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To wonder what my bladder control is playing at?

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doorbellringer Thu 03-Apr-14 02:36:27

Dc is 2.5. I am 33 and had a section. So why am I needing to return to the loo within 3 mins to finish "emptying properly?" Usually twice.
I'm getting concerned, as I have to go back to the loo and (tmi) push down and force last trickle of wee out before I can go to bed as I feel like I need to pee and cannot sleep. It has only happened for last 3 months. I thought it only happened to women after vaginal births. Does this mean bladder stopped holding properly etc, pelvic floor given up randomly, or something else more serious is happening. Considering dc2 but seriously getting worried. Please share your experience or advice.

ThatVikRinA22 Thu 03-Apr-14 03:05:31

my first thought is a urinary tract infection. have you been checked for one? seen the gp?

it could be something as simple as that and a course of antibiotics. see the gp.
if its not infection then you need to see the gp anyway.

doorbellringer Thu 03-Apr-14 03:14:35

But what can a gp offer?

doorbellringer Thu 03-Apr-14 03:17:18

Also has blood tests due to overall tiredness two weeks ago but all came back clear.

ThatVikRinA22 Thu 03-Apr-14 03:18:20


firstly you could have a simple urine sample dipped to check for infection.
if that shows nothing then you would have an examination to check for physical problems. swabs to check for underlying infection.
maybe a referral to a gyne...
you dont have to live with this. it could be something as simple as infection and could be treated with antibiotics. you wont know unless you see your gp.

doorbellringer Thu 03-Apr-14 03:23:08

Thanks vicar will make appt with gp to discuss.

paxtecum Thu 03-Apr-14 06:23:07

Get yourself some good quality multi vitamins and minerals, which will help with the tiredness.
Also some pro-biotics.
You may have a UTI, which anti-biotics will help with.
The pro-biotics will rebalance the good bacteria.

Cut out sugar from your diet, but do not replace with sweeteners.
Drink lots of water.

MammaTJ Thu 03-Apr-14 06:30:02

UTI was my first though too. Go to the doctors with a sample, someone can usually dip test it there and then.

They can offer antibiotics.

Do use pro biotics.

Also, drink plenty. When you go to the toilet, sit there for a while after you have finished. Rock backwards and forwards for a minute or two, then try again. This will help empty the bladder properly and can really help.

coffeeinbed Thu 03-Apr-14 06:35:43

Problems with going to the loo can be caused by the pregnancy itself, not just the birth.
A Caesarian is not a guarantee against it.

It could be an uti, but do see your GP of it persists.

doorbellringer Thu 03-Apr-14 09:44:58

Thanks all. A trip to the docs but I don't feel like it's a UTI, will get it ruled out anyway. Then take it from there.

Bardette Thu 03-Apr-14 09:50:43

You can have an over sensitive bladder which keeps on telling you that you need to go, even when you don't. Your gp can refer you to a continence clinic who can do all sorts of tests and then, if necessary, give you exercises to help retrain it.

doorbellringer Thu 03-Apr-14 22:56:27

Mammatj I do the rocking back and forth thing, then stand up and wait for a bit an usually felt the need to pee more. Usually repeat or leave bathroom, turn off lights etc then the urge returns. Really annoying and not usual as I usually have a strong bladder that can hold if necessary. Also if I wake up with dc I know I will need to pee before I can get back to sleep.

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