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To be so upset about this?

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Chlo123 Wed 02-Apr-14 22:50:56

I appreciate that there are worst things in life and that he is otherwise healthy - and for that i am grateful but i cant help but worry.

This concerns my nearly 24 year old brother. He is the best brother i could ever wish for, he's kind and such fun to be around and we've always been close. He has always struggled with self esteem issues, first with his height when he stopped growing at 15 and stopped at 5ft5. He began to accept this (nothing serious, dont get me wrong but it got him down) and then he started losing his hair at 21. Started t the temples and now he has about a 2 in bald patch at the crown. This has further knocked his confidence and now we have decided to explore potential options about what (if anything) can be done. Parents are supportive and have agreed to fund. Go date he has used Rogaine for about 18 months - however its impossible to know if this has helped as we will never know how bad it would be if he hadnt started using this if you see what i mean.

May i ask if anyone has experience with this? What is the process and what options are available. Hes coming up to london (where i live) to attend some consultations. Is there anywhere in particular that anyone recommends? Any help GREATLY appreciated. Many thanks in advance.

Chlo123 Wed 02-Apr-14 22:52:06

*not temples, front of head slightly

Dsheetsbucks9 Wed 02-Apr-14 22:56:49

Propecia from the Boots Hair Retention Programme is great - much less hassle than rubbing on lotions and foams.

Chlo123 Wed 02-Apr-14 22:58:56

Thank you for your swift reply. I understand that clinics can also prescribe this albeit at a much higher price. Have you any experience/knowledge of whether this is even better?

Dsheetsbucks9 Wed 02-Apr-14 23:05:57

The person I know has only tried the foam and the pills - no need to go to a clinic as the pills worked so well, although that is not guaranteed for everyone. There is not a massive difference in terms of the look or feel of the hair but where there was once a lot on the pillow in the morning it is now rare to find even one a week so it must be stopping hair falling out. And I'm sure there's been no change in the hairline over the last year.

I know it makes me feel a bit self-conscious when I'm having a bad hair day so I have so much sympathy for those that are experiencing hair loss and are unhappy about it.

I do hope you're brother manages to find something that works for him.

Dsheetsbucks9 Wed 02-Apr-14 23:07:12

P.S. The Guardian has some useful articles

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