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To start a thread about brilliant partners

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sheriffofnottingham Thu 10-Apr-14 13:23:53

I read MN a lot and (understandably, because it's a forum where people can have a good old moan) there's thread after thread about a partner being awful / unsupportive / generally dickish (I am sorry if you have one of those). AIBU to just stop for a minute and ask you to post 1 thing that makes yours brilliant and is just one of the reasons you love them?

I'll kick us off... DP is awsome because I hurt my shoulder at the weekend and on tuesday it was still hurting so he set up Game of Thrones on the tv in the bedroom brought me tea paracetamol and ibuprofen and then massaged it until his hands hurt.

Over to you Let's get some love in the room!

trikken Thu 10-Apr-14 13:27:24

My dh is brilliant as he knows just what to do to cheer me up when I'm feeling down. Helps me with the kids and is an ace cook which we take turns with when he's not at work.

DrewsWife Thu 10-Apr-14 13:28:40

I married mine last year. My daughter moved out and I have been fighting depression. We are currently trying for a baby with no luck so far.

Every morning he gets up and makes me a coffee. He is patient, calm and all mine. grin

badidea Thu 10-Apr-14 13:29:30

My DH is brilliant as he's just booked me a 90 minute massage and has timed it so that it is when he takes both boys to his parents, which means I don't need to see the inlaws this month (we do monthly visits) and I get a massage to boot - he's a star :-)

trikken Thu 10-Apr-14 13:30:03

Plus a package has just arrived and I know its 'Frozen' in 3D he has secretly ordered. grin

Lyllie Thu 10-Apr-14 13:31:20

Nice thread smile Very reasonable!

My husband is brilliant because just a few months ago he was strong and fit and healthy then he got a mystery illness that has left him permanently disabled and in and out of hospital. But despite that he is still him smiley, chirpy, funny and amazing self.

morethanpotatoprints Thu 10-Apr-14 13:32:05

I love my dh as much today as when we first met and he makes my life complete.
I couldn't imagine being without him now, he's like my right hand.
He makes me laugh, is entertaining, honest, trust worthy, sincere, interesting, fun, doesn't take life too seriously, is a fantastic husband and dad. Everything I could ever want in a man.

Ilovexmastime Thu 10-Apr-14 13:35:14

My DH is great because when I'm on my way home from playing in my team at the weekend he runs me a bath and sticks the kettle on ready for when I get back. Then he leaves me in peace (which is more than I can say for the kids!) to soak my old muscles for at least an hour.

CoffeeTea103 Thu 10-Apr-14 13:35:35

My DH is kind, respectful, always puts me first and loves my family! He's always so considerate and makes me so happy. I'm truly grateful every single day for him.
There couldn't have been a better man to cross my path. Now I feel so mushy smile

nyldn Thu 10-Apr-14 13:35:56

my dp wakes me up with a back rub/massage every morning. it's lovely and so is he!

WilsonFrickett Thu 10-Apr-14 13:37:01

Mine is actually driving me nuts at the minute! But I know it's a phase and to do with work. I know we'll come through it. I know he's not planning on leaving me, or me him - it's a blip. I know you asked for positive stories but I have never had that level of security in my life (not even from my parents sad) and I'm very secure in myself now because I have that.

Wendydog Thu 10-Apr-14 13:46:51

My dp is my best friend and equal partner. He takes joint interest and responsibility with our DC even though I'm a SAHM, he doesn't leave it all up to me, like some of my friends partners do. We have the same SOH and he me makes me laugh every day. There is 100% trust and security in our relationship and he makes me feel lucky every single day.

unicornpoop Thu 10-Apr-14 13:47:57

I was thinking the same thing the other day OP grin YANBU

I love my DP because he is so understanding and caring. I never thought I would sometimes end up being the less mature or more unreasonable one in a relationship until I met him. I have always been the one to pick up the pieces, fix things, be the bigger person etc until now. Plus, hes a brilliant cook smile

KissesBreakingWave Thu 10-Apr-14 13:48:18

She's lovely, sweet, graceful, has an AWESOME sense of fun and her adoration fixes me with a sense of responsibility - to live up to it, if nothing else - that FORCES me to walk tall. Lesser women are to die for. She is to live for.

