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to think Alesha should leave David's button alone?

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MardyBaaLamb Tue 22-Apr-14 00:13:31

She's got her own bloody button.

And it's not funny.

EatShitDerek Tue 22-Apr-14 00:15:19

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

MardyBaaLamb Tue 22-Apr-14 00:16:52

He got his own in the end. Bit she pressed his about three times iirc.

(Just been watching on catch up)

PenguinBear Tue 22-Apr-14 00:18:00

YANBU grin I think there should be a rule about pressing other people's buttons!

EatShitDerek Tue 22-Apr-14 00:18:37

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

VonHerrBurton Tue 22-Apr-14 00:18:42

David puts SHIT acts through though, just because he thinks they're 'kooky' - they're not. They're shit.

So I guess yabu.

MardyBaaLamb Tue 22-Apr-14 00:19:53

He was rather buff, wasn't he derek. Better than Paul Daniels.

AmysTiara Tue 22-Apr-14 00:20:16

Ha ha i said the same thing. Really annoying.

MardyBaaLamb Tue 22-Apr-14 00:21:00

It's the principle though vonH.

FreudiansSlipper Tue 22-Apr-14 00:21:55

could be that it adds to the entertainment something has too

Canadian magician was amazing

EatShitDerek Tue 22-Apr-14 00:23:39

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

VonHerrBurton Tue 22-Apr-14 00:27:39

I know, I know. Its hardly serious though is it? None if them are ever going to get anywhere and its just false hope for already deluded people. They'll only be voted out and booed by the public and humiliated by Simon.....

VonHerrBurton Tue 22-Apr-14 00:30:34

EatShit TRUE enough re Rylan.... Maybe IABU smile

AlpacaYourThings Tue 22-Apr-14 00:32:59


It was really annoying to watch!

MardyBaaLamb Tue 22-Apr-14 00:34:14

Alesha is a bit like my Ds when he does a bad joke and we laugh politely. And then he repeats it ad nauseam.

MardyBaaLamb Tue 22-Apr-14 00:35:18

So far I liked the boy band in the first episode best. Also the dancing gran and the owl.

I wanted to like the singing Essex kid but thought he was a bit crap.

EatShitDerek Tue 22-Apr-14 00:37:01

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

AlpacaYourThings Tue 22-Apr-14 00:57:06

The kid from Essex was beyond awful.

It took him a about 30 fucking minutes seconds just to sing one line. Frustrating.

MardyBaaLamb Tue 22-Apr-14 19:25:20

Well I was trying to be kind to him Alpaca as he is only a kid. wink

AlpacaYourThings Tue 22-Apr-14 19:27:17

Oh right, yes of course. Sorry blush

BrokenToeOuch Tue 22-Apr-14 19:32:48

Alpaca grin grin

InspirationFailed Tue 22-Apr-14 19:34:38

How did the magician do the dove thing? I can't work it out!

BrokenToeOuch Tue 22-Apr-14 19:36:29

He was getting them out of his pockets in his massive bulky leather jacket!!

GoldenGytha Tue 22-Apr-14 19:39:06

I find it annoying when the judges press each other's buttons, but David voting that guy through was a bit much.

Hated the kid with the guitar but agree the magician was really good. How did he do that?!

MardyBaaLamb Tue 22-Apr-14 20:04:39

I noticed he took his jacket off to show his finely honed body after he'd finished the dove thing. So it must have had something to do with the birds.

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