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WIBU to report this take away

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DDDDDORA Sat 12-Apr-14 18:36:47

to the food standard agency? I ordered an indian take away tonight, I ordered chicken as my meat. When it arrived the meat was pork!
The take away that I ordered from doesn't have pork on there menu and it is advertised as Halal.
Would I be unreasonable to report it?

WorraLiberty Sat 12-Apr-14 18:39:57

What are your concerns?

I mean in what way do you think it might be unreasonable to report them?

AmberLeaf Sat 12-Apr-14 18:40:04

Are you sure it was pork?

If a take away advertises as being halal with no pork on the menu, I would imagine they would be averse to handling pork for their own reasons, so would be surprised at them serving pork.

Did you keep the food?

WorraLiberty Sat 12-Apr-14 18:42:29

That's a good point Amberleaf

Perhaps it was just very crap quality chicken?

Marcipex Sat 12-Apr-14 18:44:06

Could it be rabbit?

gamerchick Sat 12-Apr-14 18:46:17

I very much doubt that it was pork if it was from an Indian takeaway.

LettertoHermioneGranger Sat 12-Apr-14 18:47:43

I'm very confused why there would be pork in their kitchen whatsoever, if they're advertising that way, I would assume they would not handle pork as per their beliefs.

You can report it if you truly think it was pork, that just seems so bizarre. You're sure it wasn't poor quality or poorly cooked chicken? Or another meat?

DDDDDORA Sat 12-Apr-14 18:48:36

It was pork, I can't stand the taste of pork even the indian spices couldn't hide that taste.
I have kept the food, I figured I would need proof.

Worra - DH wants to leave it and just not order from there again but a part of me thinks what if I was muslim, I would have eaten something that I couldn't.

turkeyboots Sat 12-Apr-14 18:52:23

That's a mis description of products and your local Trading Standards may be interested. Food standards only get involved if the food makes you ill.

Marcipex Sat 12-Apr-14 18:52:56

Long pig? grin

Coconutty Sat 12-Apr-14 19:00:32

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Hissy Sat 12-Apr-14 20:25:57

Phone the takeaway and complain, get them to sort it out fgs! Why post on here? What's that going to achieve?

And fwiw, if a Muslim eats pork served to them without his knowledge they are absolved of the 'sin' as god knows their intention.

You aren't a Muslim, so your point is totally irrelevant tbh.

Hoppinggreen Sat 12-Apr-14 20:32:38

The only way to be sure it's pork is to have it analysed.
It might really look and taste like it but you can't be sure. I would be amazed if the takeaway did this on purpose, they wouldn't want to handle pork themselves - plus pork is no cheaper than chicken so there's no point.
Takeaways have been caught round here substituting beef for lamb but there is a big cost difference

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