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To wonder if anyone slept properly last night

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monkeynuts123 Thu 03-Apr-14 19:35:54

I had a horrendous night last night, virtually no sleep at all. Everyone I have spoken to today says the same, is there something in the air? Other than the Saharan dust?

ThatBloodyWoman Thu 03-Apr-14 19:37:20

I slept like a log.

LadyMaryLikesCake Thu 03-Apr-14 19:37:39

Ds hasn't slept properly for a few days. Poor lad is waking up zombiefied. I woke a few times.

CrohnicallyChanging Thu 03-Apr-14 19:38:00

I slept OK actually, probably because DD had a bad night Weds and I was shattered. In fact I slept so well that DH had to wake me when DD wanted a feed!

MrsBungle Thu 03-Apr-14 19:38:04

I slept like a log too! grin

meringue33 Thu 03-Apr-14 19:38:09

I woke up at 3am and couldn't get back to sleep. Very unlike me.

InAGrump Thu 03-Apr-14 19:38:20

My boy has been dreadful past 2 nights

CoteDAzur Thu 03-Apr-14 19:38:30

What do you think is in the air that causes insomnia?


CrohnicallyChanging Thu 03-Apr-14 19:38:32

I meant bad night Tues!

Slippydippysoap Thu 03-Apr-14 19:40:00

I was wide awake from 1am to 3am and drank 2 litres of water. It was shit.

mrsdowneyjnr Thu 03-Apr-14 19:41:13

Woke at 2.30 with horrible anxiety out of the blue.

teafor1 Thu 03-Apr-14 19:43:36

I slept terribly! On top of that I was woken twice due to "monsters" in the kids room. I'm dragging today.

KittensoftPuppydog Thu 03-Apr-14 19:43:44

Woke at 5 and couldn't go back to sleep. Normally can't wake before about 9. Spooky.

Stinklebell Thu 03-Apr-14 19:44:08

I was kept awake most of last night with a horrible, annoying tickly cough.

It's gone this morning though

GotMyGoat Thu 03-Apr-14 19:45:08

Thats really interesting - me, dh and dd were all up all night. DD always sleeps through! Also dd was covered with sweat, which was a bit odd

Faezy Thu 03-Apr-14 19:45:26

Got 2 hours sleep, feel awful

Pobblewhohasnotoes Thu 03-Apr-14 19:45:27

No, because I'm pregnant and can't get comfy.

KittensoftPuppydog Thu 03-Apr-14 19:47:00

I think aliens must be hovering nearby and disturbing our sleep patterns.
They'll want to probe us next.

SugarMouse1 Thu 03-Apr-14 19:47:55

I too had an awful night, cant work out why, really need my sleep too.

FatherLarryDuff Thu 03-Apr-14 19:48:08

My 7 month old DS has his first cold so I barely slept listening to him sleep.

ipswichwitch Thu 03-Apr-14 19:48:22

I was up all night with tag team waking DS's. 3mo wanted bf every 2 hours and 2yo has sleep apnoea that wakes him lots. I've not had a good sleep in months. I look like shit.

monkeynuts123 Thu 03-Apr-14 19:51:42

I knew it!! Except those people who slept like logs

FrancesNiadova Thu 03-Apr-14 19:51:44

No, I was awake from 3.30am & didn't drift off again until gone 5am. Hate it when that happens!

Bowlersarm Thu 03-Apr-14 19:54:35

Ooh spooky. I woke about 3 and didn't get back to sleep until about 5.00 ish

LittleprincessinGOLDrocks Thu 03-Apr-14 19:55:26

I haven't slept well in about 5 weeks, but last night was the worst by far. Just couldn't get to sleep, it was after 5am when I finally drifted off.

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