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To wonder how the next generation will afford a house?

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Housepricewoes Mon 21-Apr-14 11:19:02

DH and I want to move to what will hopefully be our family home, in 2 years. Work commitments means we can't do it sooner but I'm stressing about how much house prices might rise in that time.

That got me thinking about how today's children will ever be able to buy a home.

I know it's a very British thing to aspire to home ownership but rightly or wrongly it is the norm.

Many of my friends and extended family have only been able to get on the property ladder with a significant hand out from the bank of mum and dad, but unless their circumstances drastically change, they are not going to be in a position to do the same for their children.

What do you think will happen about houses with the next generation?

OldMrsSaucepan Sat 03-May-14 11:47:45

It's places like this which make me think WTF is really going on here. Why do we not have scheduled developments like these with low cost permanent housing for local families, who would otherwise be priced out of their area, rather than 2nd homes for wealthy retired people.

Factor in some self build opportunities and we could start to have some real opportunities for communities to create their own solutions to meet their local housing needs.

Why aren't the government coming up with schemes like this to make it relatively simple for people to buy into? Or even long term lease. Rather than all these mass developments which serve only to line the pockets of the developers.

OldMrsSaucepan Sat 03-May-14 11:48:47

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