(Glad of MN anonymity: such soppiness would see my RL hard-man image in TATTERS.)

WhateverLover Thu 10-Apr-14 13:50:00

My DP is a fantastic cook grin

t3rr3gl35 Thu 10-Apr-14 13:50:25

Mine is happy to put up with me and T3kitty. He makes me feel safe and loved for just who I am. i don't have to "be" anybody or anything for him. Me is enough.

Theas18 Thu 10-Apr-14 13:53:05

DH bought me flowers and chocs for Valentines.... soppy rubbish LOL the really devoted thing was I also came home after a Hell of a long day that day (he'd been at work too) and he'd hand washed all my Hand knit socks. That is true love smile

Oh and on Monday he's driving 90 mins each way to take my mother to hospital and possibly Dad sitting as well.

saintsalive Thu 10-Apr-14 13:53:06

My DH is brilliant because he willingly works very long hours. Very long.

applepearorangebear Thu 10-Apr-14 13:53:21

My DH is fab because he keeps telling me endlessly that I am beautiful even though I am 8.5 months pregnant and look like a hippo! And he's also funny, kind, a great cook, a great dad and a truly magnificent dancer grin

Fathertedfan Thu 10-Apr-14 13:56:01

A big vote of thanks for my DH. Been married for well over 25 years. He is consistently kind and even tempered. He's a brilliant dad for our grown up children and indulges my love for my horse - getting involved and helping with all the horse jobs. I'm so very lucky to have him.

TheKnightsThatSayNee Thu 10-Apr-14 13:56:49

My dp is awesome because he has been coming home from work and looking after me because I'm pregnant and ill. He's making food getting drinks and putting our little girl to bed. It's not a lot but it makes me happy to know I can relax as soon as he gets home.

weeredcar Thu 10-Apr-14 13:58:13

My OH is the best man I've met - he's got a fantastic sense of humour - knows how to make me laugh (and snort!). He'll do anything to help someone out and is generally just a nice guy.

He's loving, caring generous and fantastic in bed ;)

I'm a very lucky girl to have him (and I tell him this!)

AboveTheOxbow Thu 10-Apr-14 14:03:23

DH is still the sharpest, funniest person I have ever met and I find sharp funny men extremely sexy. He is also just about the kindest- which counts for a lot.

His present buying skills are bad to the point of being hilariously bad (salad spinner? novelty onesie?) and he makes me watch terrible 1970's science fiction films. But he makes up for it in his excellent conversation about interesting things (last night it was an hour on intersectionality which was surprisingly invigourating) and his understanding that, while it's good to talk, there is virtue in companionable silence smile

skinnyflatwhitetogo Thu 10-Apr-14 14:07:37

MY DP is fab. He cooks and cleans more than I do (I'm not lazy he just loves it...and yes, I know how lucky I am) and since I went back to work after mat leave he has taken on 50% of the childcare without any issues. He is just the best dad ever. I've been going through hideous work stress recently and he has been unstintingly supportive. It wasn't always like this. We used to argue a lot and so before we had our DS I asked him to go to counselling with me. He refused at first but then relented and really engaged in the process. We now have a much better relationship and work really well as a team. I am very grateful that he stepped massively out of his comfort zone for our relationship.
disclaimer: he farts in bed, is a bit anally retentive and obsessed with lists in a bad way.

specialsubject Thu 10-Apr-14 14:07:46

what a great idea!

he is (in no particular order and among other things) clever, interesting, funny, respectful, (as I hope am I) well-read, well-informed, not fussed about clothes, only slightly interested in football, very good at fixing things and gardening, affectionate and lots of other things which are my business not yours. smile

and we shared years of the adventure of a lifetime. His health is not 100% although hoping for better times again.

the wonderful men are out there. But this one is taken.

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