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To ask him not to call me 'angel'

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JackyDanny Sun 13-Apr-14 23:19:55

Just that really.
My boyfriend of 9 months keeps calling me 'angel'
I have never liked it but this eve as we were signing off, he messaged 'good night angel' I replied 'I prefer you call me jacky, goodnight'

Feel like I may be.
Especially as he has been doing it for 9 months.

TheDoctrineOfSnatch Sun 13-Apr-14 23:22:00

YANBU though maybe there was a better medium than SMS for it.

Someone called me princess once. I never snogged him again grin

Casmama Sun 13-Apr-14 23:22:45

The unreasonable bit was waiting 9 months to tell him! He probably thinks you like it. You've told him now so hopefully he'll realise you're serious.

ladymariner Sun 13-Apr-14 23:37:33

Why would you wait 9 months before telling him? Yes, YABU

cozietoesie Sun 13-Apr-14 23:42:05

One of my former acquaintances used to call all of his girlfriends by the same pet name on the (I think unconscious) principle that it would lessen the chance of a slip-up. He did seem to have rather a lot of them.

JackyDanny Mon 14-Apr-14 00:15:15

I was besotted initially and though I cringed inwardly I thought could handle it.

It's the biggest misnomer going.

JackyDanny Mon 14-Apr-14 00:17:43

And what you said cozie.
He has a couple of ex wives, string of children and step.
It's that blanket nick name.

Blondeshavemorefun Mon 14-Apr-14 00:18:28

Should have told him months ago

Dp when I met him used to call me luv

Absolutely hate luv from anyone so told him

Now calls me darling or blondes

WorraLiberty Mon 14-Apr-14 00:22:15

In that case shouldn't you be asking "AIBU to not want my boyfriend to call me the same name as he calls his couple of ex wives, his string of children and his step children?"

If I chose to get involved with him, I would seriously have mentioned this 9 months ago, if it bugged me.

Either way YANBU because I can't really see how you could possibly be unreasonable if you don't like the nick name.

BOFster Mon 14-Apr-14 00:25:11

It sounds like you don't like him much (and from what you've said, I don't blame you)- what's the point?

JackyDanny Mon 14-Apr-14 00:26:12

Sorry, didn't explain that clearly.

I may be the only angel? Don't know...but he does have a bit of a reputation (consistent with Cozies theory)

cozietoesie Mon 14-Apr-14 00:26:36

It's also, possibly, a sign of how people think of others - as ciphers, almost. (Wasn't there an old comedy sketch about a guy with a Ford Cortina which had 'Kevin' in white lettering on the windscreen above the driver and 'The Bird' (or something similar) above the passenger seat?) As if anyone could be slotted into the position.

I haven't thought this through properly but I do believe that I'd like to be called by my own name rather than some general thing even if that latter comes easily.

JackyDanny Mon 14-Apr-14 00:27:56

Maybe I've had enough of the relationship.
It isn't going anywhere.

CheesyBadger Mon 14-Apr-14 00:31:41

My friend calls me Goddess! Very embarrassing in front of people as I feel like they look at me with a 'why would he call her that?' Look on their faces

He's an old bearded hippy!

partialderivative Mon 14-Apr-14 04:46:46

"Don't let me hear you say life's
taking you nowhere,

I bet you wouldn't mind so much if it was David Bowie calling you that.


Golden Years

withextradinosaurs Mon 14-Apr-14 07:11:05

Yanbu. I hated being called "honey" for similar reasons.

AwfulMaureen Mon 14-Apr-14 07:33:33

My Dh calls me beautiful and I have to say that it makes me go confused because I'm not really very beautiful....but he thinks I am so I let him. Maybe your boyfriend sees you as an angel? Are you angelic?

RedRoom Mon 14-Apr-14 10:57:18

Angel is alright. It's 'treacle' and 'sweedart' that I can't stand. Makes me think of 60 year old Cockney jellied eel sellers.

drnoitall Mon 14-Apr-14 11:11:28

I don't like angel. Reminds me of dead people.
Just tell him, or stop responding to it.

Ludways Mon 14-Apr-14 11:16:00

An ex of mine started the relationship calling me "our lass", that ended very quickly, he said his exes had liked it but her preferred my not putting up with it, he said he liked me not being his property. I should've seen him for what he was and ended it right then, would've saved me a few years of crap.

Thetallesttower Mon 14-Apr-14 11:43:50

I call my dd 8 'angel' because she says it makes her feel special when I do, so I've carried on. Not sure what will be the appropriate age to stop!

silkknickers Mon 14-Apr-14 11:55:04

My xh used to call me Darling, then Little Darling, then Little D and finally progressed on to humming 'Little D' as a warning when I was starting to annoy him.
I divorced the controlling dick of a man.

TwoAndTwoEqualsChaos Mon 14-Apr-14 13:33:25

My Brother used to call me "Dear" on the phone, especially when avoiding answering a too pointed question and usually in a whiny, patronising voice. I brushed it off a few times but, when I was very annoyed with him, I let rip and told him how patronising, inappropriate and downright irritating I found it. The only time he has done it since, he back-tracked of his own accord very quickly ....

DenzelWashington Mon 14-Apr-14 13:46:22

DH calls me 'bab' to wind me up. It works.

Just tell him very seriously you really really don't like it, could he pick another endearment.

TwoAndTwoEqualsChaos Mon 14-Apr-14 14:09:56

I grew up in the part of the world where "Duck" is an endearment, but my Parents weren't local. Apparently, I came home indignant one day saying "Lady at Playschool called me "Duck". Me not "Duck", me "TwoAndTwo"!!".

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