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to think that if Justine can be hacked, it can happen to us all? :(

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EverythingIsAwesome Fri 11-Apr-14 18:22:20

I am a bit worried now. Thinking about changing my passwords for everything.

TheOneWithTheHair Fri 11-Apr-14 18:22:47

I agree.

Groovee Fri 11-Apr-14 18:23:31

I wonder if its a ploy after the heartbleed thingy that was in the news yesterday.

SouthernComforts Fri 11-Apr-14 18:23:45


gordyslovesheep Fri 11-Apr-14 18:23:46

we have no idea if she was hacked do we?

but no, obviously YANBU, of course it can happen to anyone

SouthernComforts Fri 11-Apr-14 18:23:59

What was

SouthernComforts Fri 11-Apr-14 18:24:31

Bloody phone! What was the deletion message?

AllThatGlistens Fri 11-Apr-14 18:25:07

There was no deletion msg. Nothing at all.

Goblinchild Fri 11-Apr-14 18:25:18

Or MNTowers have some random children trashing the office because it's the holidays, and one thought that it would be funny to post?

Rinoachicken Fri 11-Apr-14 18:25:34

But if they haven't updated their security thingy with the patch then changing your password is pointless as that would be visible too

JohnFarleysRuskin Fri 11-Apr-14 18:25:54

Why Stewart lee though? Why?

EverythingIsAwesome Fri 11-Apr-14 18:26:15

In that case, kids can get into our MN accounts & post batshit crazy stuff! grin

EverythingIsAwesome Fri 11-Apr-14 18:26:52

Rino, do we all need to update with a patch or is it just site owners?

meditrina Fri 11-Apr-14 18:26:52

This is what Tech had to say about Heartbleed yesterday

Custardo Fri 11-Apr-14 18:26:57

you are being unreasonable
who gives a shit

hack me you fuckers - do i care?

umm no

NeverBeenMissed Fri 11-Apr-14 18:27:25

<hopes it was stewart lee at justine's house and up to a bit of no goodery>

RebeccaMumsnet (MNHQ) Fri 11-Apr-14 18:27:42

New thread here

Please try not to worry, we are working on it now.

Rinoachicken Fri 11-Apr-14 18:28:05

The site owners I think

JohnFarleysRuskin Fri 11-Apr-14 18:28:15

So do I. Stewart lee I love you.

Ohwhatfuckeryisthis Fri 11-Apr-14 18:28:41

Never trusted Lee. <shifty look at SL> no I luffs him
Just weird.

EverythingIsAwesome Fri 11-Apr-14 18:28:47

Thanks Rebecca.

RafaIsTheKingOfClay Fri 11-Apr-14 18:28:58

I thought they had updated it. This thread seems to say they had.

Not sure if this hacking is to do with heartbleed or something else.

EverythingIsAwesome Fri 11-Apr-14 18:29:38

Ok, so it was hacking after all. Hope tech manage to sort it all out quickly!

EverythingIsAwesome Fri 11-Apr-14 19:55:56

I am rather worried that I keep getting logged out & losing my mumsnet settings [shock} anyone else getting this?

HappyMummyOfOne Fri 11-Apr-14 20:12:51

Me too, everytime i come off the page i get asked to log in again. Only been doing it since i read the thread that was deleted.

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