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AIBU to think insurance rates in Pontypandy (Fireman Sam)....

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CloverHeart Fri 04-Apr-14 13:06:19

Must be absolutely sky high, and near impossible to secure a decent policy?

Also, anyone else thinks that Sam might have Hero Syndrome and actually starts the fires/dangerous situations himself with the help of Norman Price, who will take Sam's place in the future?

(I know, I know. IABU to have watched FMS and thought all this out, but DS is obsessed and the new episodes start tomorrow - so I'm forced into a Fireman Sam all day marathon which I will take any day over a whole month of peppa pig )

Shewhomustobeyed Fri 04-Apr-14 13:19:18

You're right - I've lost count of the number of times that Dilys Price's shop has gone up in flames!

CloverHeart Fri 04-Apr-14 13:23:35

I know!!! How does that woman cope with day to day life, never mind the expense??

Chippednailvarnish Fri 04-Apr-14 13:25:44

My dream job would be a magistrate in Pontypandy. I'd asbo Norman 'til it hurt and lock up Dilys for neglect.

MairyHoles Fri 04-Apr-14 13:27:58

I got myself really riled about fireman Sam just recently. No one ever addresses Norman's behaviour, dilys is such an ineffective parent. Oh, well, Norman, no harm done, you've learned your lesson. He clearly bloody hasn't! My children would not be allowed to play with Norman. He's going to get worse and worse and will almost certainly be in jail before adulthood.

comicsansisevil Fri 04-Apr-14 13:29:38

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

sanityawol Fri 04-Apr-14 15:32:12

After seeing this episode, I'm a little worried about what goes on at the station when they're not on a call. grin

JonSnowsPout Fri 04-Apr-14 15:36:04

Fireman sam is normans dad. He got dirty with diylis one drunken New year's.

It's why norman sets fires, it's the only way to get attention from his deadbeat dad.sad

Burren Fri 04-Apr-14 16:07:32

Clover, my son us equally obsessed, but we've only ever watched episodes on DVD - is Fireman Sam on TV currently????

Agree he is Norman's father, and Norman's pyromania is a cry for help...

tripecity Fri 04-Apr-14 16:09:43

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

comicsansisevil Fri 04-Apr-14 16:41:50

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

elliejjtiny Fri 04-Apr-14 16:51:33

I do this, used to be ds2's obsession and is now ds3's. Dilys needs to go on a parenting course and Bronwyn should have been fined when she called the air ambulance out when Sarah bruised her ankle.

LokiDokey Fri 04-Apr-14 16:52:47

I've recently started watching a friends 3 year old boy who's Sam mad so this is the first I've seen of the newer versions.
Is it wrong that on seeing Elvis I thought he was a bit fit and if I lived in Pontypandy I'd do that? blush

JonSnowsPout Fri 04-Apr-14 17:13:48

Loki my Mil has a proper crush on station officer Steele

She thinks he's a real Man and a right dirty bastard bed.
Poor dh is scarred for life

sanityawol Fri 04-Apr-14 17:21:34

Loki and JonSnow - look at my picture up thread. grin

HeyMicky Fri 04-Apr-14 17:25:52

Watch an episode with Sam and Tom Thomas and listen for subtext. Just sayin'

CloverHeart Fri 04-Apr-14 17:31:39

LOL Elvis and Steele and THAT episode! My DH called me a dirty bitch when i pointed that ^^ scene out to him!

Agree with all so far. I thought Penny and Elvis were meant to be having it away and I am pretty sure Bronwyn and Mike Flood are at it - he is always "fixing her leaky pipes in the basement"

CloverHeart Fri 04-Apr-14 17:32:54

Burren it is on Cartoonito.

I really am wondering about these new episodes...

sanityawol Fri 04-Apr-14 17:35:57

DH was at work so I had to take the photo to prove what I had seen.

Fortunately he is just as mature and sophisticated juvenile as me.

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