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WIBU - not done it yet, council selling our details?

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DumbleDee Wed 02-Apr-14 17:43:04

OK so I've had to have contact with the council about a conservatory we want to build. A friend is doing it for us, but we had to write and fill out forms n stuff to make sure we didn't need planning permission, and they had to then contact our boundary neighbours to make sure no one objected. Anyway finally got a letter last week to say we didn't need PP and there were no objections.

This week, I've had junk mail from conservatory blinds companies, underfloor heating companies etc - about 6 in total. One of them even opens with "we understand you are building a conservatory".

Am a bit bloody miffed tbh cos unless they are paying a commission to our neighbours - this info could have only come from the council right? Doesn't this breach data protection, am I missing something, or am I right to be pissed off and follow up on it?

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