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To ask dh to stay home today

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Anydrinkwilldo Wed 02-Apr-14 09:41:29

Dh has been off sick Monday & Tuesday. He was planning to go back to work today but I've come down with the bug last night, so I asked him to take today to mind DCs. He think IABU but I'm trying to explain that he gets time off work to recover, and I mind the DCs but when I'm sick I still have to 'work'. And IMO he's not well enough to go back in anyway.

Just to add there is no one nearby who could help instead of dh.

Blankiefan Wed 02-Apr-14 09:44:03

If you plan for him to take annual leave or ask for an unpaid day, YANBU. If you're expecting him to "take a sickie", YABVU - his employer shouldn't pay to cover your illness.

formerbabe Wed 02-Apr-14 09:44:28

How old are your dcs? Would his work be OK with him having another day off?

WorraLiberty Wed 02-Apr-14 09:44:38

What sort of bug is it?

Will he lose pay or fall foul of a tough sickness policy if he doesn't go in today? If not then I think he should take an extra day.

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