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Private schools and holidays

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Joysmum Wed 09-Apr-14 07:49:32

AIBU. To find it ironic that those who can afford to send their children to private school are better able to benefit from cheaper family holidays because private schools have longer holidays and they can take theirs before the masses break up and the prices get hiked!

btw it's just an observation as I'm not anti private school nor anti market forces re pricing

Pagwatch Wed 09-Apr-14 07:55:50

Well, unless you also have a child in state school like me


ZanyMobster Wed 09-Apr-14 08:03:43

A bit of a generalised comment IMO really. My DCs are at private school but they don't get a silly amount of extra hols. A week extra in April, 3 or 4 days in July, a week in October and a week at xmas.

Out of those holidays I am unable to take leave in April or December. Any time from mid July is at the top prices so it is no cheaper on the 15th July than on the 22nd but yes we occasionally make the most of October and go to Eurodisney or something. Prior to them going to this school I have taken them out for the week in October before half term.

I really can't see why it bothers anyone else TBH.

indigo18 Wed 09-Apr-14 08:12:53

Fair enough! These parents are contributing towards educating everyone else's children, whilst paying for their own. Nice to get an advantage somewhere. If state schools had longer holidays you would be moaning about that too.... all those lazy teachers..

Charlieboo30 Wed 09-Apr-14 08:14:46

At the private girls school near me they get an extra 5 weeks holiday (1 at Christmas, 1 at Easter, 2 in Summer and 1 at October half term.) But, from Y6 onwards they also go to school until 1pm on a Saturday.

I don't think it's the parents of these children who are to blame, it's the government. They need to do something about holiday costs in term time!

ImAThrillseekerHoney Wed 09-Apr-14 08:15:18

Ditto Pagwatch - it's deeply irritating.

Charlieboo30 Wed 09-Apr-14 08:15:47

*out of term time even!

ZanyMobster Wed 09-Apr-14 08:16:59

It is only irritating as the holiday companies set these prices though surely - what's it got to do with the private schools or the parents?

ZanyMobster Wed 09-Apr-14 08:17:54

Sorry IamA just realised your response was to Pagwatch not the OP.

whois Wed 09-Apr-14 08:19:55

They need to do something about holiday costs in term time!

Yes! They should tell the nasty wasty holiday companies to stop trying to make a profit cos it's not faaaaaair that mummies and daddies have to pay a lot of money for their god given right to go away in school holidays.

Charlieboo30 Wed 09-Apr-14 08:22:51

They make well over a profit! If they can justify why holidays are so much more expensive in the school holidays then that's fine, but I'd be surprised if they can. And what about people who work in a school but don't have children?

SuburbanRhonda Wed 09-Apr-14 08:23:01


"These parents are contributing towards educating everyone else's children, whilst paying for their own."

Which children are they paying for the education of? confused

Theas18 Wed 09-Apr-14 08:26:41

Hmm they are however in school from 8 till 4.30 at dh school... Getting on for a 2hr longer day - so an extra " day" a week compared to an 8.45 -3.15 stat primary...

And no we can't take advantage of it as the kids are at state school and I work in a different sector.

Theas18 Wed 09-Apr-14 08:29:41

Remember the holiday industry would say " term time holidays are discounted" in order to sell. The school holiday price is not inflated.....

( especially if you were to suggest the school holidays were over priced!)

Bowlersarm Wed 09-Apr-14 08:30:27

I'm sure most parents paying for their dc's schooling don't do it so they can benefit from cheaper holidays.

wordfactory Wed 09-Apr-14 08:34:56

TBH OP, the prices aren't that much cheaper as the extra days/weeks are usually tacked on to the state school holidays...they're not standalone IYSWIM.

So this Easter we broke up three days before the state schools - not enough to make a holiday significantly cheaper.

mummytime Wed 09-Apr-14 09:03:10

The private school extra holiday in summer overlaps with the Scottish ones, so isn't much cheaper.

Now the people who really do get cheaper holidays (well until exam years) are those HEers! One of the best perks I thought. Although some holiday destinations are very quiet when you go out of season.

BeckAndCall Wed 09-Apr-14 09:07:29

surburbanRhonda - that contribution would be through paying taxes like everyone else but not using state education services - same as those who pay for private health insurance and don t use the NHS....... And it's not tax deductible either.

Timetoask Wed 09-Apr-14 09:10:45

We don't really benefit from cheaper holidays because with the cost of fees we could easily pay trips to the Bahamas twice a year.
In other words: it is cheaper to have holidays in high session than to pay for private school.

Timetoask Wed 09-Apr-14 09:11:21

oops, season rather than session!

AfricanExport Wed 09-Apr-14 09:13:35

oh FFS

Or perhaps they have never had a holiday in their lives, ike my kids. Who are at private school.

Ffs.. Get the chip off your fucking shoulder. ..

PortofinoRevisited Wed 09-Apr-14 09:14:15

Remember that most of Europe have longer holidays. My dd gets 9 weeks in the summer. So there is still more demand even say at the beginning of July. August is of course worse as many companies in Europe close for the whole month and that is when the vast majority then have to take their summer holiday. It's got nowt to do with private schools.

jay55 Wed 09-Apr-14 09:15:12

Cheaper holiday won't cover the cost of the extra childcare needed.

BrianTheMole Wed 09-Apr-14 09:15:49

I don't find it ironic. They are already shelling out a fortune for the education. It makes perfect sense.

Beastofburden Wed 09-Apr-14 09:16:31

When I was paying for a child in independent school I couldn't afford to go on holiday anyway, cheap rates or not grin.

But I think that the pricing of holidays is excessive. The market is wide open to a firm that charges a more reasonavble price.

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