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To let my sick daughter sleep?

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slightlyconfused85 Tue 15-Apr-14 08:53:01

My DD 17mo has had a vomit/tummy bug and was sick a lot of yesterday. She was also very sleepy but still managed to sleep until 6.15am this morning. Since then she has dozed, managed a little drink and a piece of dry toast and grizzled. She wanted to go back to bed just after 8am so I let her, she is exhausted. My MIL has just phoned and I told her DD was poorly and asleep - she said I shouldn't be letting her sleep as I need to keep her up and tire her out for her afternoon nap? She was emphatic that I should keep a poorly toddler awake. Now, I quite like my MIL but this is not good advice is it? If I wake her up she'll just cry and fall asleep on me - right now she's asleep in her cot while I drink tea and MN!

TanteRose Tue 15-Apr-14 08:54:03

leave her to sleep - it really is the best medicine

hope she is better soon

cat88 Tue 15-Apr-14 08:56:41

Oh poor little mite and you too. I think you should let her sleep she is probably exhausted - WWYD if you were ill? Just make sure she is getting enough fluids and both of you rest while you can. Ignoring MIL ill thought out advice is all part of being a parent.

Artandco Tue 15-Apr-14 08:57:08

No leave to sleep. Your body heels itself during sleep. If she's ill she will prob want sleep on and off all day anyway

EBearhug Tue 15-Apr-14 08:57:59

Sleep, definitely.

NCISaddict Tue 15-Apr-14 08:58:52

I always worked on the principle that sleep was the best medicine. So long as she is able to be roused and is taking fluids then she should be fine. Keeping her awake would be cruel, after all, if I've had a bug all I want to do is sleep.
Perhaps gently disturb her in a little while and get her to have some more drink and then sleep again if she wants to. Look up the signs for dehydration and keep an eye out for them, otherwise be guided by her.

SparklyStone Tue 15-Apr-14 09:00:13

Sleep, she'd be so overtired by her afternoon nap she wouldn't sleep well anyway!

ChazzerChaser Tue 15-Apr-14 09:03:46

Sleep. Mine slept must of the day when he had a tummy bug.

FidgetPie Tue 15-Apr-14 09:04:17

Let her sleep - my DDs routines always took a few days to kick back in after they had been ill, regardless of when they slept etc whilst they were poorly - so don't be surprised if this happens (IMHO trying to keep her in her usual routine today a) wouldn't work and b) wouldn't guarantee her routine isn't disrupted for a few days regardless)

LittleBearPad Tue 15-Apr-14 09:06:01

Let her sleep. If that's what she wants to do. So what if the afternoon nap goes out the window today. You're doing the right thing.

TinyTear Tue 15-Apr-14 09:06:52

leave her to sleep... with tummy bugs my DD slept most of the day and night. as long as she wakes to take some fluids, she needs the rest

fluffyraggies Tue 15-Apr-14 09:08:12

Let her sleep. I would. Body heals and fights infections/virus ect. better while asleep, if energy is low.

I recon.

StrawberryMoose Tue 15-Apr-14 09:09:38

What everyone else says! Absolutely let her sleep. I hope she gets better soon.

fluffyraggies Tue 15-Apr-14 09:09:48

and ... what's the point of forcing her to be awake - so that she can sleep? confused

TheNumberfaker Tue 15-Apr-14 09:10:34

Sleep sleep sleep!

Legologgo Tue 15-Apr-14 09:11:13


anastaisia Tue 15-Apr-14 09:12:48

Sleep now, and then maybe a short walk (sling or buggy) if she seems like she is cross and tired but can't sleep later?

Musicaltheatremum Tue 15-Apr-14 09:12:49

Unanimous post on AIBU.

slightlyconfused85 Tue 15-Apr-14 09:15:37

thanks all, I thought as much. I really can't see how keeping her awake is going to help anyone - I woke her yesterday evening for a drink and all she did was yawn and cry until I put her to bed at 6.30.

She drank 6oz of very watered down milk this morning (I was in fear of sick so didn't give her all milk) and when I changed her, her nappy was wet (although not as wet as usual but she hadn't had milk before bed) so I'm not worried about dehydration yet. The next time she stirs I'll get her up and get a drink in her but I have no plans to wake her from her deep sleep.. I expect she will be fully up for her 'afternoon nap' anyway!! Poor girl she's never been this poorly, all other illnesses have been cold type things where she's not wanted to sleep a lot more than usual. She's my only child so I can feel a rising panic that she's so lethargic, but it sounds like it's normal from all your comments.

Nanny0gg Tue 15-Apr-14 09:19:39

I usually sympathise with Mothers-in-Law, but in this case, frankly, she is nuts!

Let the poor child sleep!

puntasticusername Tue 15-Apr-14 09:45:54

I'm all in favour of making efforts to keep to a healthy daily routine when kids are well, but when they're ill you have to chuck the routine far, far away and just let them do what they need to do. Sounds as if you've got it sussed, keep doing what you're doing!

Astonway Tue 15-Apr-14 10:11:20

Gr8 unanimity here - but you already knew what was best really I think!

SizzlesSit Tue 15-Apr-14 10:13:43

Sleep definitely. I always sleep when ill and can never understand toddler DS who sleeps even less than usual when ill. Hate him being ill as we're up 24hours with him!

slightlyconfused85 Tue 15-Apr-14 10:20:16

Thanks again everyone. I thought sleep was best yet it was odd to hear my MIL insist on this awake thing when she's so poorly. Also I don't sleep well when I'm ill I just get restless so I'm suprised - but she is quite a good sleeper in general.

I am a bit worried though - I went in her room at 9.45 to get her washing and she stirred so I got her up and she had two rice cakes and a drink of water. She looked at a book for 5 minutes and then said 'nap nap' so was back asleep by 10am. Is this much sleep really normal? I am trying not to worry but I'm not doing very well.

TulipOHare Tue 15-Apr-14 10:24:21

God, yes, let her sleep. MIL is wrong.

I remember last time I had a vomiting bug, all I could do was sleep in between rushes to the bathroom. Having someone try to keep me awake would've been torture.

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