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To be pissed off regarding sale of item?

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CrohnicallyChanging Mon 14-Apr-14 12:35:41

My local sure start has been selling some children's items to raise funds for the centre. I offered to buy something via Facebook, and was arranging a time to come and collect it- they said Tuesday and gave me a range of times. The conversation happened on Saturday, and as I was on holiday and didn't have my diary on me, I asked if I could let them know when I got home on Sunday what time I would be collecting.

They said that was fine, so yesterday (Sunday) evening I sent a message stating the time I would be collecting, to get the response 'sorry, it has been sold to someone else, subject to them collecting it, as we hadn't heard from you'

AIBU to be really pissed off at this, I told them I would send a message in Sunday to confirm the time, so couldn't they have waited till sunday was actually over before selling it to somebody else? Perhaps told the other buyer 'if we don't hear from the original lady then we'll contact you on Monday' which is what I have done when selling things via gumtree or similar.

I mean- the sure start wasn't even open Sunday or Monday else I would have collected it then, so it's not like they have got rid of it any sooner, they will still have to wait for Tuesday before it will be collected. I've half a mind to just turn up for it tomorrow as planned!

Feminine Mon 14-Apr-14 16:37:44

I'd be a bit pissed.

but that is the way things work unfortunately.

Don't waste another thought on it. smile

Oh, and please don't go there!

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