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Wibu to expect a refund/new pair in these circumstances?

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pyjamaramadrama Sat 05-Apr-14 12:06:26

Clarkes school shoes bought early December.

They now have a big hole in the sole letting water through.

I don't have the receipt.

I'm going back into the store, what do you think I should expect?

BikeRunSki Mon 07-Apr-14 09:36:27

I have very little faith in Clark's and stopped gettingDS's shoes there a few years ago.

DD (2) recently needed shoes and I ended up in Clark's because we were in twin anyway and had 101 other things on. For all their faults they are conveniently all over the place! Anyway, this will be my last pair of children's shoes from Clark's:

They measured dd's feet for length and width and came up with 8 E. Fine.
The sales lady asked my what kind of shoe I wanted. I said straps were important so that dd can do them herself. So she showed me styles with buckles and zips!
Dd (and I !) not at all impressed with the choice of shoes, especially all the pink patent sparkly butterfly stuff. DD chose a pair of leather sneakers - sort of converse style, really nice actually.
Sales woman confused that girl wanted "boys" shoes. Then said that they only came in a G fit, but she could make them fit anyway. All she did was pull the straps tight ! When I questioned this she told me that width fittings were different for different styles. Eh?

We ended up with the shoes as dd really needed shoes and loved them. I've since out an insole in and they fit better.

So unimpressed with Clark's service. The sakes lady suggested I contacted Clark's about a wider choice of styles if I thought there was a market for sturdy non-sparkly "girl's" shoes. (I'd said it was a shame the shoes that dd had chosen didn't come in brighter colours (trey come in navy or beige)). I did email Clark's customer services and I did their "how was your shopping experience" questionnaire too. Mentioned the width fitting issue. Clark's reply to both issues was very defensive, very "you are wrong we are right" attitude.

I'll be buying my DC's shoes elsewhere in future. I don't think Clark's offer anything special. DS's best shoes were Hush Puppies, but I don't think they do children's shoes anymore.

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