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to want my crowns to fit properly - calling all dentists please!!!

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AlwaysOutnumberedNevaOutgunned Thu 03-Apr-14 18:30:51

Went last week to have 9 year old crowns replaced on two upper front teeth, better than waiting for them to break apparently.

Drugs did not take, had old ones drilled off feeling every little breath of air, cannot even begin to talk about that. Temps on for the week then new crowns today. Dentist got me to look and check fit before cementing, looks really good, cemented one in then problem, couldn't get the other in beside it. There follows a lot of uncomfortable scaling and drilling off edges of crown until it can be jammed into the gap. Looks like buck teeth to me. Am gutted. Tried explaining it aint on right, just got more blasting to try and straighten them out, bearing in mind the drugs don't really seem to work on me and I just wanted out of that chair pronto. Told dentist wish I had left the old ones on and got nothing but a really offended dentist. Everyone in surgery I tried to talk to about it saying it looks great. Apparently I will get used to it but would really like an opinion on this situation.

Am one vodka down and can safely say the wonky one feels like it isnt on properly, like there is a gap at the back where it should meet my gum. This cost me over £700, wish I hadn't done it. WWYD?

CSIJanner Thu 03-Apr-14 19:48:00


If you've paid for the work to be done privately (£700 worth!) then the dentist should be be addressing the problems. Is there a photo you can upload? I just had my crown replaced last week - my dentist was v accommodating, took his time and a lot of care. There were lots of molds, photos and compare/contrast opportunities. Do you feel like you were rushed today?

One question I would ask is are you normally scared of dentists? As that's coming across in your 2nd paragraph a touch.

AlwaysOutnumberedNevaOutgunned Thu 03-Apr-14 20:19:08

Turns out trying to take a photo of my own teefs is very tricky.

I have had fear of the dentist's chair as a young thing but was doing ok, last week's ineffective anaesthesia put paid to that though! There was a bit of rushing today but the half hour appointment ended up taking an hour what with all the trying to make the crown fit etc.

Woodenheart Fri 04-Apr-14 19:31:48

I think you should go back & see what they say OP

KurriKurri Fri 04-Apr-14 20:03:14

I had a similar problem recently - the crown didn't seemto fit -there was a gap at the back and I couldn't bite down - it was sitting too high. He had to take it out four times before it was right - and drill the 'stump' down a bit. He was huffing and puffing a bit - but Ivthought 'I'm buggered if I'm going to pay £600 for something that's uncomfortable.

When I got home and the local wore off - I realised it all felt really tight - as if there was enormous pressure on the neighbouring teeth. - Feltreally gutted andprepared to ring up and go back -but actually after about 2 days it seems to have worked itself into position and feels fine now.

I would certainly go back about the gap - I was worried that food would get stuck under mine and cause problems - and it had a really sharp edge. You might find the tightness eases once it has settled in a bit, but be persistant.

I also had problems with the anaesthesia not working - I just kept asking for more jabs until it did - it's bloody painful otherwise - I had about four or five injections in the end and it eventually worked.

Hope you get some joy out of your dentist, but definitely don;t put up with gaps and discomfort.

Woodenheart Fri 04-Apr-14 20:18:57

I need mine sorting, but don't like the sound of the pain sad

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