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Or bloody stupid?

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Forgettable Sat 12-Apr-14 21:06:49


And if you fancy super clean and plain, switch to MN Classic (you have to visit MN Desktop to do the change, save change and switch back) but shhhh don't tell Tech cos he prefers us to use MN New teee heeee

Hobby2014 Sat 12-Apr-14 21:00:09

Oh my gosh, on the mobile site you can see photos! I always have to imagine what I think is there and try to figure the thread out. I am so dumb
And when you post you can scroll up! Not try to remember if it was DH or DP or DS or DD or whatever, forget, so copy your message, delete it before you post, read again, go back and paste and post.
Annnnnnd at the bottom it shows you how to make a clicks link. I might cry. I have been missing out. I feel in the loop now. grin

Forgettable Sat 12-Apr-14 20:48:07

Ach no shame in being lost and asking for directions

Welcome and get stuck in!

Ps app is crap, use MN Mobile Site

fatedtopretend Sat 12-Apr-14 20:45:43

It took me about a year to find!

Come out of your hidey hole grin

Hobby2014 Sat 12-Apr-14 20:43:26


Hobby2014 Sat 12-Apr-14 20:43:06

Can I just say, I have bring trying to find it since I joined and have only now been brave enough to ask. Wtaf is wrong with me?
Now I know where it is, I bet I never have anything to say in it!
Thanks everyone.. I'm going to hide in shame blush.

ilovepowerhoop Sat 12-Apr-14 20:40:22

its under 'fun and games'

Nomama Sat 12-Apr-14 20:39:54

There you go, smile

fatedtopretend Sat 12-Apr-14 20:39:46

It's at the bottom of fun and games as _chat smile

Chopsypie Sat 12-Apr-14 20:39:43

Go to home. Then topics, fun and games and it's hiding at the bottom

Hobby2014 Sat 12-Apr-14 20:39:03

Where is chat? How do I post in it? I'm on the app. I see other people post in chat, and I can't find it. Does it exist? Am I going mad..? sad

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