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AIBU to take DC to theme park on an inset day?

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BettyFlour Mon 14-Apr-14 14:36:42

My kids have got an inset day on the Tuesday after Easter Monday and I was wondering if this was common.

I'm thinking of taking DCs somewhere like a theme park but maybe everyone has an inset day on 22 April?

LIZS Mon 14-Apr-14 14:38:30

dc not back until Wednesday and in some areas school holidays only started last Friday for 2 weeks.

BettyFlour Mon 14-Apr-14 14:40:28

Aha! Thanks for letting me know. Theme parks probably still heaving then!

Thanks Liz!

MaxsMummy2012 Mon 14-Apr-14 14:40:50

Yep we have inset on Tuesday too.

BettyFlour Mon 14-Apr-14 14:41:56

I'm so glad I asked!! Thank you!

Madcatgirl Mon 14-Apr-14 14:42:24

Most of the schools here also have an inset day that day too.

Bloodyteenagers Mon 14-Apr-14 14:46:22

None of the schools near me have an inset on that day.

Groovee Mon 14-Apr-14 14:48:06

We're back at school on the Tuesday but we have often gone to theme parks on our inservice days or election days.

BumpAndGrind Mon 14-Apr-14 14:52:04

I'm slightly obsessed by theme parks. I have an annual pass.

I make an effort to go on Bank Holiday Mondays as I find them quiet.

I think everyone thinks heaving and avoids them, the Sunday of a bank holiday is hell on earth however.

Lonecatwithkitten Mon 14-Apr-14 14:52:27

Even the private schools here have an inset day that day.

MomOfTwoGirls2 Mon 14-Apr-14 14:57:30

Some schools just got hols in Fri, so they will be still off too.

onepieceoflollipop Mon 14-Apr-14 15:01:38

That is the second week of our Easter holidays...Easter holidays vary (more so than other school holidays) quite a bit.

PatriciaHolm Mon 14-Apr-14 15:07:05

Might depend on which one really. Here in Surrey, primaries are generally back at school on Tuesday. So Chessington might not be too bad.

girlsyearapart Mon 14-Apr-14 15:16:39

My kids go to school in Richmond borough school & I work at a different school same borough.
They are at school but my work has inset.

Chessington is our nearest theme park

mum2jakie Mon 14-Apr-14 15:19:53

If you're thinking of Alton Towers, Staffordshire schools broke up last Thursday so it will still be school hols next week.

ICanSeeTheSun Mon 14-Apr-14 15:20:51

Inset days are the best days to go. As my 2dc are in diffrent schools I can't do it.

kinkyfuckery Mon 14-Apr-14 15:21:29

WE are back on the Tuesday :grin:

GoldenGytha Mon 14-Apr-14 15:47:38

Schools here go back on the 22nd April,

No In service days here.

vickibee Mon 14-Apr-14 15:54:50

We have one on 22 May as the school is a polling station, we intend to go to flamingo land. Thought it may be a bit quieter than weekends

RufusTheReindeer Mon 14-Apr-14 17:20:12

We have an inset day, senior school only, on that day

NadiaWadia Mon 14-Apr-14 17:31:55

Schools in Leicestershire only broke up on Friday, so they don't go back until Monday 28th.

blibblibs Mon 14-Apr-14 17:35:13

West Midlands here and that will be the second week of our Easter holidays.

BabyDubsEverywhere Mon 14-Apr-14 17:36:50

If you are aiming for anything midland bound I wouldn't bother - schools here are off until the 28th!

Hulababy Mon 14-Apr-14 17:37:21

No INSET attached to Easter hols here.

However - we only started Easter holidays this week and have another week to go So may not be as quiet as you would wish.

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