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to not understand why people go to Aldi & Lidl...

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TheBeautifulVisit Mon 07-Apr-14 12:17:43

… it's such a horrible shopping experience.

It reminded me of being in a co-op in my very small hometown circa 1977. And then when you've got a trolley full of their stuff and queue up to pay there's that humiliating bit at the end where they don't give you sufficient time to pack your groceries. They just expect you to very quickly remove your groceries and go and pack them elsewhere, with no bags.

I feel assaulted.

Can you please tell me

1) how far away is your Aldi or Lidl & why do you go?

2) what do you miss about your old supermarket? (which one was it)

3) how much do you spend there each time you go

It was cheaper than my normal shopping but actually I didn't buy my normal shopping: no fresh chives, no fresh ginger, no butternut squash, no purple sprouting broccoli, no green peppercorns, no little tubs of anchovies & olives from the Waitrose deli. I travelled much further to get there.

And there's no delivery.

Why why why?

Onesleeptillwembley Mon 07-Apr-14 12:20:24

Very precise questions.

Pootles2010 Mon 07-Apr-14 12:20:54

I go because its cheaper, probably because I'm poorer than you. When you've no money, cheap food is more important than ginger, chives, purple sprouting etc hmm

Cobain Mon 07-Apr-14 12:21:09

I hate going but I am saving 150 a month, some people only have that to spend so I am very lucky. I go at 8 am to avoid queues and I like their is no chit chat. I do miss the rewards that I do not get as I can not use credit card.

Ifif you don't like it and can't live without purple sprouting broccoli hmm then don't use it.

You are clearly way too posh for these shops and should leave them alone for us plebs.

CorusKate Mon 07-Apr-14 12:22:17

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Perfectlypurple Mon 07-Apr-14 12:22:28

Because it's way cheaper. I do a lot of shopping at lidl. Stuff like milk, yoghurt, mayo,biscuits, crisps. I do the months shop and then buy the fresh stuff I need from a nearer shop when I need. I have cut at least £100 off my monthly food bill. Having to pack quickly is a small price to pay.

threepiecesuite Mon 07-Apr-14 12:23:00

My Lidl is 5 mibs away and brand new, sparkling clean abd quiet. I go because I am a bit poor, plus I can get in and out in 20 mins with my reluctant 4 yo.
Plus their living salads are ace.

MaxPepsi Mon 07-Apr-14 12:23:01

Do you genuinely want to know or are we helping you write your online article for a trashy paper??

or just send your little woman who does.

gertiegusset Mon 07-Apr-14 12:23:13

Oh well, your choice lovey.

LadyintheRadiator Mon 07-Apr-14 12:23:18

Assaulted how?

BolshierAyraStark Mon 07-Apr-14 12:24:05

Pmsl, you really shouldn't bother with either if waitrose is your supermarket of choice...

NigellasDealer Mon 07-Apr-14 12:24:21

i like lidl, the staff are always happy and there is less choice, making shopping easier and quicker. fgs i just need a bag of spuds not some massive choice of twenty different potatoes all deceptively priced.
also it is cheaper, that is the main reason that i go there.

lechers Mon 07-Apr-14 12:24:34

Our Aldi is on the way to Tesco or Sainsburys.

I actually like their breads and cake products. There are some products there that I actually prefer over Sainsburys or Tesco own brand equivalents. You know, the kinds of products that win Which's best buy awards.

We tend to go there first, and then onto the main shop. Tend to spend about £20 - £30 and then same again at the 'big shop'.

VivaLeBeaver Mon 07-Apr-14 12:24:49


You probably need to think of it along the lines of going for a lot of stuff but not everything.

When I go I will stock up on washing powder, cleaning stuff, loads of meat in the freezer, nice cheese, baking stuff, tinned stuff.

I still go to Tesco for stuff like belvita biscuits, mocha sachets, goats cheese, cheese twists, herbs.

I have a veg plot and a nice fruit and veg shop in the village for fresh stuff which I can't get at Aldi.

I'd say its nearly half the price of Tesco.

Hoppinggreen Mon 07-Apr-14 12:25:12

1.i have a Lidl and an Aldi within a 5 minute drive
2. I still go to my " old suoermarket " as well. Or get a delivery
3. Mind your own business

If you don't like these supermarkets and can afford to shop elsewhere then do, it's not compulsory to go
And I have actually bought fresh chives and purple sprouting broccoli from Lidl before and their little tubs of Olives and marinated artichokes are very nice. They actually do the best fresh gone leaves I have ever tasted too.

IrishBloodEnglishHeart Mon 07-Apr-14 12:25:31

Do you genuinely want to know or are we helping you write your online article for a trashy paper??


mrsnec Mon 07-Apr-14 12:26:17

We shop there (not in the UK) as their dairy produce is a third of the price it is everywhere else, I like their ice cream, local wine and beer is unpalatable yet lidls is just about ok we have 2 branches within a 20 mins drive with no other large supermarkets any closer.

Hoppinggreen Mon 07-Apr-14 12:26:18

Vine leaves !!

VivaLeBeaver Mon 07-Apr-14 12:26:34

Mmmm, they are very precise questions aren't they?

Why does it matter to you how far other people travel or how much they spend? That won't have any effect on your shopping experience.

thebody Mon 07-Apr-14 12:27:06

This has got to be the most ridiculous, boast thread I have ever read in mumsnet.

Yes dear waitrose is so much nicer isn't it.

Now put your crown back on and enjoy your little tubs of anchovys and olives from the waitrose

You are clearly not made of sterner stuff needed for those horrid places full of rough people.

Very funny op and really hope you are joking!

Hoppinggreen Mon 07-Apr-14 12:27:11

Corus - I just lol'd!!!!

Fannydabbydozey Mon 07-Apr-14 12:27:49

Did you actually go to one? Or did you come over all faint in waitrose and have a turn?

Anyway, time to pop back to the daily fail newsdesk. Your green peppercorns hmm are missing you....

Lagos Mon 07-Apr-14 12:27:51

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

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