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AIBU to worry so much about my mum's visa?

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MrsJughead Wed 09-Apr-14 21:24:55

My mum's not British and she has to get a visitor visa whenever she comes to see me.

We've never had a problem so far and it's all been fairly straightforward. Most of her visits have been less than 2 months, never more than twice a year and she's paid for her own trips. She's never overstayed, used public funds or done anything alarming.

It's easy for her to visit me for a couple of months at a time since she is self-employed in her home country and she manages to come see me during non-busy times.

She came over to see me this March and the plan was that she would stay for a couple of weeks (we had a special occasion in the family) and then leave. This is what was stated on her visa application as well. She is currently here on a six-month multiple entry visa.

Unfortunately, things have changed drastically for me these past few weeks and I really want her to stay until it's all sorted out. I've had to move cities, my personal life is a mess and I'm having problems at work too. sad I reckon this will take until the end of June to sort out and I want my mum to stay with me until then. She's happy to do that, but we are only concerned about whether this is acceptable on a visitor visa?

Her visa is valid until August so she won't be overstaying, but this will be the longest she has ever stayed with me at a go (4 months).

Given the fact that it is a long period of time and that she had originally said that she was coming over for 2-3 weeks, I am worried about the repercussions in terms of her future visa applications.

I don't want us to give out the impression that she is using a visitor visa to live in the UK because that honestly isn't the case.

if anyone else has ever been in a similar position with their parents/relatives visiting or if anyone has any experience with this whatsoever, please drop me a line and let me know your thoughts.

I've been told IABU to over-think this, but I'm worried about the next time she applies for a visa.

AnneElliott Wed 09-Apr-14 21:27:58

It shouldn't be an issue as long as she doesn't overstay. I used to work for UKBA and I would not have seen a problem with this. Your plans have changed and that's fair enough. As long as she has money enough to support herself then there's no problem.

MrsJughead Wed 09-Apr-14 21:33:46

Yes, she always funds her own trips. Since she stays with me in my house there is no cost for accommodation etc. and I earn enough to feed an extra person!

I know that she is allowed 6 months every year on a visitor visa, but she will use up her 4 months on this trip itself.

Will this cause an issue when she renews her visa in September? She will of course, explain why her last trip was for 4 months instead of three weeks on the application. But would the immigration authorities refuse to re-issue a visa for the remainder of the year because she has already stayed for 4 months?

MrsJughead Wed 09-Apr-14 21:44:02


MrsJughead Wed 09-Apr-14 21:49:43

Should add here that my mum visits because I don't get much time off to be able to make the trip to where she is

MrsJughead Wed 09-Apr-14 21:54:50

The UKBA website states that people should not "live in the UK for extended periods through frequent or successive visits". and this is why I am concerned that we might be misunderstood.

Suefla62 Wed 09-Apr-14 22:02:53

Haven't you posted about this 3 or 4 times already? Didn't you get the answers you wanted before?

PosyFossilsShoes Wed 09-Apr-14 22:08:44

You have a message.

MrsJughead Wed 09-Apr-14 22:36:02

Thanks for your message! I have replied.

MrsJughead Wed 09-Apr-14 22:53:13

No, I haven't posted about this 3-4 times already confused

HauntedNoddyCar Wed 09-Apr-14 22:58:36

Gosh you have exactly the same situation as someone else.

Search for it, because they got an answer.

gordyslovesheep Wed 09-Apr-14 23:02:29

I thought exactly the same as suefla62 we've had this exact same thread at least twice recently

are you new OP or did you name change - seems odd

hope some one can answer x

MrsJughead Wed 09-Apr-14 23:06:02

I'm not sure I like this about mumsnet- is this about playing detective and trying to figure out who's who or about answering someone's question?

Any number of people can have the same problem or can want to post about the same thing twice.

MrsJughead Wed 09-Apr-14 23:06:42

Sorry, don't mean to be snippy, but I can't afford an lawyer and I'd appreciate as much advice as possible before we make a choice.

gordyslovesheep Wed 09-Apr-14 23:13:28

maybe post in legal or look for the other threads

MrsJughead Wed 09-Apr-14 23:50:59


Terrortree Thu 10-Apr-14 00:16:03

Here is a very similar question, but as I understand it you are wanting to know whether or not she could visit for an extended period of time after September, given that she has already stayed for a period of four months (and may have previous visits earlier this year).

I am assuming she has arrived on a Family Visa.

If your mother has repeatedly visited the UK in the past and left according to her stated plans, and this is an anomaly, then it is likely she would have no problem getting a visa renewal. If this is her first visit, it may be treated more suspiciously. If she has a strong visiting record, is financially solvent and has a home/job to return to, then there is nothing to worry about.

Frequent or successive visits refers to going back to one's country of origin, reapplying for a visa renewal, then spending the full six months in the UK, and repeat.

Her leaving in June, well in advance of the visa expiry, would also indicate that she resides elsewhere.

On balance, nothing to worry about.

MrsJughead Thu 10-Apr-14 00:30:10

Thanks for explaining Terrotree, I understand what was written on the website better now.

Actually, my mum is not going to visit for an extended period after September but she will be getting her visa renewed once it expires. This is because she may visit for a few days around Christmas and she likes to have a valid visa anyway for emergencies.

We are worried that the UKBA will think that there is no good reason for her to have a visa renewed when she's just visited for 4 months.

MrsJughead Thu 10-Apr-14 00:31:07

And yes, she has always stuck to her plans until now. This is an anomaly and I don't really see it happening very often.

Terrortree Thu 10-Apr-14 00:38:27

*Actually, my mum is not going to visit for an extended period after September but she will be getting her visa renewed once it expires. This is because she may visit for a few days around Christmas and she likes to have a valid visa anyway for emergencies.

We are worried that the UKBA will think that there is no good reason for her to have a visa renewed when she's just visited for 4 months.*

Sounds perfectly reasonable to me, and as I say, if she had a positive history with UKBA, then the visa renewal would be straightforward.

Pigletin Thu 10-Apr-14 09:46:45

You have already posted about this and people have replied...what else were you expecting?

Mimishimi Thu 10-Apr-14 10:06:14

Around half of my neighbourhood have their mothers and MiL's come out from the subcontinent on 6 month rotating shifts for childcare etc. I'm in Australia but think the laws are fairly similar. They have to wait a certain amount of time (believe it's 6 months) before they can come out again.

brokenhearted55a Thu 10-Apr-14 10:11:10

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

mummytime Thu 10-Apr-14 10:42:42

Pigletin - she hasn't posted on this before its just a co-incidence - RTFT

brokenhearted55a Thu 10-Apr-14 11:18:00

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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