the bank holiday, but have heard nothing.

I am beginning to wonder whether the postie put the wrong house number on my card. confused

So I'd say drop a note round saying you have it, maybe the courier service forgot to drop a card with him, could he collect asap as it's inconvenient having something this size waiting in the hallway.

You could always call the courier company to get them to collect it and attempt to redeliver it and not accept it back a second time.

Igggi Thu 24-Apr-14 13:28:19

I would not have assumed he knew about it.

SlimJiminy Thu 24-Apr-14 13:30:28

I don't understand why you're so peeved about this. No-one's forcing you to take his parcels. Maybe he didn't get a note. Maybe he did. YABU to take the parcel and then moan when he doesn't come and collect it especially when it's happened before

NiceAndAccurate Thu 24-Apr-14 13:41:30

I used to take in parcels for my old neighbours, normally I'd drop them off when I saw they were home. One time I took something in for a guy a few doors up on the other side of the road, so couldn't see when he got home. It was quite big, and like yours was marked urgent. It took me a couple of days, but eventually I noticed he was home and I managed to struggle with it and my (then) small child to give it to him.

He shouted at me for taking so long to get it to him. He knew I had it!

I never took parcels in for the ignorant sod again!

But yes, stick a note through his door. Just in case he doesn't know.

hmc Thu 24-Apr-14 13:44:43

shock what did you say to him NiceAndAccurate?

Purpleroxy Thu 24-Apr-14 14:20:40

You must not put it out with the rubbish if you signed for it unless you want to be paying for it!

However, I do sympathise with you and wonder why you let him take advantage like this. I used to take parcels in for at least 3 of my neighbours regularly. They took the piss along the lines you describe so now I don't answer the door to deliveries unless it's for me and they ring my bell first.

TunipTheUnconquerable Thu 24-Apr-14 14:25:37

I once paid for next day delivery because I was going away the following week, assuming that the several days margin would have been safe enough. The parcel (massive, 4 tins of paint) came 4 or 5 days late, on the day I'd gone away, so my poor neighbour had it all week in his tiny hall. He was not amused.
Maybe a situation like this - he's away and this is precisely WHY he paid for next day delivery?

ILoveCoreyHaim Thu 24-Apr-14 14:27:09

YABU just don't accept the parcel from the delivery people

Catsize Thu 24-Apr-14 15:01:08

We have also had parcels for people who have not received notes.

Forago Thu 24-Apr-14 15:07:50

I've had many parcels delivered next door and no notification to me that they were there. I work FT and the 2 women either side don't so they often take parcels for me. I am very grateful to them for this and have said so. When I worked from home (elsewhere) I took in many for my neighours. I do worry it is annoying so my personal code is - only take in for the people next door, not the whole street and collect as soon as you get home, if not too late. I would never, ever take a parcel round, the onus is on them (me) to collect.

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