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to not want to entertain dd all week?

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Fuckeroo Mon 14-Apr-14 12:57:14

I work ft and have three children. I love them dearly and want them to be happy. But equally I do not want to spend every minute of my previous week of work entertaining them.

My 11yo and 2yo are happy pottering today. 10yo DD has not stopped mithering to 'do stuff' all day. I am exhausted. I am now on the sofa (on hold to the bank so still doing stuff) and she is having a strop because I said I don't have anything planned for her.

Help me.

Being at work is so much easier than this...

Fuckeroo Mon 14-Apr-14 12:58:43

Precious week off work.

I hate my phone.

ssd Mon 14-Apr-14 12:59:59

jesus fucking wept

here have my first biscuit

JenBehavingBadly Mon 14-Apr-14 13:03:14

I feel your pain. I work full time and find it really hard work entertaining the children in the holidays. Although holiday is a misnomer as there's no break about it!!

CloverHeart Mon 14-Apr-14 13:04:48

Welcome to having children? What did you expect?

Bonkerz Mon 14-Apr-14 13:05:17

I really don't like holidays at all. I'm a childminder so my kids have lots to do in the home and we have been out all morning at park and still dd age 8 moaned because I told her to go find something to do whilst small ones have their nap.

Pigletin Mon 14-Apr-14 13:05:34

Having a bad day ssd??

RunnerBeen Mon 14-Apr-14 13:05:59

I've been over the moon to have a whole week off work, DS off school and money to go and "do stuff" with him all at the same time. I love veing oyt and about though and am bot used to having no limits to what we can get up to so it is a novelty.

Can you think up something you'll both enjoy so it's not a chore for you? Even going for a walk or out for some cake will keep her happy without too much effort on your part.

As much as it's not what i would want from a week off, i can appreciate you wanting to do very little and have a rest too.

gamerchick Mon 14-Apr-14 13:06:44

What is it these days about having to entertain them? I don't remember being entertained by my parents.. We just played out.

I'm sure a few chores could be rustled up for the oh bored one wink

RunnerBeen Mon 14-Apr-14 13:07:00

Apologies for typos. Stupid phone.

ikeaismylocal Mon 14-Apr-14 13:07:04

Do you have trips out planned for each day? If you tell her the schedule for the week she might be less anxious to "do stuff"

From your post it sounds like your staying in the house all day today, that's a bit unreasonable when you have kids.

FriedFishAndBread Mon 14-Apr-14 13:08:04

This is why you should not take full weeks off work during the holidays!

I take Mondays and Fridays off so I still get to go to work for the three days in the middle. Keeps me sane!

And I always have the first day back off when they go back to school after the six weeks holiday.

ssd Mon 14-Apr-14 13:08:18

no pigletin, just cant be arsed with ft mothers who cant spend time with their kids

hotcrosshunny Mon 14-Apr-14 13:09:01

Staying in all day is boring for children. I work 4 days and have the week off to spend with my two. I make sure we are doing something every day! Even if it is in the garden or the park. Anything.

Longtalljosie Mon 14-Apr-14 13:09:28

Well yes - being at work is easier. What were you expecting, to put them in a cupboard? Next time, arrange some sort of holiday club / activity so you can get one day to yourself

WorraLiberty Mon 14-Apr-14 13:09:34

Exactly what gamerchick said

I don't understand why kids have to be 'entertained' at all.

FrigginRexManningDay Mon 14-Apr-14 13:13:58

Why is it unreasonable to stay at home ikea?

I have no money, no petrol and four children on holidays. They have play things in the back garden. Nothing more I can do.

elQuintoConyo Mon 14-Apr-14 13:16:20

Eh? OP are you for real?

She'd obviously love to play with her mum, especially 1-2-1 as your other dc are occupying themselves.


SecretWitch Mon 14-Apr-14 13:18:53

When one of my older children utters the B(bored) word in our home, they get put on 'Cinderella' duty. This might involve scrubbing the toilets, stacking wood in the basement or cleaning the fridge/ microwave. We have a good supply of books, board games, art supplies and gardening tools. A ten year old is capable of entertaining herself.

JohnBarleycorn Mon 14-Apr-14 13:20:32

Horrible. Children need to get out and about a bit I find, and then they can potter at home. We do something every day and have some time at home every day too. It doesn't have to be pricey ... We have been to a couple of different parks, met up with friends, had a picnic etc then when we come home we have some down time but everyone feels they've been entertained for part of the day. It really isn't a holiday, it is time to do something with your children. If you really don't want to then maybe find some activities to book them into and pay for that.

Fuckeroo Mon 14-Apr-14 13:21:37

I've been doing stuff with her all morning, and all weekend. I'm having a ten minute sit down. She is moaning that she's bored.

I am not looking forward to a week of this. We do have days out planned. But equally I need to sort some stuff out with the house and have a bloody rest.

I am having a wahwahwah, is all.

Sirzy Mon 14-Apr-14 13:21:57

I think its nice to plan some things for during the holidays (even if just a trip to the park or baking some cakes) but I certainly wouldn't be entertaining all day. Children are more than capable of entertaining themselves for a few hours and if they get too bored they can always help with jobs around the house!

redskyatnight Mon 14-Apr-14 13:22:47

I'd love to have a week off work (can't take leave) to I think YABU. You don't have to entertain them (especialy the 10 year old) all day anyway. I usually find that planning something for some of the time, means they are happy to amuse themselves for the rest.

gamerchick Mon 14-Apr-14 13:23:30

No good comes of allowing kids to develop a low boredom threshold. It does them good to be bored in occasion.

Trips out each day? Sod that.. If I have to do 2 1/2 hours tomorrow travelling the metro system because the boy loves trains then today is in the house day. No need to do 'stuff' every day.

TantrumsAndBalloons Mon 14-Apr-14 13:23:30

I'm not "entertaining" anyone on my week off.

Dd is at a revision class, ds1 is in Camden market with his friends and ds2 has been to the park and is now playing ps3

I have done 3 lots of washing, been to the gym and I am doing some work for uni, allegedly.

It is only FT working parents that piss you off ssd cos I know plenty of part time workers and SAHP who get pissed off during the holidays with bored children.

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